Kimber 84m Hunter Review

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The Kimber 84m hunter rifle has set a very high bar for hunter rifles across the globe. This gun offers features that serious hunters have yearned for years and years. This lightweight piece blends in with modern hunting rifles, providing consistent quality long lasting performance.

Promising sub MOA accuracy and excellent build quality, this piece comes at a fair price considering the current market. The Kimber 84m is an escape route for most hunters on a low budget and are in search of a quality product. It is compatible with a wide variety of short and long calibers available for hunting rifles.

The weapon design is eye-catchy and will lure you its way at first glance. Below are some of the features available when it comes to the Kimber 84m Hunter rifle.

Kimber 84m Rifle Specs


The Kimber 84 controlled feed action is at the heart of this excellent hunting rifle, which is unique only to this rifle. It features dual locking lugs that I believe the inspiration was from the Mauser 98 rifle. 

The rifle boasts of a full-length extractor that provides reliable cycling action. This smooth action is possible as the extractor bites down the cartridge case making this a very safe rifle. The rifle is durable and very tolerant of harsh environments, all thanks to its quality stainless steel finishing.


This piece of art comes equipped with a Kimbers durable  . It being a composite stock, expect a few scratches on your rifle. However, this may not be the case if you professionally handle your gun.

It has a raised grip pad that is textured to increase the user’s grip on the rifle. It matches to a pillar bedded FDE polymer finishing with a straight comb. The textured grips provide a very comfortable feel to your gun and a very eye-catchy design on display.


On a 6.5 Creedmoor barrel, the gun weighed 5.7 pounds, and since this gun consists of top-quality components, you would not expect it to be this light. However, a big number of the rifles in close competition with the