Kimber 84m Hunter Review

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The Kimber 84m hunter rifle has set a very high bar for hunter rifles across the globe. This gun offers features that serious hunters have yearned for years and years. This lightweight piece blends in with modern hunting rifles, providing consistent quality long lasting performance.

Promising sub MOA accuracy and excellent build quality, this piece comes at a fair price considering the current market. The Kimber 84m is an escape route for most hunters on a low budget and are in search of a quality product. It is compatible with a wide variety of short and long calibers available for hunting rifles.

The weapon design is eye-catchy and will lure you its way at first glance. Below are some of the features available when it comes to the Kimber 84m Hunter rifle.

Kimber 84m Rifle Specs


The Kimber 84 controlled feed action is at the heart of this excellent hunting rifle, which is unique only to this rifle. It features dual locking lugs that I believe the inspiration was from the Mauser 98 rifle. 

The rifle boasts of a full-length extractor that provides reliable cycling action. This smooth action is possible as the extractor bites down the cartridge case making this a very safe rifle. The rifle is durable and very tolerant of harsh environments, all thanks to its quality stainless steel finishing.


This piece of art comes equipped with a Kimbers durable  . It being a composite stock, expect a few scratches on your rifle. However, this may not be the case if you professionally handle your gun.

It has a raised grip pad that is textured to increase the user’s grip on the rifle. It matches to a pillar bedded FDE polymer finishing with a straight comb. The textured grips provide a very comfortable feel to your gun and a very eye-catchy design on display.


On a 6.5 Creedmoor barrel, the gun weighed 5.7 pounds, and since this gun consists of top-quality components, you would not expect it to be this light. However, a big number of the rifles in close competition with the Kimber hunter rifle are much more heavier, thus the Kimber might be quite lightweight for most shooters.

Its overall length is a fresh 41.25 inches. This weight is, however, for a short caliber barrel, the measure might depend on the barrel of your choice.

Detachable Magazine

This gun comes with a cool feature that is significantly responsible for the massive following. It comes with a 3 round box magazine, and you can add another one in the chamber. The magazine casing locks entirely below your gun with no slop.

Match Grade Trigger

The trigger on the Kimber 84m Hunter is adjustable to the user’s preference. However, the factory pull weight on the standard Kimber hunter rifle is between 3.5 and 4 pounds, a  weight that makes the trigger heavy in comparison to other guns. The advantage is that you’ll experience no slug or slops in your shots.

I also like the safety switch the Kimber boasts of having; it makes it very easy to switch your rifle off and on firing mode. The user is also able to load and offload the chamber while the safety of the gun is engaged. One push-button makes it super simple to load your weapon.

Shooting With the Kimber 84m Hunting Rifle

To determine the true capabilities of the Kimber 84m hunting rifle, I had to take it for a test. Equipped with a .308 Winchester barrel, the Kimber weighed an approximate of 5.5 pounds. This figure was very light if I compare it to previous rifles I handled. 

The gun is capable even on compact shrubs; its length does not let the weapon hang onto wild vegetation. Also, the weapon has a perfect overall balance that allows me to take comfortable consecutive shots accurately.

In a general overview of the weapon in the field, you can observe its perfect finish. No visible gaps on the outlay of the rifle, everything is well in place. The stainless steel bolt runs smoothly, enabling a smooth cycling action. I had no difficulties in disengaging the trigger.

One of the promises the gun gives is sub MOA accuracy, well it did not disappoint. At 100 yards, I was able to get average group sizes of .72,” which was somewhat incredible. A 1 inch Kimber recoil pad significantly reduces the recoil felt upon shooting the rifle. The recoil reduction makes it very pleasant to take shots. However, the barrel diameter is small, and it heated up after several shots. I had to wait for several minutes for the barrel to cool before continuing with shots.

The trigger mostly broke at 3.6 pounds with no slop or creep. This trigger felt really heavy, but Kimber manufacturers were able to clear creep in the shots. The fact that the gun comes with a match-grade trigger and barrel significantly contributes to the efficiency of this rifle. I had no issue with the loading of the weapon which is common in guns with Mauser claw type extractors.

How Does it Compare to Rival Rifle

Kimber 84m Hunter Vs. Tikka T3 Hunter

When it comes to hunting rifles, these two names are no strangers to hunters all around the globe. Both of the guns offer high quality hunting experiences, but one of them is better than the other. 

The Tikka T3x Hunter Is quite a common rifle and has been on numerous occasions compared with the Kimber 84m. 


When it comes to comparing the appearance of these two hunting rifles, then the Kimber hunter destroys the Tikka. Kimber offers a killer, sleek and flawless design. Very simple and elegant to feed your hunting desire.


Tikka rifles are 1lb more onerous than the Kimber 84m hunting rifles. This additional weight comes from the fact that Tikka rifles are all metal action. Kimber rifles, on the other hand, have some hard plastic parts on their stock, significantly reducing its overall weight.


It is no doubt that in terms of accuracy, the Tikka is far more superior as compared to Kimber 84m rifles. Kimber rifles have had some issues when it comes to maintaining accuracy; this substantially led to the decline of their sales a while back. 

Tikka rifles, on the other hand, are best known for their consistent quality accuracy even on longer distances. If you have a good scope, then better.


Most hunting critics claim that the Kimber is overpriced. One Kimber 84m hunting rifle is worth two Tikka rifles. That is how big the difference between their values is.

Well, having put all the above factors into consideration, I believe that the Tikka is superior to the Kimber. Although you will get extra weight on your rifle, you are assured of more accurate, consistent shots.

Most Popular Rifle Accessories for Your Kimber 84m Hunter

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Calibers Are Compatible With the Kimber 84m Hunter?

The Kimber Hunter is compatible with most short and long rifle barrels. It is potent enough to take those long shots provided you attach a great scope. The following are some barrels compatible with this rifle; .243, .270, .308 Winchester and .257 Roberts.

What is the Performance Regarding Consecutive Shot Accuracy of the Kimber Hunter?

This gun can maintain accurate results up to five shots. However, after around the sixth shot, the barrel will become too hot and start losing accuracy. The trick is to let the barrel cool down first. 

It makes it less suitable for hunters that like practicing from the bench taking consecutive shots.

I Had Some Complications When it Came to Locking the Gun in Safety, What Could be the Problem?

The safety mechanism used on this hunting gun is very simple to put into firing mode. However, when it comes to locking it back into safety, you will require much energy. This difficulty may be why you had challenges in securing your rifle in safe mode.

If you have small hands or do not have the most muscular fingers, this complication might occur when handling the rifle. With a few shots, you will get used to it.

Is it Suitable for Left-Handed People?

I am afraid the team that came up with this model did not put that into consideration. Most Kimber rifles are limited only to right-handed individuals. Left-handed hunters are forced to go for other brands of rifles that favor their preferences. For such a hunter, I recommend the Tikka T3x hunting rifle as an alternative.


If you decide to go with this hunting rifle, then expect a reliable and long lasting tool. Every inch is polished to reflect Kimber’s signature and feel. I think it should be at the top of every hunter’s list of rifles to try out, just a feel of its potent will leave you addicted.

The Kimber 84m offers premium quality features at fair prices for a hunter who knows what he wants. Some shops even have great discounts that are up for grabs. Get yourself one and enjoy world-class rifling at your fingertips. The Kimber 84m is a great overall product.

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