Tikka T3x: A Complete Review

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Whenever anyone brings up the Tikka TX3x in any conversation, accuracy is most likely the subject on hand. In fact the accuracy promised and achieved by these weapons is why the Tikka brand has a significant following. It is a dominant wave that swept this piece of art under the list of my best hunting rifles.

Tikkakoski had been responsible for the manufacturing of all Tikka products. However, this recently changed as Sakko holdings now manufacture tikka rifles. It promises an excellent overall balance, increasing its portability and dependability. A clean and straightforward layout shapes out quality and provides a very comfortable hunting rifle.

About the Tikka T3X Lite

The Tikka T3X Lite is an excellent hunting rifle. Its ultra-light nature makes it a delight to carry around long hunting adventures deep in the woods. This high-quality rifle checks all the boxes a hunter requires an efficient rifle for backcountry hunting.

Technical Specifications


This gun is a bolt action hunting rifle equipped with a repeater. A push feed included in the firearm enables a smooth action cycle while handling the gun.


An unscoped Tikka t3x rifle weighs less than 6.5 lbs. The weight might vary depending on the scope and barrel you decide to equip. Generally, this rifle is lightweight and does not compromise efficiency.


A wide variety of caliber ranges can marry this weapon, and this feature is fantastic as it gives the user a vast pool of fields to choose from. Some of them are .204 Ruger, 6.5 Creedmoor and .223 Remington.


The measurement of a standard barrel associated with this rifle is between 20-24 inches, depending on chambering. Anti-reflective coating and blued steel finish to the barrel is a given advantage over other competing guns.

Tikka T3x Super Varmint version

What to Love about the Tikka T3x Lite


The Tikkas custom stock is impressive, right from its rear pad to the tip of the barrel. It boasts of a foam-filled rear portion that significantly reduces the coil felt upon firing. This is a lightweight rifle made mostly of sturdy plastic, therefore expect heavy recoil weight upon action.

It is available in walnut and polymer synthetic, among many other finishes. It associates with over 14 models, each having unique outstanding characteristics—most of the parts made of sturdy plastics. However, the t3x has a metallic bolt shroud covering the backside of your gun.

The pistol grip and asymmetrical pattern finishing are interchangeable, bringing out a positive and comfortable theme to the piece.

1 Inch Recoil Pad

Considering that the Tikka t3x are very lightweight rifles, it should not be surprising to experience a much higher recoil when handling plentiful ammo. However, the manufacturer has made very noticeable modifications to this rifle, one of them is installing a 1-inch tikka recoil pad at the butt of the gun. This butt pad does not eliminate the kick; however, it lightens the boot significantly to allow comfortable experience.

The recoil pad also plays a massive role in balancing the rifle on your shoulder. It brings about consistent, accurate performances from this masterpiece.


It amazes me how Tikka rifles have an outstanding reputation when it comes to accuracy. It is not exceptional in the Tikka t3x, this rifle promises and delivers a 1″ MOA to its users. The overall balance of the gun and it’s premium quality components are responsible for the success of this archery accuracy.

All Tikka rifles pass through testing before leaving the manufacturing plant to ensure that they meet the quality standards. This test ensures that all weapons in the market provide the promised quality experience.


An accurate rifle needs a flawless trigger, and it is precisely the case with this rifle. The smooth adjustable trigger will leave you with a broad smile after each release of the 2lb factory set weight trigger. It is adjustable between 2 to 4 pounds.

It is a single-stage trigger that gives no room for errors. Its weight gives you free-slop action with every interaction.


This rifle comes with a single stack magazine that holds 3 to four rounds. The number of rounds accommodated will depend on the cartridge that you have. Loading and disengaging of the magazine is very straightforward, and its overall weight does not add that much force to the rifle.

All magazines available for this rifle are pocket-sized, making them very easy to carry around.


Standard safety is perfectly placed on this rifle for a smooth action experience when shooting. It is very intuitive, and I think among the best triggers in the market. The “on-off” trigger is effortless, yet has an exquisite aspect to its making.

A bright red dot located behind the safety switch is visible when the gun is not in safe mode. There is no additional twitching of other knobs to lock the safety, just flip the switch.

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Tikka T3x Arctic

The Tikka T3x Arctic is the official commercial replica of the military-grade rifle; it happens to share the same brand line as the T3x lite rifle. This weapon is very eye-catchy without losing its high quality performance. It is the preferred rifle for the Canadian Rangers, even though they are not allowed to use them.

Below are some of the arctic characteristics.


This piece of work comes with a bright, sharp-looking orange standard stock, which offers a low angle grip offered by mist classic hunting rifles. This design provides the user with a more comfortable feel of the weapon before and after shots. It is weather-resistant and delivers consistent performance even on severe climatic conditions.


A 20-inch stainless steel barrel graces this Tikka rifle. The threaded barrel is free-floating, and hammer forged to give a flawless finish. This barrel is not as slim as previous Tikka rifle models that tended to heat up after a few consecutive shots.

Rear Peep Sight

Unlike most hunting rifles, this weapon comes with a front and rear open site that is adjustable. There are also tiny screws that you can use to firmly lock your Picatinny rail to attach a scope of your choice. Check out these scopes that’ll be perfect for your Tikka T3X Arctic.

Recoil Pad

Hollow cavity design is visible on the gun’s overall design. The primary objective of this cavity is to reduce the recoil action felt upon firing on the shooter’s shoulder. It also rests the gun firmly on the user, giving you plenty of time to concentrate on the target.

Tikka T3x Field Test

This rifle is one of the best-hunting weapons in my catalogue, I have had numerous encounters with it, and it has never disappointed. To give you a shallow glance at the potency of this rifle, I decided to head to the range and test out this rifle again. The primary goal of this test is to get a practical idea of the capabilities of this gun, and if it lives up to its hype.

The Tikka most certainly delivers more than what it promises. At 100 yards, I shot three groups, three-rounds each. We also allowed the barrel to cool down after each shot group. The barrel seemed to heat up quickly, and my guess was its slim barrel diameter.

The best group size distance I achieved was 1.39 inches. This result directly contradicts the 1 inch MOA accuracy standard. However, in this test, each shot group was of different ammo. Some of these ammo’s had a better grouping than others; after in-depth investigations, I got an answer to this dilemma.

What most hunters are not aware of is the fact that each gun reacts uniquely to different ammo’s. I recommend that you use the factory-grade ammo manufactured by the rifles team. In this case, Tikka built ammunition will be more effective in comparison to other brands. You are, however, not limited to one ammo type, experiment and try to figure out each gun preference.

How Does it Compare to a Close Competitor?

Tikka T3 vs T3x Lite

The Tikka T3 and T3x are close competitors when it comes to the current market since both are quality products. The burning question among most Tikka enthusiasts is which rifle of the two is the best.

By carefully comparing the standard features between the two, we will be able to obtain the answer to this question.

Accuracy Comparison

Tikka rifles give you no room to doubt their accuracy performance. Their guns are tested and correctly configured to provide the handler with the guaranteed level of accuracy, no matter the model. Both rifles guarantee and offer a 1 inch MOA accuracy standard, which is pretty decent for hunting rifles.

Magazine Comparison

The classic Tikka T3 rifle features a standard box magazine with a 3 round load, which is common in most single-shot guns. The magazine load, however, varies with the rifle models; some can hold even four projectiles.

The T3x being an upgraded version of the latter, it has a single detachable clip magazine. It holds 3 to 6 rounds, depending on the model chosen. The magazine is made from a light fiberglass reinforced composite material, making it ounces more luminous than the T3 magazine.

Weight Comparison

With the addition of more effective modifications, the T3x weighs ¾ lbs slightly more substantial than the old T3 rifle. Changes such as the improved metallic bolt shroud covering the entire butt segment of your gun are significantly responsible for the increase in weight.

The Tikka T3 is a whole of hard plastic, unlike the T3x, which features some steel components.

Stock Comparison

The Tikka T3x standard rifle comes with a synthetic stock, unlike the T3 model, which is a composite stock. A significant percentage of the T3 stock is hard plastic. However, when it comes to the T3x, modifications include certain steel features. These modifications generally add the overall weight of the rifle, it is still light, however not lighter than the T3.

Tikka T3x vs Sako 85

The Sako 85 is an equal competitor for the Tikka T3X. Both of these rifles come from the same manufacturer and use the same set of barrels. Considering this, you will not expect a huge difference. However, the small differences between the two are able to topple the scales to the Sakos side. Here are some of the differences between the two.


Users have been complaining that the Tikka’s magazine has a cheap feel to them, unlike Sako loads which have a rag of durable finishing. The magazine action is smoother on the Sako than it is on its competitor.


The Sako rifle boasts of a three-position safety that allows you to open the bolt even with the protection engaged. This is not possible with the two-position security switch found on the t3x lite.

Most Popular Rifle Accessories

Check out these rifle accessories to go with your Tikka T3X.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the factory stock weight of the Tikka T3x rifle?

The standard stock with a limb saver weighs 29.06 Oz while one with a standard pad and spray foam weighs 31.4 Oz. On the other hand, the bell & Carlson Medalist model weighs 34.8 Oz.

What calibers are compatible with the Tikka T3x Rifle?

  • .223 Remington has an 8-inch twist rate and four rounds magazine.
  • .243 Winchester; 10-inch twist rate and three-round magazine.
  • 308 Winchester; 11-inch twist rate carrying three rounds of ammo.
  • .270 Winchester; 10-inch twist rate and three rounds of ammo.
  • .300 Winchester; 11-inch twist rate and three rounds of ammo.

Are Tikka rifles worth the money?

Every person who has had the opportunity to encounter a Tikka rifle has nothing but positive comments to ponder on this piece. The Tikka T3x has a Tikka signature from butt to tip, and it offers values for your money.


The only way to get the complete feel of this piece is to rush to the store and get yourself one. In exchange for your money, you will receive a reliable tool and hunting buddy. The Tikka Manufactures have promised quality, and indeed that’s what you’ll get from these rifles. I think this might be the absolute best overall hunting rifle you can get for the money.

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