Best M1A Scope mounts: Full Review

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Shooting can be a real challenge if you lack the right devices. Luckily, there’s a wide variety of scope mounts for any shooter who cares about accuracy. For instance, the M1A scope mounts we list here are favored by many. It’s also commonly used for both precision shooting competitions and hunting expeditions. Although newer versions have since come up, the M1A scopes in this list are tried and proven over time.

A Buyer’s Guide for the M1A Scope Mounts

There are various aspects to consider when determining a scope mount for your rifle. Things like the price, the brand, intended use, size, and power range are all critical. Moreover, through customer reviews, and this will aid you in determining the best gadget. What about a warranty? These vary from scope to the other. Nevertheless, the best scope mount comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The key things to look out for are;


Rifles feature different mounting capabilities. But, you can quickly lose the range if you’re unable to mount your scope straight on. The best m1a scope mount should feature at least 60 inches available.


All mount scopes vary in weight, and the size and material define this. A bulky device will leave you fatigued, and this may affect your shot. For this reason, the lightweight scope is a perfect choice.

The scope body

The scope body is also an aspect of consideration. Go for one made of sturdy materials if you care about durability. Besides, a scope assembly that’s likely to fall apart during use might cost you a lot that you can imagine.

The mounting spot

Consider where you want your scope to mount. It’s best if you can fit it close to the barrel, which makes shooting more comfortable.

Accessories needed to mount the scope mount

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Type of activity

The type of pursuit should determine the kind of scope to choose. A low power scope is a good pick for deer hunting in the deep woods. But, a high power scope is ideal when hunting in wide-open places. Although many designs are waterproof, you never know the type of weather to expect when hunting. As such, it’s imperative to pick a fog-proof rifle that can withstand cold and wet weather.


The Best M1A Scope Mounts for Your Hunting Needs

Choosing the best scope mount has never been easier. With a wide assortment in the market, you can always get one that matches your budget. However, it all comes with distinctive features, and it’s critical to pick the most suitable scope for your needs.

Check out some of the best scope mounts in the market:

Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount

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The Springfield Armory m1a scope mount is your best bet when it comes to stable mounting. 


  • This product features a single piece of lightweight piece construction.
  • It’s made of aluminum and is a true definition of durability.
  • The Springfield m1a scope mount offers a Picatinny-Style rail and mounting hardware.
  • It is comprehensive, allowing it to support both small and large options.
  • Size support; it’s the perfect scope mount to cater to your size-support needs; you can never go wrong with the Springfield m1a scope mount.


  • Easy to mount/ Comes with an installation guide
  • Comes with mounting hardware 
  • It’s a one-piece construction
  • Picatinny-style rail above the receiver


  • Doesn’t fit in SOCOM 11

See product details here

Sadlak Industries M14/M1A Airborne Scope Mount

Although there is a wide assortment of scope mounts in the market, the Sadlak stands out. If you’re seeking a robust scope that can hold in all conditions, then the Sadlak m1a scope mount will suit you best.


  • It’s very durable and features a manganese phosphate finish for additional waterproofing and fog proofing. It has hardened to 45-50 RC.
  • The Sadlak M1A scope mount will give you full stability thanks to its three-point contact design. 
  • It’s lightweight and offers an excellent platform for different scopes.


  • Lightweight
  • High-quality
  • Perfect fit


  • Expensive

See product details here

Bassett M1A Scope Mount

Many attest to the fact that the Bassett mount is the best m1a scope mount. According to different customer reviews, the Bassett m1a scope mount is a potent tool for testing the rifle’s accuracy.


  • It fits the m14, M1A, M21 rifles, and any other modified version.
  • The Bassett m1a scope mount is easy to install and remove.
  • It won’t shoot loose.
  • The mount is rugged and durable.
  • It works with weaver rings.


  • Best for testing rifle accuracy
  • Fits different rifles
  • Easy installation& Removal
  • Sturdy &Durable
  • Rugged


  • Expensive

The gg&g M1A Scope Mount

If you wish to set up your rifle with a long eye relief magnified or a red do a scope, the gg&g m1a scope mount is the way to go. It’s not only perfect for this task but also installs excellently in the upper handguard cut out.


  • The gg&g M1A Scope Mount perfectly clamps to the barrel, thus offering optimal stability and accuracy and does not require modifications.
  • It features a smooth appearance design.
  • The scope mount is simple to fit. 
  • It’s a low-profile design.
  • The M1A Scout Scope Mount features well-rounded, smooth edges, ensuring optimum protection for the shooter.


  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for M1A squad and SOCOM-16
  • Offers Full 7 Inches of Picatinny rail surface
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Limited for export to some countries

See the product details here.

ARMS 18 Scope Mount

An arms m1a scope mount is your best buddy during your shooting expedition. And the introduction of the Arms 18 scope mount significantly transformed the shooting experience. It’s presumably the best Mount for m1a and m14 platforms.


  • Features high-grade solid steel.
  • It comes with two contact points for extra stability.
  • Has an additional attachment point for extra support.
  • It’s an excellent mounting rail for M21 and M14 rifles and works like any other arms m1a scope mount. 


  • Features high-grade steel
  • Excellent for day/night vision optics
  • Features a third contact point


  • Can expose you to chemicals

See the product details here.

AIM Sports M14/M1A Scope mount

The Aim Sports M14/M1A is one of the reliable M1A mounting options in the market. 


  • Features an excellent supporting base. As such, you can be sure that your scope stays in place for superior performance. 
  • It’s adonized with aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Fits all standard weaver rings.


  • Study
  • Less costly
  • Good design


  • Not easy to adjust
  • Not suitable for beginners

See the product details here.


There is a wide variety of scope mounts in the market, and getting the best can be daunting. Nonetheless, it’s critical to pick the best; this will not only save you more but also enhance your safety. Follow the above guide and be sure to choose the best scope mount to suit your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the top MIA scope mount brands? 

You’ll get different scope mounts from various brands, and your type of activity will determine the best device for your needs. Some of the top-rated brands are, for example, Sadlak, ARMS, Bassett, Springfield, UTG, and many more.

What are the factors to consider when shopping for a scope mount for my rifle?

Different scope mounts come with distinct features. Consider the weight and choose a lightweight device that you can carry around without challenges. Other factors to consider are like the material, durability, ease of installation, cost, and waterproof properties.

Which is the best place to shop for a scope mount?

You can get the most suitable scope in most online or physical stores. You can as well visit the manufacturer’s site and check out what they have available. Remember, the prices vary from one store to another, and you should pick one that gives you the best value for your money. 

What is the best scope for the M14?

Leupold VX-2

There’s no better choice to a rugged scope than the Leupold VX-2. It keeps on functioning optimally no matter the amount of beating, thanks to its shockproof design.


  • It’s waterproof and fog-proof, and this makes it the best for all environments.
  • The Leupold VX-2  is sturdy, and one of the best M14 scopes and the best m1a scout scope mount for your m1a rifle.
  • It’s a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t care much about that ultimate precision.


  • Shockproof design
  • Waterproof/Fogproof
  • Rugged


  • Not ideal for ultimate precision

See the product details here.

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