Sig Sauer Romeo Zero Reflex: A Review and Buyer’s Guide

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A  red dot sight transforms a gun into an extremely accurate weapon. The best red dot sight will increase shooting performance by increased shot accuracy while trying to focus on a target at a particular range.

One thing, for sure, is that you will never regret the value of your purchase if you indeed bought the Sig Sauer Romeo Zero reflex 3MOA red shot dot sight. Let’s have a  look to understand why all the fuss about it.

Sig Sauer Romeo Zero Red Shot Sight: Why this is Your Best Shot

The Sig Sauer Romeo is by far the best, most accurate, fastest, ultra-compact sight. The red shot sight places the target on optical range allowing a single point of focus hence allowing the user to keep their attention on the view. 

This is your everyday sight for all your concealed carry needs.

Features of Sig Romeo Zero 3MOA Red Shot Sight

Excellent Design

One thing that will surely make you love the Sig Romeo Zero 3MOA Red Shot Sight is the small lightweight and everyday carry. Its Motac also preserves battery life and has a motion sensor that detects motion from a distance.

This sight’s design is also perfect and compatible with SIG SAUER P365 pistols that have optic ready slides.


This sight is made durable by having lenses built from spectracoat HD polymer. This type of lens boasts ten times more impact resistance over traditional glass lenses. It also has a weapons Grade textered polymer body that is ruggedized, making it even more durable.

8 Vivid Daytime Illumination Levels

The Sig Sauer Romeo red dot sight comes with vivid illumination levels that are user-configured, making it eight times more efficient than other sights. If you are a shooter, you know that accuracy and efficiency are vital players for any successful shooting. You should, therefore, get hold of your sight and get to experience the best shooting session ever!

Motion Activated Illumination System

This red dot sight technology is advanced because of the motion-activated illumination system it possesses. This system’s primary purpose is to power up whenever motion is sensed or power down whenever no signal has been detected.

Point Source LED Emitter

It is equipped with a point source LED emitter that is powered using a unique LED chip. This chip produces a well-defined pattern of light to a similar point. When used together with high-quality glass lenses, they tend to have an extraordinarily narrow and near parallel radiation pattern. 

This point source LED emitter is also enhanced for a crisp that makes it eight times more efficient than other conventional red dots.


The sight is vibrant and crystal clear and can be used on those up-close situations when you need to find your target easily.
it also has a ten-year battery life, which can last up to 20,000 hours. 


  • It has a bright dot
  • Great lens quality, especially when using less lenses.
  • It has an excellent Motac system with the ability to sense
  • Boasts a long battery life that serves for up to 10 years
  • Has perfect lightweight design.
  • Windage and elevation of 120 MOA


  • It is a bit of a challenge to change brightness settings unless you have a pixy finger.

Factors to Consider When Buying Red Dot Sights

Red dot sights are of great importance to your firearm because they key to accuracy. Every shooter loves precision, and thus you can consider the following factors when buying red dot sights.

Look at Size

It’s more than paramount to consider the size of your red dot sight. The size of your gun will be of great importance in choosing sights that will fit your needs. 

Suppose you own both a handgun and a rifle: a smaller red dot sight will rip you more benefits if you use it with the handgun, and on the other hand, use a much bigger red dot sight on the rifle.

Consider Battery

For your red dot to work efficiently, its battery should be perfect and healthy. The critical aspects of the battery that you must check on are the life of the battery and ease of access. 

You will be putting yourself in a disadvantageous position if you choose special order batteries for your sights instead of more readily available batteries.

Also, you need a battery life that fully meets the needs of how long you intend to utilize the accessory in preparation for real action or maybe how long you plan to train. Many manufacturers now tell you the battery type and expected battery life for their sights. It will be useful if you check on this before making a purchase.

Rectile Size

If you are a new shooter, then, believe me, a larger rectile is ideal for you. It enhances your vision entirely even though there have been complaints about how it obstructs your target view, especially at a longer distance. 

For experienced shooters, you can view it from the angle of yards versus inches. whereby, a one-inch red dot is suitable at 100 yards, a two-inch red dot is suitable at 200 yards

Red Dot Sights That Compare With the Sig Sauer 3 MOA Red Dot Sights

Holosun 407K. vs Sig Sauer Romeo Red Dot Sight

This red dot sight is of sub-compact pistol size. It offers a great field of view when matched with its excellent features, which will help you maintain the focus on your target while at the same time significantly reducing the target acquisition time. 

It also offers a side access battery tray and large brightness control buttons to allow you to change the battery without having to unmount the product. It’s a 6MOA, which is clear and sharp in design.
Some of the other features of this red dot sight include:

Unlimited Eye Relief

This red dot sight provides the user with much-needed eye relief. This is because of its lenses and the excellent magnification levels the sight can attain. 

Reticle 6 MOA Dot

It features a 6MOA dot, which for instance: when holding on a target at 50 yards, would cover a -3.2” circle. This has proved to be easier to pick up and get to put the target more quickly.

Lightweight Design

This sight is designed to make it as light as possible. It is manufactured using light yet rugged 7075 T6 aluminum. Its surface is also finished by the material and is also anodized. This, as a result, significantly reduces its weight. It actually weighs 1 oz. 

Shake Wake Technology

This red dot sight is equipped with this technology, which helps it in sensing motion and, as a result, either powering the sight on or off. It also sets recalls, and as a result, one can be sure of not losing his/her customized options once the unit powers down.


This red dot sight can offer up to 50,000 hours of battery life and is made from 7075 T6 aluminum, then anodized. This makes it durable, and, for sure, you can use it for quite a long time without getting unnecessary hitches that could ruin your shooting adventures.


  • Its size and weight are perfect
  • It has a side tray that you can use when removing batteries.


  • The frame surrounding is quite thick

Trijiticon  RMRcc Red Dot Sight vs Sig Sauer Romeo Red Dot Sight

The new and improved Trijicon RMRcc has been redesigned for concealed carry with new dimensions that are compatible with a wide range of pistols. This red dot sight is designed with a thinner, lower-profile design for a faster and more comfortable draw.

It is one of the most durable red dot sights on the market due to its shape that helps to divert forces away from the glass. 

The RMR type has also gone through many electronic improvements to ensure it is durable. The Trijiticon RMRcc features; 

Durable Make

AN aluminum housing is in one single piece designed to divert forces away from the lens. Its durable dot crisp in the window, maintains a zero. It has a much smaller dimension compared to RMR which does not affect the accuracy.

Moreover, it has a patented housing shape that is unique and whose main aim is to divert the force of an impact away from the lens hence improving durability significantly.

Light Weight Make 

Unlike most, it is made with a lightweight design and has a lower profile than other red dots. 

Button Lock-in and Lock-out Mode

The button lock-in mode ensures that the user-chosen brightness setting is secure. This feature happens to be ideal for either shooting competitions or target shooting. On the other hand, the button lock-out mode secures the auto-brightness setting feature and is usually suitable for everyday carry and hunting.

Lens Make 

The multi-coated lens provides an accurate representation of the target even during sunlight. This is because of the wide-band light transmission system that ensures the minimal change in target area color.


The RMRcc has windage, and elevation requires no tools to adjust each click represents 3MOA per tick.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof up to 66f
  • Amazing precision


  • It is expensive 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between 3MOA and 6MOA?

3MOA has a small dot that offers exceptional precision for distant targets. It is more accurate on the more extended range. The 3MOA also provide information on how the gun is moving, but since it’s little it can appear more twitchy and can be hard to see in all sunlight

The 6MOA are easy to see and less dependent on brightness, and suitable for short-range targets . They cover up a target at a distance range, but may be inaccurate. The reticle is bigger on the 6MOA enhancing a quicker target acquisition time.

Can the Sig Sauer Romeo be Used In a  P365?

The Romeo Zero will work on P365, requiring a mounting plate such as an outer impact red shot adopter. You can purchase an adapter to use when SAS sight is removed.

Is it Only Compatible To Sig or Can Be Installed On Other Firearms?

Though it has been designed for Sig Sauer pistols with optics ready or slide, it should work on firearms.

Will it Fit In a Glock 17?

This will fit it in a Glock 17 with the use of a rare devotional mount. It’s primarily made for subcompact and carry handguns and it is smaller than most and not the best option for full-size handguns.

Does a Red dot Sight Have Serials?

All red shots have serials that are provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer must act in line with the federal firearms license regulations of the United States of America.

Does This Sight Come With Mounts?

It comes with a set of screws that are compatible with the Springfield Hellcat, but they are too long. You need to shorten them a little, and it will bolt right on.


The Holosun 407k Red dot sight, and Trijitan RMRcc, are some of the best sights that can compare to the Sig Sauer Romeo. However, most opt for the Sig since it’s easier to work with due to its weight and durability. 

For a better view and long-range shots, the sig zero 3MOA is considered best compared to the Holosun with a 6MOA. The compatibility of the Sig Romeo Zero also enables rapid target acquisition in an everyday carry package at an iron sight price.

Why wait? You should consider getting the best,  most accurate, fastest, and ultra-compact sight for your gun. The  Zero reflex 3 MOA red dot sight by Sig Sauer is the best you can get!

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