Aimpoint 2000: Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Aimpoint has consistently dominated the red dot sight market for many years. Among the best products of their time is the Aimpoint 2000, which was launched in 1985. Being one of the earliest commercially available red dots on the market, it had quite remarkable features. It is humbling how years of innovation have dwarfed the once ultimate sight. Let’s revisit the past and examine this top of the line red dot sight and see if you can use it in hunting today.

Key Features of the Aimpoint 2000

Red Dot Sight

It uses an LED light source just like the sights today. However, the working principle was a bit different as it was a reflect collimator sight. It’s impressive how it had an absence of parallax, which means you don’t require centering. It offers unlimited eye relief and delivers quality results in terms of target acquisition speed and accuracy.


The Aimpoint 2000 has a multi-layer objective lens with anti-reflex coating on all surfaces. It also has no magnification (1X). Its performance is, therefore, comparable to even the latest red dot sights.


It’s impressive just how this sight is lightweight for a sight of its time. The short Aimpoint 2000 weighs 5.35oz, which is comparable to the Aimpoint Comp M5. The longer version weighs 60z, which is still lighter than Aimpoint Comp M4.

Automatic Light Settings

The sight came with automatic light adjustment. Unlike current red dot sights with different light settings, the Aimpoint 2000 automatically adapted itself to the lighting.


It’s 50 to 250 hours battery life makes you realize just how far the red dot sights have come. The battery life depends on the intensity of light. It is powered by mercury, lithium or alkaline batteries.


Mounting with rings was not possible until the advent of the Aimpoint 2000. Now, both left and right-handed shooters could use the sight. The sight is mounted on two rings.


Using the Aimpoint 2000 for Hunting: How Suitable is it?

You probably were waiting for the part where you find out whether it is suitable for hunting. You will be glad to know that you can use it for hunting today. Its functionality remains high end when compared to red dot sight alternatives. Here are the reasons why:


In hunting, accuracy comes first. Back then, it made average shooters seem like extremely skilled marksmen. You can still leverage on its target acquisition speed and accuracy when hunting. Like any other red dot sight, it allows you to keep both your eyes open. That is not only a relief to your eyes but offers situational awareness for your safety.

Automatic Light Adjustment

Lighting conditions vary while hunting, and thus automatic light adjustment is quite advantageous. All you need to do is point your gun, place the red dot on the target and fire. That saves you time, which sometimes means the difference between the animal escaping or being dropped to the ground.


If you have been out in the wild, you will understand how painful additional weight on your firearm can be for you. The Aimpoint 2000 is lightweight and, therefore, won’t make your gun feel heavy.

Shot Range

Similar to the Micro T-1, the Aimpoint 2000 is suitable for a mid-range shot. You will, therefore, still have consistent accuracy within 250 yards. It is also a natural transmission, which doesn’t spook your target.

Which Animals Can I Hunt Using the Aimpoint 2000?

You can hunt most of the big game with this sight. With the target acquisition and accuracy levels it offers, hitting your target even on a moving animal is not challenging. Some of the animals you can hunt include with this sight are:

Wild Hogs

The hunter faces two challenges when hunting hogs, small targets relative to the animal size and speed when spooked. Hitting the vital organs that will drop the hog requires high accuracy. Hitting a moving hog needs fast target acquisition. The Aimpoint 2000 enables you to accomplish both of the above with relative ease. We have a ton of guides to hunting wild hogs, here is a link to our massive beginners guide.


If you have been hunting, then you know that deer is one of the most challenging animal to hunt. You won’t drop one unless you have high levels of accuracy, which luckily the Aimpoint 2000 provides. Check out our article on how to hunt deer with dogs. You will soon realize that all kinds of hunting with dogs is perfect with an Aimpoint.


Placing the shot right on a vital organ from a distance can ve done with the help of this sight. You will enjoy hunting when you have this red dot sight that reigned in the 80s.

Other Game Include

What Guns Does the Aimpoint 2000 Work Best With?

The sight was designed for long guns. You can use it on any of the following firearms.


If your state permits hunting with rifles, you will find the Aimpoint 2000 an incredible accessory when it comes to rifles.

Simply mount it with the two rings, and you are all set.


Among hunters, shotguns are perhaps the most common firearms. If you are comfortable with a shotgun, then adding the sight will improve your chances of getting some meat for your dinner table and your freezer.

Machine Guns and Submachine Guns

You definitely won’t be hunting with a machine gun often, but heck if you are at a gun-range or in combat, then the Aimpoint 2000 will prove extremely useful. You can also use it on carbines. Its use is not recommended for pistols and revolvers. Here you can read more about carbine hunting.

The Difference Between the Aimpoint 2000 and the Aimpoint Comp M5

It is fascinating how the M5 lies at the opposite side of the spectrum when compared to the Aimpoint 2000. The main differences include:

  • Weight: The Aimpoint 2000 weighs 5.35 for the short version and 6oz for the ling version while the M5 weighs 5.2oz
  • Battery: the 2000 uses mercury, lithium or alkaline custom batteries while M5 uses standard AAA battery
  • Battery life: The Aimpoint 2000 battery lasts up to 250 hours as compared to M5’s 50,000hrs
  • Brightness settings: You get an automatic light adjustment on the 2000 while M5 has a total of 10 with 4 night vision
  • Price: you will spend a fraction of the price of an M5 when buying the Aimpoint 2000

Aimpoint 2000 vs Aimpoint T-2

While still comparing giants of their time, here is a comparison of the Aimpoint 2000 and the Micro T-2 that took the world by storm in 2014.

  • Weight: this site weighs 5.35oz and 6oz while T-2 weighs 3.0oz
  • Brightness: the automatic light adjustment is what you get with the Aimpoint 2000 while T2 has 12
  • Batteries: the Aimpoint 2000 uses mercury RM 1 N, lithium or alkaline battery while T-2 uses CR2032
  • Lenses: The T-2 comes with flip-up lens covers unlike the Aimpoint 2000

Pros and Cons of Aimpoint 2000


  • Affordable
  • Automatic light adjustment
  • Adequate target acquisition speed and accuracy
  • Lightweight
  • Great light transmission


  • Inferior quality to modern red dot sights
  • Not as sturdy

Where to Buy Aimpoint 2000

Now that Aimpoint discontinued the production of this sight in 1989 finding it on the market can be challenging. You may have to look for it in Outdoor Sports shops and collectors sites that list antique firearm equipment.

Final Thoughts

The Aimpoint 2000 may be from the past, but its functionality is quite current. It still offers appreciable accuracy and speeds. It may not have all the fancy innovative features, which are the current industry standard nowadays, but it still works great. Let me know how it works for you. If you want something newer that still maintain the brilliant quality of the Aimpoint 2000 you should go for an Aimpoint T-1 or Aimpoint T-2

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