Aimpoint 2000: Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Aimpoint has consistently dominated the red dot sight market for many years. Among the best products of their time is the Aimpoint 2000, which was launched in 1985. Being one of the earliest commercially available red dots on the market, it had quite remarkable features. It is humbling how years of innovation have dwarfed the once ultimate sight. Let’s revisit the past and examine this top of the line red dot sight and see if you can use it in hunting today.

Key Features of the Aimpoint 2000

Red Dot Sight

It uses an LED light source just like the sights today. However, the working principle was a bit different as it was a reflect collimator sight. It’s impressive how it had an absence of parallax, which means you don’t require centering. It offers unlimited eye relief and delivers quality results in terms of target acquisition speed and accuracy.


The Aimpoint 2000 has a multi-layer objective lens with anti-reflex coating on all surfaces. It also has no magnification (1X). Its performance is, therefore, comparable to even the latest red dot sights.


It’s impressive just how this sight is lightweight for a sight of its time. The short Aimpoint 2000 weighs 5.35oz, which is comparable to the Aimpoint Comp M5. The longer version weighs 60z, which is still lighter than Aimpoint Comp M4.

Automatic Light Settings

The sight came with automatic light adjustment. Unlike current red dot sights with different light settings, the Aimpoint 2000 automatically adapted itself to the lighting.