What Does the 15 Mean in AR 15?

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AR is Armalite Rifles and Armalite is the Manufacturer. People tend to assume AR stands for Assault Rifle which is very inaccurate as you will see. The 15 represents the model of the firearm and most guns conform to this naming pattern. Unless it is the Russian AK47 which is named after the inventor and the year it was first produced. 

It is the same for other rifles and an example is the M16 military-grade rifle which means Model 16. Therefore the AR 15 is the 15th weapon design to be produced by the Armalite Rifle Company. Here is a list of some of the AR models. 

  • AR1 para-sniper rifle. Bolt action
  • AR3 7.62x51mm select-fire prototype uses a test for design tweaks.
  • AR5 .22 hornet survival bolt action
  • AR7 .22 long rifle survival rifle semi auto.
  • AR9 12 gauge shotgun forerunner of AR17
  • AR10 7.62x51mm select-fire
  • AR11 .222 Remington prototype of a smaller AR3 design
  • AR12 7.62x51mm battle rifle prototype
  • AR13 Hypervelocity multi barrel for aircraft
  • AR14 308 Winchester semi auto sporting rifle
  • AR15 .223/5.56x45mm select-fire forerunner of M-16
  • AR16 7.62x51mm select-fire
  • AR17 semi auto shotgun
  • AR18 7.62x51mm select-fire
  • AR180 civilian model of AR18

What Makes AR 15 a Popular Rifle

The military first adopted the use of the AR 15 rifles during the Vietnam War. It was an alternative to the M-14 rifle, which people considered heavy, difficult to control, and outmatched by the AK-47. In 1959, Colt, a gun manufacturer purchased the rights to the rifle but then suffered a difficulty selling it to the U.S. military. It however received much attention as a civilian rifle.

The AR-15 and its many variants are popular among gun owners, because of the advantages it gives to a shooter. It is a lethal firearm in anyone’s hands. In recent years, it has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Despite several cases of mass shooters using AR 15, we must acknowledge that any firearm in the wrong and untrained hands is lethal.  

What are the Defining Characteristics of the AR 15 Rifle

The reason the military selected the M-16 over the AR 15 is that it is a fully automatic firearm while the AR 15 is a semi-automatic rifle. It means that the M16 fires several rounds with each pull of the trigger. Compared to the civilian counterpart, for the AR-15, the shooter needs to pull the trigger to fire each shot.

The AR 15 design is for speedy reloading in combat situations, and the ability to fire dozens of rounds in seconds. 

The stock, or the butt of the rifle, has a large internal spring that will absorb the shock of each shot. The low recoil makes the AR 15 easier to shoot and therefore more accurate than previous military weapons. It is also easy to customize it as it is compatible with most accessories like scopes, lasers, and mounts among others. 

Reasons You Should Own the AR 15 Rifle

  • The AR 15 rifle fires 30 rounds on tap. It is more than other options.
  • It has better ergonomics than most handguns and shotguns.
  • Better compatibility making it easy to attach lights, red dot optics, etc.
  • Has low recoiling rounds that make accurate follow up shots.

While the AR 15 rifle is not appropriate for everyone, there is a reason most people choose their preferred weapons. Almost always people choose AR-pattern rifles. It has proven to be proven effective and has undergone huge amounts of improvements and upgrades. A modern, high-quality AR-pattern rifle is hard to beat and is among the best choices for home defense.

AR-style rifles are modular so you can build a carbine such as the SBR, or pistol version that is readily maneuverable in close quarters. It gives you better capability and a higher capacity for follow-up shots than with most shotguns or handguns. The AR 15 is a rifle that is more accurate and controllable than handguns.

The AR-15 is an inexpensive 22 caliber semi-auto. People often freak out because of their looks. It has a military look but it is just a gun. It is also considerably affordable. Any number of .22 caliber rifles can be hard, but the AR 15 just looks more menacing to some, regardless of its specifications.

Reasons the AR15 is Suitable for Home Defense

First, let me dismiss some of the commonly cited misconceptions. 

Contrary to popular opinion, the 5.56 does not over-penetrate. Over penetration is of less concern when you are using the AR 15 than when using a pistol. The reason is that with an AR-15 rifle, you are most likely to hit your target. When using a handgun or shotgun of the same ammo this is not assured.

A caliber that is suitable for self-defense always runs a risk of over penetration. Look at it this way, if a round cannot penetrate drywall how can you trust it to put down an assailant? But for the .223 ammo, it poses less over penetration risk than other common home defense calibers. It is the reason the FBI recommends it as the caliber of choice of most urban operations.

The AR 15 is not too long and a typical 16-inch AR 15 is no longer than a pistol held traditionally. In a home defense scenario, spaces are no