.577 Tyrannosaur: A Complete Review

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The .577 Tyrannosaur, also known as the .577 T-Rex, refers to a large and extremely powerful cartridge. It measures 14.9×76 mm and was developed on request for professional hunting guides in Zimbabwe back in 1993 to be used in big game hunting. 

The basic idea was that the .577 Tyrannosaur was to be used as a stopping rifle to counter the charge of dangerous game. It boasts 14.9 mm diameter and a 750 grain Monolithic Solid Projectile, which fires at 2,460 ft. /s and produces 10,180 foot-pounds force of muzzle energy. The A-square’s production model is according to their Hannibal rifle. This bolt action rifle weighed 13 pounds and had three mercury recoil reducers.

Why is The 577 Tyrannosaur Popular?

It’s not wrong to say that the 577 Tyrannosaur wasn’t designed for the faint-hearted. As the name suggests, the maker of this round had the idea of producing a weapon that could exterminate a dinosaur with ease. 

Some rather shocking or fascinating videos making rounds online show unsuspecting shooters rocking and rolling with the 577 Tyrannosaur. It is incredibly powerful ammo, which produces excellent muzzle energy and recoil. It is a heavy-recoiling hunting rifle cartridge and works well for experienced shooters.

The rifle powerful enough to shoot this round usually weighs about 10 pounds or mo