Ataman AP16: A Complete Review

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If you’ve been looking for the best air pistol for a long time that agrees with your budget, here is the Ataman AP16 air pistol for you. It offers cutting edge technology making it reliable for many fields. The high-quality construction and outstanding durability make this air rifle worth your dollars.

 I most especially love this pistol due to its simplicity and affordability of the projectiles. The combination of premium materials and the renowned expertise of Russian gunsmith are the core pillars anchoring the Ataman Air Guns’ popularity.

For the color fanatics, I also found this worth mentioning; this air pistol is available in three finishes. You can choose between black, red and silver.

Features of the Ataman AP16 at a Glance

  • Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Repeater action
  • Side-lever action
  • 4350 psi fill pressure
  • Lothar-Walther free-floating barrel
  • Rifled, shrouded barrel
  • Two-way adjustable trigger
  • Self-indexing 7 shot magazine
  • 656 fps maximum velocities
  • 11mm- integrated dovetail mounting rail

The AP16 Regulated Standard Air Pistol vs. Ataman AP16 Regulated Compact Air Pistol

These two variants of the Ataman AP16 air pistol do have similarities and a few differences. I wouldn’t ignore any of the slightest differences because it could mean a lot. An added or missing feature can have a significant impact when applying the guns in different situations. 

Standard AP16 Version and Compact AP16 Similarities

They both use self-indexing 7-shot magazines and boast the same 4350 psi fill pressure and are repeater pneumatic air guns that possess built-in pressure gauges. Also, these two feature metal construction with walnut grip.  

 These two air guns feature integrated 11mm dovetail mounting rail and Lothar Walther free-floating barrel. The two pneumatic pistols feature adjustable trigger pull ranging from 0.44 to 2.2 lbs. These two air guns are fully regulated.  

Each comes as a package containing one magazine, two probes featuring one with foster connection, and the other with 1/8BSPP thread and two Allen wrenches. However, the packages don’t include scopes and other accessories, and so you’ve to buy them separately.

Differences between Standard AP16 Version and Compact AP16 

Despite having so many common properties, I have to acknowledge the difference in velocities and power. For the standard version, the maximum speed is up to 656 fps, while the compact version boasts 590 fps. This difference isn’t that great, but it can cause significant disparities in the performances in a situation such as hunting. 

The primary component that brings this difference is the barrel length. The standard one is 14.37 inches, while the compact is 12 inches long. This 2.3 inches difference affects the muzzle velocity, which is proportional to the maximum speed a gun can fire a pellet. However, the weight of the pellet, among other factors, can have a considerable impact. 

The standard version of the Ataman AP16 also outshines the compact version regarding the power in FPE measured using the .22 caliber. The compact version offers 14.75 FPE while the more extended barrel version offers 18.44 FPE.

 The other difference, which is quite apparent from the first glance, is the black finish for the standard version and the black finish for the compact version. The former also ranks higher in terms of shots it can fire per fill. It offers 20 shots per fill, while the compact version is five shots below.

Why is the Ataman AP16 Air Gun worth the Top Rating?

Outstanding Construction

The superior quality of this air gun is evident in almost every aspect. It is a unique air pistol from its shrouded Lothar Walther barrel, two-way adjustable trigger, ergonomic stock, and versatility. This happens to be among the most powerful guns which use pellets as the projectiles.

Unique grip construction

The Ataman AP16 is a durable air gun. The entire frame features a robust, milled and polished aluminum. Apart from giving this gun’s unmatched sturdiness, this polished aluminum makes it stylish and elegant. The handle is innovatively constructed and features precise housing for easy installation of the laminated wood sheets which the gun is equipped with. The handle set is attached to the gun’s body by long screws.

An Incredibly Powerful Air gun

You are probably wondering where this small gun garners all its powers? Well, this pistol boasts a staggering 4,350 psi fill pressure, allowing it to fire pellets at 590 to 656 fps as the maximum velocities. Isn’t that fascinating? Therefore, you can engage in a lot of shots before you need to recharge the gadget. 

To be exact, you’ll be enjoying a total of 20 shots in between refills. If you are familiar with guns, you’ll agree with me that the more shots you can make between refills, the higher the shooting consistency. Unlike the other air guns, the Ataman AP16 is also pretty easy to recharge.

 I also appreciate that you can modify the power of this air gun. There is a screw at the rear part of this gun, which you loosen when you want to reduce the pistol’s power. When you need to increase the power, you just tighten it. That’s it, pretty simple.

 However, you shouldn’t force the screw because doing so can damage the power control mechanism. It would be horrible if the power control screw breaks as this could lead to triggers malfunctioning.

Unmatched Accuracy of AP16 Pistol

In terms of accuracy, you don’t need to look further. The 4350 fill pressure, in conjunction with the free-floating barrel design, increases the level of accuracy. The stock design and weight of the gun bring recoil so down that even a beginner would use this gun without struggling.

 The Ataman AP16 Air gun also sports a pressure regulator. This means that it uses the same thrusting power to release the pellet every time. By doing so, this gun maintains shot to shot consistency; not many air guns allow this kind of precision. That’s why I consider this air gun one of the best for target practicing and hunting, where accuracy and precision need to go hand in hand.

Interchangeable Compact and Standard Length Barrels 

The barrel of this weapon is unique and allows easy maneuverability. There are two barrel sizes, and the difference in length is just a couple of inches. The good thing is that it’s easy to interchange the two-barrel sizes in the same weapon. 

Also, it features two cylinder sizes, which can be interchanged with ease. It’s quite impossible to use a cylinder mounted on a .22 pistol in a gun with a different caliber such as .177. You need to understand that the cylinders are factory-gauged to each specific gun caliber, and it’s quite impossible to interchange them. The barrels possessing the same caliber are easy to interchange, though.

 However, regardless of the caliber, the Ataman barrel will allow the installation of a muffler of the same brands. This is threaded on the tip of the barrel while removing a trim, which shows the silencer‘s threading. I consider changing the barrel pretty easy. You only need to remove the screws which attach them. These screws are to be found in the chamber’s upper part. Then, you just pull the barrel forward to remove it. 

The placement of a new barrel is simple; you just press it into the position and tighten it with the screws. The gun covers usually have valid guides that allow the installation of universal aiming systems and allow easy installation of scopes, holographic sights, red dots, and other sighting devices. The unique dovetail mounting rail allows the hassle-free installation of scoping devices.

Impressive Velocity

 If you compare this PCP gun with the CO2 replicas, you’ll realize that the two are incomparable. The Ataman AP16 packs more punch and consistent velocities. That’s why I consider it as the right tool for my small-game hunting and backyard shooting practices. This is something that I know is pretty hard to achieve with the CO2 replicas.

Alluring Design of the AP16 Air gun

 I also love that it fits the bill while still maintaining the appearance and the feel of the traditional pistols. Refilling this Ataman AP16 is a breeze, and this is an added benefit, and another reason I recommend it for novice shooters. Filling it with my hill pump is effortless, which is a bonus. 

Things That I Feel Need Some Improvement

 There is no such thing as a perfect rifle. I have never met one, and you’ll agree with me that there is always some room for improvement, regardless of the high expertise applied. 

In the case of this Ataman AP16 air gun, I feel that it could work better if the rear sight was slightly more adjustable. The other minor issue is that the O rings aren’t very much available. Nevertheless, this air gun offers exceptional shooting accuracy right out of the box and will serve your needs.

Ataman AP16 Accessories

The Ataman Silencer 

All models of the Ataman AP16 pistol are loud enough to cause some hearing problems. I would advise you to equip your air gun with a silencer. Fortunately, there is the Silencer Ataman AP16 Black. This silencer is expertly crafted to suit all Ataman AP16 black models.

 It features a 4.5 mm caliber and comes in a glossy black color to match your gun’s appearance. Remember, the Ataman AP16 is a perfect air pistol for shooting targets in your backyard or hunting the small game within the vicinity. 

This silencer weighs just 0.13 pounds, and therefore, won’t add significant weight. It also provides perfect leveling so that you can enjoy a better target acquisition. The light and efficient design of this silencer makes it worth your money. 

Ataman Adaptor

Also, you can make some modifications to your Ataman AP16 to make it compatible with the silencers of your choice. One perfect example of such modification would be adding the Ataman AP16 Pistol 1/2 x 20 Adapter. This small accessory features a through-hole in 1/2 x 20 threads for flawless tightening and removal.

It is a simple device that links your Ataman AP16 pistol to your silencer of choice to enjoy shooting when silence is a priority. The adaptor has a hole on the side for easy removal in case the gadget is stuck in the silencer. The CNC machining of this adapter proves its high quality. 

Is Ataman a Better Brand Compared to a Close Competitor?

Ataman AP16 Compact vs. Standard Weihrauch HW44 Regulated PCP Pistol

There are some similarities and notable differences between the Ataman ap6 and Weihrauch HW44 Regulated PCP Pistol. Both these air guns possess the same basic operation as they are almost the same size and use the PCP mechanism. There is a slight difference in accuracy level; however, both are great air pistols and provide excellent accuracy. 

The HW44 comes in .177 as well as .22 caliber and includes LDC while the Ataman AP16 doesn’t come with a silencer. 

 The Ataman AP16 beats the Weihrauch HW44 air pistol in terms of yardage and accuracy balance. The HW44 offers notable accuracy up to 40 yards, while the AP16 offers up to 50 yards accuracy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Ataman AP16 Pistol Compare to Ataman M2 Carbine

The Ataman M2 Carbine is available in multiple calibers. Its ergonomic construction offers the ideal muzzle velocities for medium -range to long-range targets and hunting small to medium games.

The best caliber for this gun would be .177 since the shooter can easily achieve 22ft. lb. energy. Equally, the .22 caliber should offer 38 ft. lbs. and up to 45 shots per recharge. It is also available in .25 caliber versions. For .30 caliber, you can get up to 20 regulated shots per fill and with 95.8 fpe. The .357 caliber option fire pellets at a devastating 144 ft. lbs. power.

 Therefore, the Ataman M2 carbine is what you’ll need when hunting medium to big game animals. This full-length air gun offers unmatched power when chambered in different calibers. For small game or shooting practices, then our AP16 pistol is what you need.

Is it Easy to Convert the Ataman AP16 to the Carbine version?

The Ataman AP16 has been a good performer as a pistol model. The good news is that it’s now easy to transform it into a carbine and vice versa. You’ll only need to purchase an Ataman upgrade kit that effortlessly converts the pistol into a carbine.

 There are separate conversion kits for the compact and long models of the Ataman AP16. Both of these conversion kits come in silver, black and red finishes. Thus, they offer plenty of ways to customize the look and performance of your AP16. This conversion kit acts as an exoskeleton and fits snugly around the AP16 pistol.

Can You Mount Scopes On the AP16?

It’s easy to mount your favorite scopes on your AP16 as long as you’ve attached the conversion kit. At the rear of this kit, you’ll love what you see, a foldable AR-type stock. At the front part, there is a side and lower Picatinny rail and scope mounting rail extending along with the frame. With the scopes on your Ataman AP16, you can now engage your targets more accurately without straining your eye.

Do all Air Guns Use Pellets

No matter the caliber of your air gun, the high-end air guns usually use pellets. However, there are still many good plinking guns that still use BBs. You’ll also realize that there is quite a good number of pistols that fire both ammunition.

Pellets usually offer great accuracy when paired with one of the best air guns, such as the Ataman AP16 Regulated Standard Air Pistol.  The round nose pellets are the best for this particular pneumatic pistol.

They also provide high velocities ideal for hunting small game animals and target shooting. The BBs provide a challenge due to the risk of ricochet, which isn’t a problem with pellets.

Most modern pellets are lead and feature a hollowed diabolo shape such as the JSB Hades Exact Diabolo Pellets. However, the most common types are hollow-point, round nose, and wadcutter. You’ll also encounter several high-end pellet ammunition, which are lead-free and polymer types. Also, most pellets will feature high penetration design and are useful to small game hunters.


I hope you are now ready to join the vast team of pellet pistol shooters. As you’ve seen from this review and guide, the pneumatic air guns boast unique capabilities and are quite versatile. The Ataman AP16 is, no doubt, an affordable model for this particular category. 

For some people, this might be an expensive air gun. However, I feel that it’s worth the bucks considering the delicate balance between this pistol’s quality and performance. With its impressive construction and performance, you can use it for successful small-game hunting and target shooting. You’ll love the accuracy and robustness of this air gun.

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