Crosman Shockwave Air Rifle: A Complete Review

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Are you looking for an air gun that’s easy to operate yet delivers superb performance? Here is one outstanding air gun from Crosman. It is unique from other Crosman air gun models due to its innovative operation. The Shockwave Nitro Piston Powered Break Barrel Air Rifle offers Nitro piston technology and hence boasts reduced recoil and shoots quietly.

 It is a powerful air rifle ideal for shooting small game animals such as squirrels, rabbits, gophers, and mice. I like it because its creative engineering makes it perfect for hunting in all weather conditions. This review provides more information on this gun, and you’ll realize that it is available in two caliber options.

Features of the Shockwave NP Powered Break Barrel Air Rifle

Two Caliber Options

The Crosman Shockwave NP air gun gives you the privilege to choose the ideal caliber for your shooting needs; it is available in .22 and .177 caliber options. Both options deliver stunning performance, and can fire lead pellets at incredible velocities. 

With lead pellets, the velocity of the two calibers varies slightly. The .177 caliber fires lead pellets at staggering 1000 fps while the .22 caliber fires the same at 800 fps but with somewhat higher effective energy considering the weight of the pellet.

Nitro Piston Gas-Piston Powerplant

This feature is among the aspects that set this rifle apart from others. It is an innovative technology whereby cocking the gun will move a piston gadget to the rear. But, in this case, it doesn’t compress a spring but rather nitrogen gas in a specially designed cylinder. When you fire this rifle, the compressed gas will push a piston forward which further compresses air behind the projectile.

 This feature is an outstanding aspect which gives this air gun unrivaled performance. You can call this compressed gas system ‘gas-ram’; it is responsible for the low noise, low recoil and allows you to leave the rifle cocked for a prolonged period. 

I also like it due to the reduced vibrations and how it impacts on high accuracy. Therefore, the Nitro gas piston makes this rifle ideal for beginners, women and anyone with limited experience.

Ergonomic Barrel Design

This rifle features a unique barrel design which allows secure handling and improved accuracy. It is a break barrel design which is also shrouded for better performance. The QuietFire shrouded barrel ensures this rifle shoots pellets without producing high noise.

 Unlike other break-action guns, the Shockwave NP rifle uses nitrogen gas and an advanced Nitro Piston which reduces the u