Best Muzzle Brakes: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Are you a hunter or you just enjoy shooting? There are many factors that you should consider. You can do just fine without having a muzzle brake on your rifle if you don’t shoot much or you have a very low recoil rifle. However, I can assure you that your shooting experience will be so much more comfortable with the right muzzle brake.

Also known as a recoil compensator, a muzzle brake is an incredible attachment that is either fitted to a gun to redirect propellant gases when shooting. Apart from this, it can counter both recoil of the firearm and the unwanted rising of the barrel when one is shooting. 

Muzzle brakes are essential when one is engaging in hunting and competition shooting. It’s almost mandatory on rifles firing large cartridges, such as the big-game rifles. Also, you can find them in artillery and tank guns. You can still find them on pistols that are used for competition shooting.

The Muzzle Brake’s Buyer’s Guide

If you want to get the best value for your money when buying the best muzzle brake, there are several factors that you should consider. These include:

Durability and Finish

When buying a muzzle brake, the first thing that will catch your attention is the finish of a particular brake. While a specific finish might fascinate you, you must choose the one made of high-quality material. Remember that the very fundamental virtue of any product you find out there is its quality and durability.

Ideally, your choice of the muzzle should be more durable to withstand the sheer pressure of different gasses that generally leave the barrel. Under no circumstance should the muzzle brake get deformed when you are shooting. Apart from this, you should not neglect the finish of the muzzle barrel. Ideally, it should be marred by the effects of bad weather, moisture, or even dirt.

Ability to Reduce Recoil Felt

One of the primary purposes of a brake muzzle is to reduce the recoil felt. Remember that different brakes typically have distinct designs that usually deliver specific levels of recoil reduction. In an ideal situation, a good muzzle brake should reduce recoil by 50% and above. The more it can reduce the recoil felt, the better the unit.

Ease of Installation

Your muzzle brake of choice should be easy to install. You should need an expert to do this for you. This is because you might get hired where shooting is required. If you are not able to install the muzzle on your own, you might get inconvenienced. Besides being easy to install, the muzzle brake should be easy to remove. This can help reduce time wastage in the long run.

Intent and Purposes

Depending on the mission ahead, you need to choose a muzzle brake that suits that mission. For instance, if you want to go hunting, you should select a muzzle brake that suits that purpose. If you’re going to go for a shooting competition, your muzzle brake of choice should suit that particular purpose. This will, in turn, enable you to achieve your desired goals. This is because you will be able to handle your gun well and shoot successfully.

Design of the Muzzle Brake

Different muzzle brakes usually come with different designs. Choosing an efficient and high-quality design will ensure that less gas leaves the muzzle. This way, it will be able to redirect the gases away from the rifle as much as possible. The advantage of this is that there will be reduced recoil as more gases will be pushed backwards.

For optimal results, you should choose the one that has a higher baffle surface area and venting section. If you can find this one, you can be sure that its efficiency is incredible.

No Hole at the Bottom

Some muzzle brakes usually have a hole at the bottom. If you are a prone position shooter, you would not want to have a muzzle brake that has a hole at the bottom. This is because some gases might be expelled downwards and blow some dust. 

If you are in a dusty area, you might suffer from poor visibility as you might not be able to see your target well. As a result, you might shoot the wrong direction or end up missing the target in the long run.

Muzzle Climb Reduction

When buying this unit, you should check to see if it works the way your rifle is intended to work. In this case, you can consider calibrating the muzzle brake to ensure that you are balancing the muzzle climb correctly.


Your muzzle of choice should be easy to carry around when you are on a shooting mission. You would not like a situation where you are fatigued from carrying your gun only a few miles from your home. Ideally, this unit should be relatively easy to carry around. The lighter it is, the better it is as you will not suffer from unnecessary fatigue.


These models usually come with different prices. Some will cost an arm and a leg. However, others will fit your budget. Remember that these units are worth the investment. If you have more money, you can go for the best models out there. After all, you will be sure that you will get the value for your money.

Customer Reviews

Different customers usually review different muzzle brakes from time to time. Some of the muzzles you might find online have proved to be very useful. However, some typically fail to meet the needs of those customers. When buying a muzzle brake, you should be keen to check these online reviews to make a wise decision.

Sometimes, you can even ask for recommendations from friends to get the value for your money. Here, you can trust that they will recommend you the best models to buy. Finally, you should not forget the reputation of the manufacturer. If the customers rate a product well, the manufacturer is likely to be making quality muzzle brakes.

Top Choice Muzzle Brakes for Your Hunting Rifles

There are many kinds of muzzle brakes out there. If you want to buy one for your gun, consider this guide so that you can get the value for your money. The following are the best muzzle brakes that you should consider:

Best Muzzle Brake for 308.

DPMS – AR .308 Miculek Comp 30 Caliber

This muzzle brake typically has six opposing side ports. You will note that these ports usually direct cartridge gas outwards, which, in turn, helps reduce muzzle jump. It is worth noting that the LR-308’s reduction in recoil often feels the same as that of an ap4 Carbine.

The DPMS – AR .308 Miculek Comp 30 Caliber is made of 4140 steel with manganese phosphate finish. It measures 15/16 in diameter and has a length of about 2 3/8 inches. Its thread pitch is 5/8-24. It is worth noting that the steel finished magnesium phosphate is usually of high quality and can, therefore, withstand high-temperature use.

Since it is durable, it can take a lot of hard-wearing use. This makes it ideal when it comes to value for money. Budget-wise, this DPMS – AR .308 Miculek Comp 30 Caliber is very pocket friendly. You should, therefore, consider buying it today. I just love this muzzle brake for my .308 that I use for when I go hog hunting.


This brake usually fits well with .308 caliber Modern Sporting Rifles. Also, it fits well for the .30 rifles and the smaller ones. When it comes to installation, this muzzle brake is easy to install. It is usually secured with a 3.7-ounce lock-nut that usually comes with the kit.

Recoil Reduction

What is impressive with this brake is its ability to provide excellent recoil reduction. However, its side blasts can be too loud for your eardrums. Therefore, if you want to shoot comfortably, you need to wear proper ear protection.

Read more about the product and see price here.

Best Muzzle Brake for M16 Rifle

Precision Armament – AR .308 M4-72 Severe Duty Brake 30 Caliber

The Precision Armament – AR .308 M4-72 Severe Duty Brake 30 Caliber comes with smartly angled side vents and can reduce recoil up to 64.4%. It is worth noting that the angle of the vents effectively reduces the sound level in this unit. One test showed that the sound level using this level was at 117DB.In the 1-2 o’clock range, some reticle movement is noticed.

Since this muzzle comes with a closed bottom construction, it can reduce muzzle rise and dust signature. Also, since it is made of stainless steel, it can combat extreme heat that might emanate from shooting. 


When it comes to installation, this muzzle can fit any caliber from .243 Winchester to the 338 Lapua Magnum. This versatility makes it ideal for anyone who enjoys shooting. One advice from the manufacturer is that you should use crush washers with this unit.

Read more about the product and see price here.

Best Muzzle Brake for 7.62 Rifle

VG6 Precision – Ar .308 Gamma 762 Muzzle Brake 7.62

One of the excellent muzzle brakes for the 308 is the VG6 Precision – Ar .308 Gamma 762 Muzzle Brake 7.62. It is both a muzzle brake and a competent hybrid compensator. Besides eliminating the entire recoil, it can reduce muzzle movement to the bare minimum.


Here, both the rise compensation and braking are usually transferred immediately to the shooter. This, in turn, gives the shooter the confidence to make more shots. Its 3-prong design greatly helps to reduce the flash component. Here, there is no porting at the 12 o’clock position. As a result, you will not be distracted from your down the line vision.

Its 2-chamber configuration can redirect gas more effectively. The holes on the underside can release the most powerful gas jets, which, in turn, helps reduce the recoil felt in the shoulder. However, when using it, the brutal side blast might be too loud for anyone within the vicinity.

Read more about the product and see price here.

Best Muzzle Brake for AR 10

Surefire – Procomp 762 Muzzle Brake

The other fantastic muzzle brake for the .308 is the Surefire – Surefire – Procomp 762. You will realize that it is capable of reducing muzzle rise and recoil impulse. Also, this muzzle is ideal for fine-tuning purposes. Here, the shooter is capable of using the blind pilot holes and pilot holes for pinning and welding.

Recoil reduction

Its 5/8-24 threaded muzzle can offer efficient reduction when one is using a 7.62 rifle. Apart from this, vertical porting can reduce recoil impulse. This is because it is usually transferred to the bi-pod legs equally. As a result, the shooter will remain on target when shooting.


This muzzle brake is both simple and effective. If you are looking for a low profile and slim design, the Surefire – Procomp 762 is the ultimate solution. Since it is narrow, it is ideal for hunting. As the vertical ports control muzzle rise, the side ports yield an effective brake when reducing recoil.

Since this muzzle brake comes with a decorative coating, you can be sure that it will look appealing to your eyes. Also, this coating is of high quality, thereby making it more durable.


The side blast of this model is not as much compared to the above models. Since it is not a flash hider, its flash can be seen even on a sunny day. The muzzle brake comes typically with a crush washer. The sides usually have flat surfaces. This can assure you that you have an easy time installing this muzzle. 

Read more about the product and see price here.

Best Muzzle Brake for AR15

Precision Armament Hyper Tap Muzzle Brake

Since it is made of 416 steel and finished with bead-blasted stainless steel, this muzzle brake is made to eliminate the hard recoil and irksome muzzle climb. When this muzzle brake was tested, it was able to reduce recoil by about 84%.

This muzzle brake comes with a large gas port on the side and at the top to reduce the recoil and ensure firing of shots using the AR-15. Since it comes with a timing nut, it can provide a smooth fit. Therefore, you can trust that it will not become loose even when you are shooting rapidly.

Apart from this, the muzzle brake comes with two spanner wrenches that can be carried in the field for either quick removal or adjustment. It is worth noting that the muzzle brake is entirely user tunable. With the six piloted drill-out ports on top of this unit, you can trust that you will be able to customize the amount of upward gas that you need for better visibility.

Read more about the product and see price here.

Best Muzzle Brake for M4 Rifles

LANTAC 5.56 Dragon Advanced Muzzle Brake

This muzzle brake can prevent muzzle energy from overlapping by reducing the weapon’s recoil. Therefore, with this muzzle brake, you will be able to control even the fully automatic weapons. It is worth noting that the large gas ports you find on this unit helps stabilize your weapon’s horizontal orientation.

Muzzle Climb

The top port, on the other hand, helps to reduce muzzle climb. Apart from this, the quick gas dissipation of this muzzle brake helps to reduce muzzle flash. This is an added advantage for any shooter out there. 

Value for Money

It is important to note that this muzzle brake has been rated five stars in the past. Its ability to reduce the amount of recoil while ensuring that the customer gets the value for his money made it stand out among the rest.

Read more about the product and see price here.

Best Muzzle Brake for Savage MSR 224

Fortis Muzzle Brake for 5.56/.223

The muzzle brake is built out of 2 kinds of stainless steel. Here, you can readily choose the one made of 4140 steel with nitride coating or the one made of 303 steel with the bead-blast finish.

Apart from this, it comes with a crush washer that ensures that it fits well. This muzzle is capable of reducing concussion and muzzle blast to almost zero. 

Read more about the product and see price here.

Best Muzzle Brake for 5.56 Rifles

VG6 Precision GAMMA 556 Muzzle Brake

Since this muzzle brake is made of 17-4 ph heated stainless steel and finished with black nitride, this unit uses a unique staggered top vent system to reduce muzzle rise. It is worth noting that it comes with two-stage side ports that help to reduce recoil. Its radial cutouts around the front end can reduce the muzzle flash.


Although this muzzle brake is made with a 10.5 to 18.5-inch barrel in mind, it can work on several firearms such as the AR pistol and short-barreled rifles. Also, it is compatible with the VG6’s CAGE device. Here, it can minimize and do away with lateral concussive forces.

This model, just like the other models mentioned above, is built for reliability. Also, its versatility makes it a top choice among many users out there. Here, you will get value for your money.

Read more about the product and see price here.

Best Muzzle Brake for 300 Win Mag

PL-300WM Muzzle Brake 

Designed by the Phil L. Senior engineer at the LRK Mechanical in Northern AZ, this model is made of stainless steel. You will release that it comes with porting dimensions to redirect the force of gases from the round discharge. This muzzle brake also features exact braking surface dimensions, which have already been calculated to provide a particular amount of recoil reduction for the intended cartridge and caliber.


The .22 caliber model is available in ½ “ x 28 TPI or non-threaded, which has to be pre-ordered for the non-stranded custom threads. However, the .20 caliber units are both threaded for 5/8” x 24 TP. You can readily find each of these brakes in white color or other colors such as the FDE, Graphite Black, Sniper Grey, and many more. The good news is that you can get almost any color that you please. 

When buying this muzzle brake, it is worth noting that each of these units usually comes with a set of instructions for brake timing, common tread patterns for that particular unit, and more information regarding available calibers you find out there.


What is the purpose of a muzzle brake?

One of the primary purposes of a muzzle brake is to control recoil, barrel rise, and side-to-side movement of the gun when shooting. This is usually caused by the torque of the bullet being forced down the barrel by the burning powder.

Can a muzzle brake affect the rifle’s accuracy when shooting?

When it comes to accuracy, muzzle brakes hardly affect the accuracy of the rifle. However, the muzzle brake will change how the barrel whips during barrel time. As a result, there might be some change in accuracy as the bullets will leave at different points.

Which is better: A muzzle brake, or a compensator?

Although the muzzle brake tends to reduce recoil felt when one is shooting, the compensator does the opposite. Here, the compensator helps the shooter to remain on target for quick and more accurate follow up shots.

Do the military use muzzle brakes?

Yes. Specific military units usually use these units to shoot successfully.

Do muzzle brakes wear out?

Absolutely, muzzle brakes usually wear out from time to time. One of the most significant factors that contribute to the wearing out of these units is the barrel length and firing schedule. The more you shoot, the more these units tend to wear out. As a result, you need to replace it once in a while to remain effective.


The muzzle brakes mentioned can help reduce the recoil felt when you are shooting. They can also help you make successful shoots. These muzzle brakes have proved to be very effective in the past. 

Also, the above guide can help you choose the best muzzle brake that will enable you to value your money. A muzzle brake is an excellent investment if you are fond of using a gun. Invest in these muzzle brakes, and you will not be disappointed. Happy hunting!

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