Aimpoint T-1 Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Aimpoint is an advanced system that significantly enhances aiming for a shooter. The Aimpoint T-1 is a very lightweight system that is available in small sizes. It is primarily indebted to military and law enforcement personnel, but it has become a popular gadget to many shooters since it was launched in 2007.   

AImpoint T1 – With Standard Mount

Key Features of the Aimpoint T-1 

The Aimpoint T-1 has combined several features to come up with an incredibly amazing tool for hunters. Here are some of the top features:

Red Dot Sight

For hunters or combat lovers, getting a great view of the target is the most important when aiming, and having the ability to do this quickly ensures that you have an added advantage. The micro Aimpoint T-1 has a red dot sight. Many shooters mostly prefer the sight because it helps them to acquire the target quickly while maintaining accuracy. 


The Aimpoint T-1 weighs about 3oz, with the length and width being less than 1.6 inches, making it one of the smallest aiming gadgets with a red dot sight. The size makes the T-1 suitable as it can be easily mounted on firearms without adding that extra weight. 

Integrated Picatinny

The Integral Picatinny-style that is used on the system makes it very easy to mount on any platform. It can be adjusted to suit the shooter elevation and windage by fitting the protective caps into the adjustment screw without adding any extra tool.  You can choose between the 2 MOA or the 4 MOA dot sizes, whichever serves you best. 

In 99/100 cases I would go for the 2 MOA as it gives much better accuracy, i have tried 4 MOA many times but always prefer my aimpoints with 2 MOA

Optimized Lenses

 The objective lens has been multi-layered for close-range sight, while the 1x magnification optic is designed to give you a parallax-free view. It has eight adjustment settings that you can adjust during the day to suit your eyes. For instance, on a very reflective surface, you can change the setting to adapt to it. The night vision also has four settings that you can choose to suit the night needs.  It is also compatible with all Night vision devices from generation 1 to generation 3. 

The T-1 lenses need to be kept safe and protected from dust, rain, mud, and snow. There are a lot of covers designed explicitly for the Aimpoint T-1 covers.  The covers should have the following characteristics:

  • Easy to flip. The cover should be easy to flip with just a single hand to make it convenient for the shooter.
  • The material used to make it should be able to resist exposure to UV rays and dissolve oil. It should also have the ability to protect T-1 even in the harshest conditions. 


The durability of the Aimpoint T-1 is not compromised. It is made with a hard-anodized aluminum body. The superfinishing also makes it non-reflective. The ACET technology used to manufacture the battery gives it a lifetime of more than five years. It is also waterproof to ensure that the inside materials are always protected. 


The Aimpoint comes with mounts that make them easy to mount on any firearm. Some people also recognize the mount’s abilities to act as a lifesaver due to its bulletproof capabilities. The excellent mount for the T-1 should have the following features: 

  • Anodized material helps to ensure that the mount has a non-reflective surface while also making it durable enough. 
  • Lightweight to enhance convenience. 
  • Adjustable wrench for easier mounting.
  • Flexible design to avoid interfering with the hunter’s point of view

Using the Aimpoint T-1 for Hunting: How Suitable is it?

When hunting in less than 250 miles, the T-1 can be a perfect choice. It significantly increases your chance of putting down the animal. Some of the ways that the Aimpoint T-1 can be of benefit include


The red dot sight used in the T-1 is good for the hunter because it increases the chances of making the kill. No matter the hunter’s eyes position, as long as the red dot is at the animal, the accuracy does not interfere. 

Low light condition. 

Aiming with the T-1 is very simple. It can transmit better light when seeking to make it suitable for even shooting in situations with low light.


A hunter needs to be very light when taking the shot to make sure that he puts down many animals. The T-1 gives the hunter a better transmission, thus swiftness when taking the shoot. 

Suitable for a mid-range shot. 

For hunters hunting under 250 yards, the T-1 will give you better accuracy without even stressing. The transmission is also natural, meaning you can kill very first or unpredictable animals. 

The red dot sight also adds a great advantage when searching for the wounded animal at night. 

Which Animals Can I Hunt Using the Aimpoint T-1?


The game is swift and can prove too challenging to track. A hunter will need good accuracy when aiming to be as effective as possible when shooting. The red dot sight can give the hunter better, seeking to increase his chances. 


The behavior of the pigs tends to be unpredictable. A hunter needs to be swift when putting down hogs. The T-1 gives the hunter smooth transmission making him quick on the gun. 


Turkeys are challenging to hunt, so ensuring you don’t waste the shot when you have it is vital. With the T-1, your chances of killing the turkey increase as it gives you a better aim.

What Guns Does the Aimpoint T-1 Work Best With?

The Aimpoint works better with almost all kinds of firearms. They can be used by hunters, soldiers, and security personnel, or even people looking to learn the basics of shooting.


Whether you are using the gun for hunting, the T-1 can come in handy as it helps you engage targets easily. It also helps you maintain your sight in low light. 

Sub Machine guns. 

During combat, soldiers can use the Aimpoint T-1 to give them a clear accuracy when firing. The T-1 is very light, so it does not inconvenience the soldier. 


The T-1 is particularly useful, especially for those looking to learn how to fire accurately with the handguns. The red dot sight increases the chance of one becoming a better shooter as they give the learner better accuracy.  

The Difference between the Aimpoint T-1 and Aimpoint T-2

The T-2 is an improvement of the T-1. The two tend to be quite similar, with only slight differences that only an experienced shooter can notice. Some similarities between the two are that both are an aiming system that has the red dot sight. They are small in size with little weight. Some difference between the two is

  • Price. It is the most notable difference between the two. The Aimpoint T-2 tends to be more expensive than the Aimpoint T-1. This is despite the T-1 having notable best features. 
  • Clarity. If you use the T-2 and then the T-1, you will significantly notice that the T-1 is slightly bluish hue. The T-2 has better contrast making the view even more clear even for people with astigmatism.
  • Reflex angle. The T-1 is slightly elongated, which makes the lens reflect some red dot to the eye. The T-2, on the other hand, has a dot that stays crisp to minimize the effect caused by the reflection. 
  • Adjustability. The adjustment knob of the T-1 is slightly solid, which can make it difficult when adjusting. The T-2 knob is somewhat more excellent and more comfortable to change. 

Aimpoint T-1 Vs the Aimpoint H-1

The two are also very similar in that they both use red dots sights with both being small and light. They are made with super optics to make them durable with battery technology, ensuring that they can last up to five years. The looks are somehow similar, but the two also pose some differences.

  • Weight. The T-1 was made to ensure that it adds a minimal load on the firearm of the shooter. This makes it a small mass, but the H-1 is slightly heavier. 
  • Use. The T-1 is to be used comfortably on almost all firearms, including submachine guns. The H-1, on the other hand, is more ideally used for hunting as it can be interchanged to fit a bow easily.
  • Mounting. For the T-1, it is easy to fit as it comes with some reliable Larue mount. The mount is safe as they act as some bulletproof. 
  • Price. The T-1 has more advanced features than the H-1, which makes it slightly expensive than the H-1. 
  • Waterproof. The T-1 can be submerged for about 80 feet, while the H-1 can only be immersed for about 15 feet. 

Where to buy Aimpoint?

I have ordered mine through Amazon.

Here is a link for the Aimpoint T-1 and here is another one for the Aimpoint T-2 and here is the Aimpoint H-1

Thanks for ordering through my links here so I get some affiliate money.

 Final Thoughts

The Aimpoint has played a significant role both in tactical hunting and in combat. This tool has a combination of amazing features to make hunting safe, fun, and successful at the same time.

It is made with durable materials meaning it can serve the hunter for a long period.  It is also convenient for the hunter to carry around as it is lightweight. When looking for pinpoint accuracy, the Aimpoint T-1 is what you should go for. 

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