Hunting Spears: A Buyer’s Guide

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Hunting is a tradition that has been in existence since time immemorial. Today, however, the art has changed. For best results, you need to have the best hunting spears. 

The choice of a spear depends on the size of the target. The larger the target, the harder it is to kill using a standard spear, and that calls for a more sophisticated type of spear. Therefore, you need an excellent tool for the task. More dangerous animals need improved tools to tackle them. Failure to which would be a death wish, as the hunter becomes the hunted. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best hunting spears in 2020. Let’s begin.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Hunting Spear

When shopping for hunting spears, there are several factors to consider. This is because different elements have a different effect on spears. A spear made of heavy materials is only suitable for melee combat or if it’s not thrown for long distances. Likewise, a spear with a long handle is not ideal for melee combat since it lacks quick maneuverability but is suitable for throwing over a long distance.

Before one buys a hunting spear, length and size should be considered as the most crucial features since they determine the kind of hunting that one wants to do. When a person wants to choose a boar hunting spear, he must be able to select a given length which is approximately 4 cm, and the weight must conform to the given standard. Besides, one must look for longer Spears when hunting deer. They must be over 4.2 cm long and must be heavier for consistency with the speed of the animal.

Best types of Hunting Spears

There are different types of hunting spears, and most are made for specific animal hunting such as boar and bear hunting spears. In this section, I will take you through the various types of hunting spears and their targets. 

Hog Hunting Spears

Over the years, humanity has always been making and improving various types of boar hunting spears. Here are some of the best boar hunting spears:

Cold Steel 95BOASK Boar Spear

Cold Steel 95BOASK Boar Spear

This spear is made explicitly for boar hunting as its name suggests. This spear has all the qualities of a safe and strong spear. Its head is 18-1/2″ long, 3″ wide, and has a diameter of 3/32″

Produced by medium carbon steel makers, the spearhead is more adaptable and more averse to break than regular steel. The handle attachment begins at 1.5″ and tightens to around 1″ close to the end.

The handle gives this lance a complete length of 82-1/2″, or approximately 6 feet 10 inches in length. Made from American ash wood, it gives a decent weight and makes a solid handle. Given its length of a little under seven feet, it just loads 4.25 lbs, which means you can toss it a better than average distance if necessary.

United Cutlery UC2961

This spear utilizes an extraordinary blend of composite materials and an incredibly hardened steelhead to make a minimized spear you can carry on the rear of your pack in a difficult situation with a wild hog or coyote.

The M48 Talon Survival Spear has an 8″ long head that is 1-1/2″ wide and made with 2Cr13 hardened steel for good quality and corrosion aversion. Its total length is 44-1/8″ long, which means it’s a short spear.

Its shaft is 30% fiberglass strengthened nylon, making it harder to break while keeping it lightweight for simple conveying and tossing over reasonable distances.

This spear additionally accompanies a TRP elastic snap-on sheath that shields the sharp edge from harm just as your other apparatus and yourself from being cut up by the spear.

Cold Steel Assegai Spear

The minimized size, large spearhead, and lightweight settlement on it is an excellent decision for getting one of these is a precise method to begin, particularly if you’re after boars. The Assegai Spear has a 13-1/3″ long head with a 2mm thick edge and 2-1/2″ wide cutting edge. 

Cold Steel utilizes SK5 medium carbon steel for these boar hunting spearheads, making it curved and come back to shape as opposed to breaking. The spearhead comes well-honed out the container and makes this spearhead excessively lethal.

Cold Steel’s Assegai Spear is an excellent short spear, with a total length of 38″, or a little more than 3 feet. The recolored American ash wood handle gives a durable yet lightweight handle incredible for solid rushes, jabs, and tosses.

The spear is light, coming in at 1.7 lbs. Thinking about the savage force it packs, 1.7 pounds is genuinely convenient and will be anything but difficult to convey in your grasp or on your pack. 

Additionally, included with this lance is a protected ex structure fitted Kydex sheath. This shields the cutting edge from harm and keeps it from defacing any of your apparatus or causing inadvertent injury. 

Do you need different boar hunting spears as your principal weapon? You can benefit from this spear. You’ll have the option to convey one in your grasp and numerous on your pack since they’re lightweight and short, which means they won’t limit your capacity to move across landscape excessively.

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Bear Hunting Spears

These are made specifically for hunting bears. Just like boar hunting spears, there are different types of these spears. 

The bear hunting spear was a medieval sort of spear utilized in hunting bears and other enormous creatures. The sharpened head of a bear hunting spear was extended and as a rule, had a type of an inlet leaf. Directly under the head, there is a short crosspiece that helped fix the spear in the body of an animal. Frequently, it was set against the ground on its back point, which made it simpler to hold the heaviness of an assaulting animal.

M48 Cyclone Spear with Vortec Sheath

M48 Cyclone Spear with Vortec Sheath

United Cutlery has taken its well known M48 Cyclone Dagger and brought it to another degree of furiousness 

It has a 9†cast tempered steel edge with three spiraling forefronts that boil down to an extraordinarily sharp penetrating point

The 48 7/8″ general spear has a glass-fiber-strengthened nylon handle, giving you a lot of influence for breaking and prying

The spearhead slides into a custom Vortec belt sheath that suits perfectly and is indestructible

Reaper 11022 TAC Javelin Serrated Spear 

The ultimate spear in endurance gear, outdoor adornments, and bear hunting. It is 44″ in length and weighs a total of 36.8 ounces

THE BLADE: 8″ Double-Edged 2Cr13 steel with dark oxide finish cleans simple and opposes rust coming sharp out of the bundle. The serrated cutting edge, with a serrated back edge, is intended to cleave, saw, clear brush, and tear tough skin.

It includes a 38.5″ Rugged nylon-fiberglass strengthened handle with TPR hi-grip for quality, solace, and accuracy.

A rubberized TPR snap sheath secures the sharp edge. 

The spear is a big deal if it’s not too much trouble to use with caution.

Deer Hunting Spears

Deer hunting may not share similar spear hunting customs of boar hunting, yet deer hunting itself. When deer hunting experienced Presurgence with men such as Gene Morris leading the way, spear hunting deer immediately got popular. Boar hunting spears can as well function as deer hunting spears;

Condor Tool & Knife, African Congo Spear, 10in Blade, Burnt American Ash Handle with Sheath

Cutting edge length: 10in, by and large length: 64in, sharp edge thickness: 0.06in 

It consists of 1045 high carbon steel, and this Ax head is heat-treated and strengthened to 40-45 Rockwell C

Condor common completion gives an uncovered metal look that has the intrigue of an all-around worn pair of pants

This handle is made of consumed American debris making it stable while likewise giving Spears and tomahawks an old look 

The sheath included is excellent, rock-solid, and handmade calfskin

Cold Steel Samburu Spear

This deer hunting spear comprises an overall length: 7 Ft. It consists of Steel: 1055 Carbon and Weighs 2 lbs 8 oz. Its handle is made of hardwood to increase its strength and durability. It also comprises leather made secure-Ex sheath. 

Razorfin Hunting Spears 

Are also known fishing spears. They were used in the olden days for fishing. Just like previous spears, there are different kinds and types of razor fin hunting spears.

The GILL-ATINE Surface Fishing Pole Spear

This 54.5-inch long razor fin spear is structured explicitly for surface fishing. This cutting edge structure on a crude weapon includes all destructive safe materials and tips the scales at merely 2.8 pounds. The tempered steel front weight improves exactness and infiltration. The 40 inches anodized aluminum handle is fixed to forestall water dislodging and keep the weight forward balanced out. The 10 inches solidified pure shaft is stable, sturdy, and replaceable and highlights the NEW 3 thorn Turbo Point from RPM Bow fishing with speedy 3-wind fish evacuation.

Ist aluminum pole spear with a sling, paralyzer tip

IST Aluminum Pole Spears with 3-Prong Paralyzer Tip is the ideal starter packs for the novice fisher or get an and-go expansion to your current arrangement of apparatus. Quality material guarantees a speedier discharge and insignificant water aggravation. Additionally, they travel effectively so you can be all set immediately.

Rabbit Hunting Spears

These are unusually small hunting spears as they are used for hunting small animals such as rabbits.

Buck Knives Kinetic Hunting Spear for Hunting and Fishing

Hunting spear sharp edge made with premium 420HC steel. The cutting edge length of 2.5″ and an overall measure of 9.125.” You can use this spear for chasing little game and fish. It also incorporates an uncompromising polypropylene sheath.

What are The Techniques for Spear Hunting?

Good hunters’ practice and keep learning the ancient and new hunting techniques. Best techniques in spear hunting are stalking and still hunting. Both are difficult and dangerous in the same measures. Therefore, don’t take them for granted. They all need the same base level techniques, good adaptation, and stick to the skills required for your chosen discipline. 

Stalk Hunting – This is a hunting technique that entails the following finding and efficiently tracking your hunt. This technique calls for tracking your game and hunting on foot. You need to observe your game for you to move quietly.

Still Hunting – This technique in hunting requires the utmost degree of camouflage and patience skills. It involves attacking the animal from your position. As the name suggests, still hunting is strolling covertly through a creature’s natural surroundings, halting as often as possible—usually for long periods—to filter and tune in for the game.

You either dedicate yourself to learning the techniques of using them or don’t try them at all. It is imperative to determine the best methods of using hunting spears and using them in the right way. To start with, it is the safety aspect. It is more dangerous to hunt with a spear than hunting with a gun. 

It is more dangerous to hunt with a spear than even with a bow and arrow. If you happen to miss your hunt when using a spear, there are slim chances that you will get a kill that day. Also, if you are hunting a large and vicious animal and you miss target chances are that the animal might attack you. In the US alone, 100 cases have been reported of hunters being attacked by wild boars.


You should keep in mind that hunting is illegal, and that is why this art is outlawed in various countries. Since you don’t have to inflict pain on the animals that you hunt, you, therefore, need to pick the right hunting spear and have more practice on throwing techniques and accuracy. As shown above, different types of hunting spears have different uses. It is upon you as an individual to make an informed choice on the type of spear you need depending on how you are planning on using it.

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