Aimpoint T-2: Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Red Dot Sights revolutionized shooting by strengthening and refining aim. With their two main benefits being accuracy and speed, they are a favorite among hunters, soldiers, and target shooters. Among the many Red Dot Sights available today, the Aimpoint Micro T-2 is outstanding.

Launched in 2014 by the company, which is considered an industry leader when it comes to Red Dot Sights, it has consistently remained a favorite among many people. But is it worth buying? Here is an in-depth buying guide to help you decide.

Key Features of the Aimpoint T-2

The Aimpoint T-2 comes packed with a lot of features. Some of the prominent ones include the following:

Red Dot Sight

The T-2 is a robust device with a micro-style red dot, which makes it very small. It uses an LED reflected off an optical lens that floats a targeting reticle in front of the target. With the T-2, you can pin your target way more quickly and accurately than when using other red dot sights and iron sights. As it allows you to keep both your eyes open, you get both the accuracy and speed that you need to get your target squarely.


Weighing only 3oz or 3.7oz, including mount, it is quite ultralight. As it goes, ounces are pounds, and the pounds are a pain when you are out in the field. The Aimpoint T-2 ensures you don’t get feel any additional weight when using it on your firearm.

Integral Picatinny-Style Base

The sight has an integral Picatinny-style base, which allows easy attachment to any rail. You will find mounting of this T-2 quite easy, no matter the rail you are using. Some scopes actually have a Picatinny rail built-in, which allows you to mount the T-2 on the scope directly. It is available in 2 MOA dot size.

Optimized Lenses

It comes with advanced optical lenses that allow impressive light transmission. A remarkable aspect of the T-2 is the number of light settings. It has 8 daylight settings, 4-night vision compatible settings, and 1 off position. Among the daylight settings, it comes with one extra bright, which you can use with your laser protection glasses or in case you are in the bright desert sunlight. It’s also compatible with all generations of Night Vision Devices.

Inclusion of both front and back flip-up lens covers puts this device in a class of its own. The lenses are therefore protected from dust, rain, snow, and mud.


Sturdiness was taken to the next level with the release of this sight. It comes with reinforced protection of the turrets that make it quite robust. It is submersible to an impressive 80 feet. Being waterproof, chemical resistant, vibration resistant, and shockproof make it the ultimate red-dot sight for all outdoor activities.


Finally, it comes with a mount that is quite adequate. Like the rest of the Aimpoint T-2, the mount