Beretta A300: A Complete Review

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It is almost impossible to have a shotgun discussion without at least mentioning the Beretta A300. Over the last hundred years or so, the legendary name Beretta has become associated with reliable sporting weapons. However, today we are going to focus on only one in particular.

Semi-automatic shotguns are an upgrade from the classic pump-action models. They are among the most expensive shotguns, ultimately because of their quick firepower. The Beretta A300 is no different.

If you have had the chance to shoot with a semi-auto, then you will understand the pleasure you will derive from this impeccable firearm. What I like most is how they empty rounds in such quick succession. I find it an excellent way to unwind at the end of a long day.

If you are new to shooting, and perhaps considering buying a new semi-auto, the Beretta A300 series is a good option. It is reliable and it cannot be short-stroked, unlike a pump-action shotgun. So many people ask me what an all-around shotgun they should buy. My first thought is always to recommend an affordable semi auto shotgun that will not give them problems.

When someone makes something you like, you will overlook the price. At its price range, it is affordable when measured against top-of-line semi autos costing twice as much.

Incredible Features of the Beretta A300

The first thing you will notice is the aesthetic appeal. The Beretta A300 is an elegant design. The slim flowing lines give this shotgun an unforgettable impression at first sight. To make things even better, this shotgun is both an ergonomic profile and lightweight. Below are the features that make the Beretta A300 a superior modern-day shotgun. 


The receiver is accurately machined and made from aluminum alloy. Also, a lot of care has been taken in reassembling the internal components housed within the receiver. More of this impressive shotgun is that all the metallic parts are coated and have a special finish to protect them against rust, as well as wear and tear.

The receiver also prevents rust through the anodic oxidation process. It makes the receiver, both rust and scratch proof. The receiver has a circular shape and because of this design, it can fit smoothly into the stock. This design contributes to the instinctive and rapid acquisition of targets.

Another feature that makes the Beretta A300 unique is the incorporation of technopolymer reinforced fiberglass, which makes it resistant to corrosion. It is a technology that ensures color will never fade even if some parts are constantly subjected to rubbing.

The Safety 

The safety button of the Beretta A300 is among the best in the market. An element that Beretta has incorporated into its design is to be more specific. The safety button now has a wider surface making it easier to operate. The safety is protected and topped with a bulging edge to prevent unintended engagement or disengaging of the shotgun. It makes it a safe gun to have that will not accidentally fire and harm you or the people around you.  

Another element that makes it specific to your needs is the reversible safety. It makes the Beretta A300 adaptable to left-handed shooters. You will find the safety located at the front of the trigger guard. The safety just requires a tiny wrench to reverse it to left-handed operation. It is a process that took me about five minutes the first time. Now I do it with even fewer minutes. 

The forearm of the Beretta A300 consists of long, slender contours. It complements the overall design of the shotgun adding to aesthetic appeal even more. The versatility of the Beretta A300 is incredible. It is user friendly in almost all aspects as you will find out more.

Bolt Action

The action of the Beretta A300 is a machined alloy body that has an anodized black finish and anodized panels as well. That characteristic Beretta rounded rear section is instantly recognizable at 8-inches long and it has scope dovetails cut into the top section. I find it handy because I prefer to use red dots and scopes for my hunting. 

They are quite handy even when you do not have use for them. The bolt is polished and blacked. I find this sensible especially since the Beretta A300 is a hunting arm as compared with other semi-autos that bear bright polished steel.

There is a rolled retaining pin that makes it simple to remove the single claw extractor and an insert ejection spur set into the wall of the action. The bolt has a good length but lacks the rotating head section. The serrated bolt handle is for easy grip and positive loading. 

It also has a single bolt release button to the right side and cartridges are loaded via the polished steel ramp. The presence of a nice mag block button at the base of the load ramp is a welcome addition. When you push it in, it locks the follower and this blocks the mag making you have a safe and speedy upload.


I can go on and on about the magnificent features of this firearm, but if its performance is below average, then there is no need to recommend people to buy it. Thankfully, the Beretta A300 is a beauty to work with. 

As a user, the most befitting attribute is the adjustable components. What this eliminates are the concerns of having an ill-fitting shotgun. Therefore, you will end up also eliminating other factors that can compromise your accuracy significantly. Additionally, coupled with the best ammo, everything will always fit and work well every time. 

The fact that these shotguns use gas-operated mechanisms is among the aspects that contribute to good performance. Other features that guarantee flawless operation of the Beretta A300 include its low-profile action, recoil pads, and lightweight design. As I mentioned before, and you will probably feel the same way, the Beretta A300 is incredibly easy to shoot and following flying targets has never been easier. Beretta A300 sits pretty as a top market semi-auto shotgun that is also user friendly as you will see below.

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When it comes to aftermarket options, I would probably keep the Beretta A300 the way it is. Nevertheless, there are still several options available to give your shotgun a custom feel. The factory-installed synthetic stocks feature an adjustable shim system with drop and cast spacers and include an adjustable length of pull from 13-inches to 14.5-inches. 

Included with every Beretta A300 model is a sling attachment, two stock spacers, and a Mobil Choke system with three choke tubes. It also has a full, modified, and improved cylinder.

Why You Should Equip Yourself with the Beretta A300

Cast Spacers

It is what makes the Beretta A300 adaptable to your size and shooting style. One of the things you will grow to appreciate about this gun is the fact that you can easily adapt it to your measurements and shooting style. Through the means of spacers, you can customize the drop and cast of the stock. You insert the between the action and the pistol-grip. What this means is that you can use your Beretta A300 for years to come. 

If you start using it in your early years, as you grow a little older, simply adjust the components to correspond to your hunting technique and fit.

MobilChoke Durable Barrel

The A300 is made of the proprietary steel blends that have made Beretta shotguns famous for their durability. The Mobilchoke barrel is a design that shrugs off the pounding of heavy hunting loads. The result is that this gives you a long-lasting tool that will work as hard as you need it to. 

But despite its toughness, the Beretta A300 is light, feels lively in the hands, and thanks to the low-profile action it easily follows your eyes to the target. It also has an impeccable balance that makes it feel even lighter than most shotguns. It means that the Beretta A300 is an attractively-priced shotgun that will give you a premium shooting experience despite its unbeatable value.


This shotgun is the perfect embodiment of the Beretta philosophy about maintenance. It should be easy, quick, and tool-free. The Beretta A300 breaks down into four major components, making it simple to take apart and clean even under less-than-ideal field conditions. 

Also, the self-cleaning gas piston makes this shotgun shoot much cleaner than others in the market. Its action gives you more durability as well as less work to keep it in perfect shape even after a hard day of shooting. 

If you are a gun enthusiast like me then you will appreciate the self-cleaning cylinder and piston that makes the Beretta A300 the perfect design. Nonetheless, you should always clean your shotgun rigorously after use.


The trigger unit is somewhat modified and includes a blade shape that is small and good. The pull is also better than average for a repeater arm. It is both light and quite crisp. I also liked the larger than average bar safety. The streamlined black polymer trigger guard is a smart addition and you would not notice it was not metal. 

One of the most underrated components on a shotgun is the trigger guard, and the Beretta A300 makes sure it is not so. The heavy-duty polymers and sealed with a wear-resistant finish ensure their longevity. What’s more, the design is a semi-square shape, which makes it very easy to position your fingers. You will also like that the opening of the trigger guard is bigger. 

It is good news to people who like shooting with gloves as it gives easy access regardless. Because of this new shape trigger guard and the absence of sharp corners you will have a more secure grip.

Recoil Pads

You will have reduced felt recoil as a result of the recoil pads. The butt spacers at the end are adjustable because the Beretta A300 comes with stock removable spacers. It will allow you to have an easy alteration of the recoil pad. However, you should note that similar to all semi-autos, the Beretta A300 does not reduce recoil as much, but it takes some of the strings out of heavy loads

Sling Attachments

The Beretta A300 model grants you the ability to attach a sling, so that you may effortlessly carry it on your adventures. It is an addition that leaves your hands free as you glass for prey or wading through tough terrain. 

Magazine Capacity

The magazine of the Beretta A300 has a two-shot capacity. It is in line with current hunting regulations in many countries. It is made possible by the insertion of a reducer. The purpose of the reducer is to restrict firearm use to no more than three shots. This entails two in the magazine, and one in the cartridge chamber. 

The Beretta A300 comes fitted with a reducer and therefore you will not need to have a gunsmith alter your shotgun to fit the use when hunting in certain specific areas, where hunting is only authorized with firearms of not more than two rounds.

Buyers Guide to Buying Beretta A300

When purchasing any semi-automatic shotgun, the main considerations you have to make are the price and action-type. Let me delve deeper into these aspects.


One common thing about buying any semi-automatic gun is that you should always expect to pay top dollar. Some high-end models go for as much as $2000. But, if your budget is not for such scales, be not be quick to discredit them just yet. However, some cheaper models average between $550 and $650.

That said, there is no guarantee that an expensive semi-automatic works better than the more affordable ones. Therefore, before buying any semi-automatic gun you should do a lot of research and only purchase from a reputable brand like Beretta.


Semi-automatic guns have evolved significantly and the current semi-autos are a far cry from the earlier editions. They can be classified into two main types: gas and inertia shotguns. You will have to weigh the merits and drawbacks of each type so that you can determine which one suits your preferences.

A Gas-operated Gun 

It is one that bleeds off small amounts of gas from the rounds as you fire. The barrel is fitted with tiny ports for collecting the portion of gas needed to trigger the gas piston. Gas-driven semi-autos have only one benefit, and it is that it has reduced felt recoil.

When you fire with this shotgun, a part of the recoil energy is stored. The energy is then released to the moving elements of the gun, which distributes the kick out over a longer duration.  It is a working mechanism that makes gas guns very popular among clay target shooters, as they tend to shoot a hundred, or more, shells per day.

Some downsides of gas semi-autos are that they are more difficult to clean because of the carbon residue. Also, gas guns are not the most suitable to use in cold regions or during winter. When the temperature drops, lubricants present in the gun, like carbon, and unspent powder residue all become less fluid and sticky, making it harder to shoot.

Inertia Guns

Nowadays, inertia guns is a feature made by different companies. The way an inertia gun operates is that the breech bolt is held in the chamber using a spring. When you fire, this spring is depressed by the rearward inertia of the firearm. The result is that it releases the bolt causing it to move rearward; hence ejecting the used round and picking another from the magazine.

An advantage that the inertia operated semi-autos have over the gas-operated models is that they operate cleanly. You don’t have to worry about carbon residue accumulating, and making it harder to clean.

Another factor that makes these guns easier to clean is the fact that they have no special gas pistons or ports, therefore, having fewer moving parts. 

Unfortunately, inertia guns present one challenge. And it is because it has more recoil. The only place the recoil can go is through the stock, and then to the user’s shoulder. It is why manufacturers are developing semi-autos that overcome this hurdle by installing collapsing stocks and recoil pads.


The Beretta A300 is an accommodative shotgun. With the addition of a scope base, the Beretta A300 can accept scope mounts. The top of the receiver is designed to accept optics and other aiming systems.

Most Popular Shotgun Accessories

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It is difficult to find a fault with the Beretta A300 shotgun. This gun has a good price point and accompanied by good looks and features. It also has a light recoiling with a reliable action that gives consistent patterns with a variety of cartridges and shot weights. 

The Beretta A300 comes in 12 gauge, 3-inch with a 28-inch barrel and the old-style Beretta Mobilchokes. You can get it in black synthetic, walnut, or camo. As long as you can deal with safety located in front of the trigger you will enjoy an all-round shotgun. 

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