Ulmer Edge Broadhead: A Complete Review

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While bow hunting is still deeply rooted in older hunters’ spirits, the industry has seen incredible innovations to ensure its sustenance. The introduction of broadheads has gone a long way in ensuring this hunting tradition remains a favorite hobby for a lot of us. Although a good bow and arrow are critical to a successful hunt, broadheads offer excellent penetration to ensure that you kill the animal with just one arrow.  

The Ulmer Edge broadhead is not a stranger to broadhead fans; this amazing piece comes from the trophy taker manufacturers. The broadhead sets a high bar for broadheads willing to compete with this piece of art. Make sure you check out our review of the Iron Will Broadheads.

Why this Broadhead is Unbeatable: Features of the Ulmer Edge Broadhead

Chisel Shaped Tip

The Ulmer Edge broadhead is chisel tipped, providing your arrow with incredible field tip accuracy. This design is what enables the broadhead to maintain a shallow in-flight profile.

Having a chisel-shaped tip means that the arrow reduces its wind drag by a significant percentage, as it cuts through the air swiftly. Your arrow can achieve fascinating velocity because of recessed groove retaining. 

No adjustments are required when it comes to the Ulmer Edge broadhead; immediately after purchase, you can head to the ranges to get a feel of this beauty.

Razor Sharp Blades.

This trophy taker manufactured broadhead comes with 1.5-inch diameter blades. These blades ensure maximum penetration, whichever direction the head takes. They create a 1.5-inch entry wound, and the exit wound depends on the structure of your target. However, keep in mind that this is a powerful broadhead and can cause massive damage, even on sturdy materials.

Upon impact, the broadhead deploys rear blades. The blades enable the arrow to navigate through dense bone settings. This piece is a non-barbed, two-sided Edge broadhead so that it will cause some damage even on its way out.

Once the rear blades are released, they are locked into place and can only be put at ease using a particular tool. Luckily, the tool is in the Ulmer Edge broadhead pack on purchase.

Blade Retention System

The blades that come with this broadhead are pretty sharp, installed to prevent any accidents is the blade retention system. The