Best European Hunting Rifles: Buyer’s Guide

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You’re at the goods section of the store, staring at a vast collection of hunting rifles. The rifles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, prices, and brands. Which one will give you the best experience on your hunting trip? Choosing the right one is often an overwhelming experience. 

To choose the most suitable rifle, you should use backward induction. Backward induction is essentially a game theory sort of thinking. First, you should visualize your desired result and then work backward until you get to the best first decision. In our case, the result will be hinged on your answer to, “What game do I intend to hunt?”

In this guide we are primarily looking at the European Hunting Rifle market, they have by far some of the most real quality rifles on the market. I’d say that the US market has a ton more fun rifles but Europeans are bringing the real quality.

Buying Guide

Do Your Homework

Once you’re clear on your needs, you should kick off the buying process by researching and reading reviews. Settle on the models that you like and then examine them. Consult knowledgeable friends, expert opinion, user experiences in online forums, and manufacturer sites. 

Opt for the Appropriate Rifle Cartridge

Your choice of the cartridge will impact how your hunting trip goes. It’s also a vital aspect of any rifle. Guns are designed to shoot given cartridges. So if you’re going for the big game, you need a hunting rifle that shoots cartridges that are powerful enough to take down game humanely with one shot.