Blaser R8: Buyer’s Guide

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The Blaser R8 is a juggernaut in the hunting rifle industry, it’s one of the rifles you just dream about getting. Out of many advantages, the rifle dominates the market in a big way. It is one of the best products from Blaser Jagdwaffen GmBh from Germany. The straight-pull known rifle for its well-positioned bolt locking system and its barrel fitted scope mount. This rifle also has a cock adapted to operate it manually and a direct trigger that is well fitted. This type of rifle is at the top of all modern hunting rifles due to its advancement. It also takes the lead in being the most stylish and excellent rifle controlling the market. 

Hunting sets high demands on day to day life to the hunter and still to his gears. Hunting will be an easy thing to do with the advancement in technology and the effectiveness of hunting tools. One of the stuff that you can’t fail to consider as you do the hunt is the choice of rifle that you need. The features, success, montage, and accuracy of the rifle are great deals to check out. Any hunter who needs efficiency and excellence in his work should always go for Blaser R8. We will go through why you should always go for Blaser R8 in detail without leaving anything behind.

What are the Features of Blaser R8?

Bolt Design

The rifle’s bolt design has a good straight-pull action response locked in a 360 rotational groove—the bolt’s perfect model to be able to overcome any form of pressure. The pin is self-centering and symmetric hence providing improved accuracy.


Compared to Blaser R93, in terms of compatibility in action, Blaser R8 is a thousand times better. The parts of this rifle precede parts of Blaser R93 but not for scope mounts.

The Modularity of Blaser R8

It is a new modular system built around an aluminum alloy frame with a different varying length, thickness, and differing stocks. The R8 rifle is available in various calibers starting from 204 Ruger to 500 Jeffery. Different categories of qualities have different bolt heads.

Blaser R8 Magazine

This rifle comes with a very different trigger unit (a detachable box magazine). In case you detach the trigger unit, the rifle is left safe and inoperable. The Blaser has a straight-pull action of about 50 to 60 mm shorter than the conventional bolt action. 

What are the Qualities for Blaser R8?

Having an R8 rifle is one of the great experiences you will have more so when it comes to your hunting covers. R8 comes with many advantages to the user compared to the other hunting rifles.

Barrel, Mod, and Action

R8 is an ultimate life-changing rifle. It’s pressure and enjoyable cycling the rifle action without the aspect of shooting and has no effects of hesitation. R8 has substantial operations that close up with a cool, reassuring clunk. It, however, tends to be a bit noisy compared to conventional bolts action rifles. Bolt’s rear is easily cocking the lever with a thumb toggle that operates the hammer as needed making it quite safe. The trigger of R8 has no issues, hence making this rifle the best to choose in the market. 

The Stock

The R8 stock comes as in a well built synthetic design. It comes with some bit of intelligent features, hence offering the very best option of qualifying to be too-free. It is set with a range of clicks to suit the height of the user. But-pad is another adjustable tool-free having a trim level flush sitting into stock when in a locked position. The pistol grip has a rubberized insert hence having a secure feel in all shooting positions. The stock dimensions are generally ethical. Sling studs and aft, are well designed with functionality of reams. 

The Initial Zeroing

When withdrawing the bolt-on R8, it stops on a protrusion on the rifle’s magazine, and this leads to governing the throne of the bolt tailoring it to a multitude of calibers that you can easily adjust in switch-barrel. Pressing the small button allows the double-railed carriage to loosen wholly. 

The Blaser R8 Silencer

The Blaser R8 rifle’s perfect silencer benefits both the hunter and the hunting dog. The ideal model is as a result of the improved model silence with every shot. The barrel and silencer jacket outer contour perfect design boasts a smooth bull barrel-like design. The plan provides the rifle with its lightweight and beautiful appearance.

R8 is a rifle and a silencer at the same time. It has a direct look like a bull barrel, but it is an integrated suppressor. Days ago, R8 silencer was only made available in 308 Winchester, which was suppressed. In most cases, due to the refreshing design of this rifle, hearing protection is not a must wear hunting gear when using R8. R8 silencer is available in 9.3 x 62 and 8 x 57 with varying barrel heights of 42cm or 47cm. 300 Blaser Mag and also.300 Win. Mag is available, having a barrel length of 52cm. 

Blaser R8 Mounts

The R8 rifle has brought a revolution in the way rifle scopes are mounted on the rifle itself together with its saddle mount system. This feature is available to all Blaser rifles despite the model or the type. This system so far is the most versatile and amazing mounting system. This mounting system comes with other advantages, such as its small size and weight. It is easy to reattach and detach to the scope of R8. It has a low and efficient mounting height of ranges and 1005 repeatability when attaching or detaching the rifle. 

The R8 mounting system comes with four notches used for mounting on the barrel directly without interfering with the action. The grooves are compatible with all Blaser rifles. All mounts in a Blasser rifle come in a way that works only on one barrel.

Benefits of the Blaser R8

Blaser R8 has its cool side and also the other hand that people don’t like about it.

Why Do You Need to Buy Blaser R8?

Blaser R8 has many advantages over the other rifles. For significant advancement in your hunting moves, you only need to go for the R8 rifle. The accuracy when aiming at the target is of high range, and with ease in carrying the rifle due to its fresh design. The effective mounting system is different from other guns in the market, making it very friendly to your uses. The last thing but not the list on why you should go for R8 is the safe use and the advanced technology. 

Though having some dislikes, the likes are more hence being confident that this is the most outgoing rifle in the market. Below are the likes and dislikes of Blaser R8 


  • The R8 rifle has great accuracy ability, keeping the rifle pointing directly as rounds are released.
  • R8 has a very smooth cycling ability in comparison to bolt design rifles.
  • R8 comes as a take-down rifle, which means more accessible transport and carrying as you can simply pack it on a case.
  • It offers barrel change hence able to customize the rifle as per your hunt.
  • It has a fast fire rate when you compare it to the other reasonable bolt action.
  • R8 design offers an accurate shot.
  • The mounting system of the rifle is another cool feature of this type of gun.


  • If you possibly fail to use enough force while pushing the bolt, new round might not feed or might loud inaccurately
  • Having long pull action might end up causing hits on your face.
  • The price is relatively high compared to other rifles. The high price is due to its advanced technology system and machining involved in the making process.

What You Need to Know Before Buying the Blaser R8

Which is the Best Ammunition for a Blaser R8?

The choice of ammunition is of significant consideration when you are using an R8 rifle. Best rifle as the R8 also needs quality ammunition for quality performance. There are different types of ammo to use in Blaser R8 that are readily available in the market. 

  • RWS 165gr DK ammunition 
  • The Nosler Accubonds Ammunition 
  • Federal Power – Shok (150gn0) 
  • Lapua Scenar (155gn) 
  • Hornady SST (150gn) 
  • Nosler Partitions (140gr) 

Which Muzzle Brake Fits Blaser R8?

The market will always give you thousands of options when it comes to the muzzle brake to use on your R8 rifle. The best muzzle to use on this rifle should not be attached to ‘gunsmithing.’ Some of the best muzzles to use that are ‘Free Gunsmithing Muzzle Models’ includes:

  • Tight Spec Muzzle Thread version

The muzzle is very compatible with factory muzzle thread barrels, mostly from the Blaser Factory. The tight spec muzzle is accurately 0.005 undersize when it comes to crest diameter cut.

  • M17x1.0 mm Thread
  • Quatromax M18x1.0 mm Muzzle Thread 
  • M15x1.0mm Muzzle Thread

Muzzle breaks of all designs increase the muzzle to the shooter to some extent, at some point loud hence the need for hearing protection.

Is Blaser R8 Legal?

The legality of R8 rifles is illegal, but this is not the case in all the countries. Some countries allow the use of this file more so due to its barrel length. The best thing to do to check about the legality of the rifle in the place you reside in is merely relying on National or Local weapon legislation.

How is the Speed, Versatility, and the Safety of Blaser R8?

R8 is the quality bolt-action to talk of in the century. This rifle is the most and very innovative bolt action due to its technological advancement. The rifle has a swift response and high versatility. R8 does not rotate when rocking and lacks a lug bolt lock system. Its design is in a way that it is very easy to interchange bolt heads with a lot of safety. 

Blaser R8 Professional Success 

R8 has a very distinct action in comparison to other rifles. The distinction is because it operates like a straight pull that lacks manual safety catch. In other words, the bolt locks leading to the action fit in that no raising and drawing of the bolt is required but only drawing and returning it for cool operation. The fitting helps ensure the reduction of complications of reloading and time, making it easier to see the target during an action.

How Does it Operate?

R8 also can operate on a manually cocking system; this means that the bullet can be fitted with safety until the rifle is fully cocked. You accompany the operations with a lever that looks like an outsize safety catch. A bar is always readily de-locked. Operating the fitted round can be disconnected without cocking the rifle. This operation makes it utterly reliable and safe to use. The trigger and the magazine fit in a way that they form an integral section that is easy to remove or disconnect when unloading, and this means that the length of the rifle is shorter than most of the conventional guns.

The Blaser R8 is also known for its easy-take-down. It has a Blaser saddle that attaches with the scope directly to the barrel on the upper side of the chamber, having a pair of engineered clips. The replacement of the extent leads to no interference of the zero. An R8 rifle is very easy when it comes to carrying as you can simply pack in a case without people knowing that you are taking a gun. The easy packing is as a result of the rifle has a range of barrels having different calibers.

Frequently Asked Questions on Blaser R8

Where is Blaser R8 Made?

R8 rifle is a quality product from a German Firearms Manufacturer. The manufactures deal with rifles and shotguns that are quality for market tactical and hunting.

How do I mount the stock to my rifle?

Mounting rifle only needs you first to ensure that your gun has no rounds, disconnect the bolt from the rifle, and disconnect bottom metal after you loosen the action screw and the front screw. Disconnect also the original stock from the barreled one. The barreled stock should need to be in the GRS STOCK. While doing this, you should ensure that the magazine is in the bottom metal. Out of following this, your rifle will be safe to mount.

What is laminate wood in Blaser R8?

Laminate wood is a birch of thin layer glued together in R8 to make a block. Blocks used in the R8 rifle usually consist of 65 layers of laminated birch dyed and then glued together. Lamination is far much better in comparison with the use of standard hardwood. Sticking each side of the layers makes it keep moving. Well, laminated stocks have high accuracy and are a preference for the competitor shooters.

Can I use Blaser R8 for hunting?

The direct response is yes. But before deciding to use your R8 for either hunting or deciding to take to a shooting range, it is always advisable to take it for trigger unit check, and this is because Blaser can’t offer a safe guarantee of the functionality.

How can I know whether my R8 is approved?

It is straightforward to check this.  You can be able to see a proof mark on any reviewed gun. The proof mark is evident on the left side of the trigger as a confirmation of the rifle’s approval. Any R8 with the proof mark is checked and safe to use.

When can I forward my Blaser R8 for a check-up? 

All Blaser dealers have all the necessary parts/tools required to work out on your R8 check-ups. The availability of the devices is due to advancements in the technology of developing this type of rifle. 

All the qualities of the best and the quality hunting or shooting rifles are in Blaser R8. The accuracy, safety features, and easy handling and manageability make it the most vocal and outgoing rifle. The functionality of this type of rifle outweighs other kinds of guns as it gives the best to all qualified hunters. If you are looking for the best, quality, and the most efficient rifle to fit and fix your need, Blaser R8 should always be the first choice to go for before considering others. See also, our article for the best 30-06 rifles.

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