Blaser R8: Buyer’s Guide

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The Blaser R8 is a juggernaut in the hunting rifle industry, it’s one of the rifles you just dream about getting. Out of many advantages, the rifle dominates the market in a big way. It is one of the best products from Blaser Jagdwaffen GmBh from Germany. The straight-pull known rifle for its well-positioned bolt locking system and its barrel fitted scope mount. This rifle also has a cock adapted to operate it manually and a direct trigger that is well fitted. This type of rifle is at the top of all modern hunting rifles due to its advancement. It also takes the lead in being the most stylish and excellent rifle controlling the market. 

Hunting sets high demands on day to day life to the hunter and still to his gears. Hunting will be an easy thing to do with the advancement in technology and the effectiveness of hunting tools. One of the stuff that you can’t fail to consider as you do the hunt is the choice of rifle that you need. The features, success, montage, and accuracy of the rifle are great deals to check out. Any hunter who needs efficiency and excellence in his work should always go for Blaser R8. We will go through why you should always go for Blaser R8 in detail without leaving anything behind.

What are the Features of Blaser R8?

Bolt Design

The rifle’s bolt design has a good straight-pull action response locked in a 360 rotational groove—the bolt’s perfect model to be able to overcome any form of pressure. The pin is self-centering and symmetric hence providing improved accuracy.


Compared to Blaser R93, in terms of compatibility in action, Blaser R8 is a thousand times better. The parts of this rifle precede parts of Blaser R93 but not for scope mounts.

The Modularity of Blaser R8

It is a new modular system built around an aluminum alloy frame with a different varying length, thickness, and differing stocks. The R8 rifle is available in various calibers starting from 204 Ruger to 500 Jeffery. Different categories of qualities have different bolt heads.

Blaser R8 Magazine

This rifle comes with a very different trigger unit (a detachable box magazine). In case you detach the trigger unit, the rifle is left safe and inoperable. The Blaser has a straight-pull action of about 50 to 60 mm shorter than the conventional bolt action. 

What are the Qualities for Blaser R8?

Having an R8 rifle is one o