Crosman Legacy 1000 Review

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The Crossman air rifles are probably the most popular. Perhaps you’ve used or have heard of the Crosman 2289G, Crosman 1322, the 2100B, 1377, and the Crosman 2240. These are among the famous modern air rifles from this esteemed gun maker. 

This list will seem incomplete if you fail to incorporate the Crosman Legacy 1000. It is an air gun for a serious air gunner looking for a modern and most advanced air gun that offers a higher level of power and performance. This multi-pump pneumatic air rifle offers many fantastic features, as we are going to see in this review I’ve prepared for you.

Features of the Crosman Legacy 1000 Air Gun

Product Specifications:

  • Multi-pump pneumatic- 12 pumps maximum
  • Steel BBs or .177-caliber pellets
  • Single-shot pellet rifle
  • Synthetic stock
  • Fiber optic front sight
  • Rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation
  • 11mm dovetail
  • Cross bolt safety
  • Does 1000 fps?

12 Pumps Multi-Pneumatic Air Rifle

The multi-pneumatic design of this gun gives it unmatched performance. You can choose to charge it as low as three pumps up to 12 pumps. This decision would largely depend on the kind of projectiles you’re using. Some are heavier than others and hence require different propulsion forces. 

For lead pellets, you need to charge your gun to the maximum to attain at least 755 feet per second. The lead projectile speed may vary depending on various factors, and it’s no wonder for this multi-pneumatic rifle to fire them at 794 feet per second.

Versatile Chambering

The Crosman legacy 1000 can fire different pellets as long as they agree to the .177 caliber. What impresses me most is that it fires both BBs and .177 caliber pellets; hence, it offers the advantage of the convenience. 

It is a single shotgun that is also easy to load pellets; therefore, it’s an ideal gun for hunting small games and target shooting

Also, it can fire some top-ranking air gun pellets such as Winchester Round Nose, H&N Sniper Magnum, and Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum. Despite the compatibility, these ammunitions offer slightly-varying performances and affordability.

Aiming Sights and Dovetail

For easy target aiming at short ranges, the Crosman Legacy 1000 features a front and rear sights. 

The front one features fiber optic elements for easy aiming in low light conditions. On the other hand, the rear sight is easy to adjust to help in fast target eying as it allows constant elevation and windage adjustment. Thus, you can sight this air gun until you get that perfect positioning.

It also comes with an 11mm dovetail that allows easy mounting of telescopic sights.

Synthetic Stock

Apart from the black finish of the stock, I like the material from which it is crafted. This isn’t wooden or metallic stock but premium plastic material; it is sturdy, lightweight, and weather-proof. It makes the gun maneuverable and easy to handle. 

The stock’s design also boosts accuracy since it easily allows you to get a perfect shooting angle. Therefore, this air gun is ideal for both beginners and expert shooters.

Muzzle Energy and Velocity

This multi-pump pneumatic rifle can fire alloy pellets at 1000 fps and lead pellets at about 750 fps. It launches BBs at around 800 feet per second. The muzzle energy is approximately ten foot-pounds, which is great compared to other rival airguns. This gun also boasts a reliable pump mechanism and easy loading design to ensure your shooting fun is never curtailed.                                            

Cross Bolt Device

Although it’s an airgun, this rifle can be dangerous if you handle it carelessly. Accidents happen without notice, and that’s why this gun is equipped with a safety cross bolt. It is an easy-to-use device that eliminates unwanted trigger movement. You only fire when you want to, and this helps to reduce accidental firing. This feature is quite useful to beginners who aren’t used to safe handling of a gun.

Is It the Best Crosman Air Rifle?

 I do appreciate that this gun is light, sturdy, and relatively accurate. You can add a scope on it to improve your target acquisition. The impressive stock design, awesome trigger pull, and cool black finish also make my heart skip a beat when I realize it’s about time to go out plinking and strike down those pest critters.

The Crosman legacy 1000 entails a multi-pump air rifle chambered in.177 caliber. It offers about ten foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. Also, it maintains a high level of accuracy, which competes remarkably with the 1377 air pistol, and it includes a stock.

Well, its design is based on Crosman 2100B only that it has additional upgrades, which increase the power and potential accuracy. Hence, it is simply a better version of Crosman 2100B, which will help you target shooting and small game killings. It boasts improved power and accuracy though the designs appear so close that you can easily confuse the two.

Why I Like Legacy 1000 Air Rifle

At first, seeing the multi-pump air rifle engineered by Crosman, I thought the claims about its power were just a hoax. By looking at this rifle, you can hardly believe that it can offer 750 fps. But after thorough testing, I can boldly say this claim is true. As a matter of fact, this air gun can send this pellet at a staggering 794 fps on calm weather. 

Price-wise, this air gun is a great offer to persons on a budget because you can get it at approximately 50 dollars, although the price may be higher if the package includes other accessories such as a scope. Despite being affordable, it has tons of gorgeous features to offer right out of the box.

A Wonderful Shooting Experience

After opening the box, I didn’t hesitate because I had to be sure that this gun lives up to its claims. I oiled the piston and the moving pivots, and I was ready to make those shots. Also, I had to run some patches through the barrel and headed out to shoot. I was perplexed by the first groups of shots, which were too impressive for an airgun.

 Also, the shots continued to get better by each time. I had to put the chrony-strip, which is also part of the package to test. It worked great, and it recorded that my Crosman Legacy 1000 fired a 7-grain pellet at above 700 fps with just eight pumps. This gave me more courage to try more shots with so much enthusiasm. 

The manufacturer of this airgun recommends up to 12 pumps. You’ll agree with me that this gun can exceed the speed claims if you use maximum pumps. It did, and that was fascinating considering that this is a 50 dollars’ worth airgun that boasts up to 755 fps for lead pellets and up to 794 fps when fully charged. No wonder it claims up to 1000 fps for other projectiles that aren’t lead. 

Impressive Accuracy and Power

This gun also offers incredible shooting accuracy, which I can only describe as extraordinary for an airgun. Regarding power, I won’t say the Crosman Legacy is the most powerful because I would be biased as my testing was somewhat subjective. But it offers up to 10 foot-pounds, which are amazing considering this is a pneumatic rifle.

Lightweight Plastic Design

The Crosman Legacy 1000 looks more like the 2100B; it features a plastic receiver housing and not metal. For a balance of features, Legacy 1000 features a solid metal piston, which seems like aluminum. This gun also boasts an improved bolt head, which probably can seal the barrel lead better than that of Crosman 2100. 

For power delivery, the gun seems to have improved power plants, yet there is no much change in design compared to the previous versions. I do consider it as a formidable trade since the performance is great with very few upgrades, yet the price remains manageable.

Ergonomic Trigger Design 

While there’s some room for improvement on the trigger design, it does the job and is similar to the previous Crosman airgun designs. It offers an impressive job though I can’t say it’s the best for target shooting. With 5 pounds trigger pull, it feels long and gritty but does a fair job. All in all, I like that it has a perfect, predictable break which seems to be constant all the time.

Pellet Loading

No doubt, many shooters find it challenging to load pellets in these airguns. At the loading area, you just need to place your pellet almost to the outer edge of the metal ramp and simply roll into its place using your finger; you’ll enjoy easy, fast, and comfortable loads every time. You’ve to keep it simple, just place the pellet and roll it into place.

Punching Groups

The power of a gun is meaningless if you’re not going to land your shots where you intend. For the Crosman Legacy 1000, it holds a remarkable position in the accuracy category. I shot from a bench that was at 15 meters, and then I repositioned to 30 meters.

 For each position, I did five shots, and what impressed me is that there was no notable difference in landing those shots. This air gun offers terrific accuracy and consistency. But you’ll need to use optics if you’ll be shooting at longer yardages to ensure easy sighting of your targets. 

Also, this gun showed some accuracy improvements when I used a different kind of pellet. I chose to use Winchester Round NoseH&N Sniper Magnumand Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum. The H&N Sniper Magnum showed impressive accuracy and precision, which gives me the courage to categorize them as the best for this airgun. They are heavyweight projectiles that will need at least five pumps to offer excellent service.

Things I Didn’t Like

  • It’s all plastic construction
  • The safety cam should be smoother 
  • It feels too lightweight

Most Popular Air Gun Accessories for Your Crosman Legacy 1000

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After having a great time with my Legacy 1000 pneumatic rifle, I can gladly list it among the best pneumatic guns. It looks simple, yet it offers an astounding shooting experience. It is easy and safe to handle, which makes it ideal for beginners. I also like its versatility as it is lightweight, robust, and compatible with different ammunition, which makes it useful in a different shooting scenario. Therefore, it’s a great and affordable airgun which you shouldn’t be hesitant to buy. 

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