Crosman 1077: A Complete Review

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 A good rifle is a darling to everyone who loves shooting. Whether it’s for hunting, fun, or sports, it is ideal to choose the right gun. Crossman doesn’t seem to disappoint as the 1077 model is one of the best air gun rifles. The Crosman 1077 air rifle is a handy gun for backyard plinking, target shooting, and pest control. Amazingly, it’s easy to use that even beginners find great for action.

The rifle has been in production since 1994 and has undergone a series of improvements. It is one of the reliable and accurate air rifles on the market. Available in wooden and synthetic stocks, users can choose the right options for their tastes. With many reasons to own this rifle, check our full review below. 

Crosman 1077: What to Expect from this Air Rifle

The Features

High Accuracy and Speed

When you think of accuracy, this gun is impressive. It can work with different pellets, and this impacts the overall efficiency. 

The weight and size of the pellet also determine the accuracy. Therefore, the choice pellet is vital even when working with a good gun like this. The heavier pellets are slower and move a shorter distance. On the other hand, the lighter ones are great and offer improved muzzle velocity. 

Durable Construction

The durability of every rifle is a vital aspect that people check. When it comes to the Crosman 1077, it has all the durability aspects. It boasts high precision and robust construction.

One distinct part of this gun’s engineering is the barrel construction. It features the rifle’s steel which ensures superb performance. The muzzle design ensures even when used regularly, there is no performance variation. It enables unrivalled reliability due to high tensile steel; there is no distortion due to firing. 

Apart from the superb muzzle, the stock is excellent. It has a synthetic stock that is lightweight and strong. It is water-resistant meaning it doesn’t give in to moisture and change in weather conditions. Thus, even when used in humid conditions, there is no stock damage due to water absorption. Consequently, the stock offers years of service to the user, such great value for money!

High Shooting Consistency

The consistency in this rifle is fantastic. It delivers excellent shooting without reduced performance. Unlike other rifles, this has superb shooting ability that keeps the user thrilled. Since there are many brands, choosing the premium pellets ensures the gun offers unrivaled shooting consistency.

Apart from the consistency in shooting pallets, the gun has high accuracy. Although there is some slight deviation when shooting a target, it is not as high as compared to other rifles. Thus, it’s an excellent gun for shooting training. 

When shooting, the fast rate can slightly affect the rifle’s consistency. But, this gun offers high-speed shooting while maintaining accuracy and point of target consistency. Also, the time between shots is consistent and allows for users to enjoy the firing. 

Ease of Shooting/ Shootability

The ease of shooting in this rifle is impressive and encouraging. Crosman 1077 has a strong and heavy feeling trigger that allows your fingers to enjoy the pulling without causing strains. The wide trigger blade ensures there is no stressing on the shooter’s fingers. 

Besides the ability to shoot comfortably, the gun has a lightweight construction. It only weighs 4.8 pounds. It is, therefore, great for young shooters as well as beginners. The optimized rifle size is excellent, and can be used by anyone from novice to experts. With improved ergonomics, the rifle allows excellent grip whenever in use.

 Ease of use is also evident when loading the pellets. The gun comes with a 12-pellet clip that is simple to load. The clip is inserted into a fake magazine that ensures there is no hassle when fitting. The locking mechanism allows the gun to hold the magazine correctly. It doesn’t experience jamming or misfiring. 

Versatile Usage

This rifle is one of the versatile guns that enable it to accomplish different functions. Although it’s not a powerful hunting gun, it’s good for a simple task. Notably, due to the fast shooting rate, this gun is perfect for multiple functions. 

Improved Trigger Comfort and Lock Safety

There is a guaranteed safety when working with this gun. The simple shooting ability ensures there is an excellent experience to the users. Additionally, the safety lock is superb as it prevents accidental pellet discharge. 

Thus, even when a beginner is using this gun, chances of injuries and other nasty experiences are reduced. The manual safety lock is located on the front of the rifle trigger; there is no hassle when putting safety on or off. 

 Bearing in mind, this is an air gun; it has significantly reduced recoil. Therefore, it is safer to shoot Crosman 1077 than other guns. It is that reason that the rifle is functional and more reliable for beginners. 

Adjustable Sight Scope 

When you want to shoot like a professional, it’s possible using this Crosman air gun. It provides scope installation rail which ensures you can increase the shooting accuracy. Amazingly, the rifle comes with a scope which enables the user to utilize it right away. 

Apart from the scope, the front part has a blade that enables the acquisition of a target. You can still enjoy high accuracy even when you remove the scope. The blade is essential since it ensures you remain on target, making it suitable for new users who want to sharpen their shooting skills. The adjustable rear scope and blade allow effortless target acquisition.

Reduced Noise Levels

The noise emanating from rifles creates a nuisance to the neighborhood. Especially for people who use guns for target shooting in their yard, noise can be unbearable. The sound, especially from powerful and large rifles, requires the shooter to wear noise ear protection devices. However, with the Crosman 1077 the noise is greatly suppressed.  

It doesn’t matter if you are shooting in the backyard or the woods, it assures you of such a great shooting experience. As a result, the rifle doesn’t come with a silencer and there is no need for buying a noise suppressor since the sound is not excruciating. 

The Good 

Semi-Automatic Nature

The semi-automatic performance ensures the gun can fire as fast as the fingers can pull the trigger. This feature is crucial as it offers better shooting ability than rivals. 

Sleek Finish

The overall construction ensures the rifle is superb. It gives the gun a sleek and appealing appearance. Thus, beyond performance, it’s a beautiful gun.

Strong Synthetic Stock

The stock is broad and ergonomically built to maximize the shooting experience. It is also waterproof, which is excellent for the rifle’s durability. 

Easy To Clean

With minimal cleaning required, the Crosman 1077 rifle is perfect for everyone. There is no need to clean regularly like other firearms hence suitable for beginners and light-duty tasks. 

The Not So Good

  • Weather conditions affect the gun’s performance regarding mechanical functioning and pellets trajectory and speed. 
  • Apart from the weight of a pellet, the loss of gas is a factor that leads to speed fluctuation. Since the rifle has CO2 powerlets, it loses gas at each firing. The power reduction leads to reduced pellet velocity.
  • Not for heavy-duty application; the rifle is for simple tasks. Therefore, for big game hunters, this is not the type of gun to get. 

How to Maintain Your Crosman 1077?

Having a rifle is essential and fun. However, for the gun to work efficiently, cleaning, maintenance and storage matters. 


 Every gun requires regular cleaning to ensure smooth shooting. However, since air guns don’t fire the common powder ammo, there is no buildup of residue. Therefore, this rifle rarely requires much cleaning. 

For proper firing, it is advisable to ensure no barrel obstruction. Before cleaning the barrel, ensure that the safety lock is engaged. It prevents accidental pellet discharge which can cause serious injuries. 

Ensure you use high quality bore cleaning rope for effective barrel cleaning. 

Can I use cleaning pellets? Use of cleaning pellets isn’t advisable as they can cause permanent damage.

Storage and Safe Handling

The storage of a rifle, just like other tools, determines durability. When you exercise proper storage, chances are the gun will serve you diligently for a long time. ‘

  • One of the vital storage tips is ensuring the gun is stored while safety is on. This allows even when the trigger is pulled accidentally; there is no discharge. 
  • Before the cleaning or storage, ensuring the chamber is empty is vital. If there are pellets that remain after shooting, ensure they are removed from the gun. 
  • The use of correct sized pellets is another way to ensure your gun is working properly. If you count yourself as a novice, you have to do significant research on the pellets. 
  • When using your rifle, refrain from aiming at non targeted objects. Also, always pointing your gun away from people is recommended. 
  • Avoid shooting on hard surfaces as the pellet can ricochet. Also, do not use your gun to fire on water. 
  • Regular rifle maintenance is essential since it ensures the gun is working properly. Tightening of screws, lubricating parts, among others, keeps the rifle working flawlessly. 

Most Popular Air Rifle Accessories for Crosman 1077

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The Crosman 1077 is a superb gun that enables everyone to enjoy shooting. It’s superior and offers smooth action, with minimal maintenance. As you think about a gun for training or plinking, it’s the right rifle to go for. 

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