Taurus Raging Bull: A Complete Review

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The Raging Bull revolver is manufactured by the renowned Brazilian revolver maker, Taurus International Firearm Company. Its larger calibers make for fantastic hunters’ sidearms – they are powerful weapons with immense stopping power. 

The revolver is distinguished by its ported barrel and the red rubber strip at the grip which lowers perceived recoil and cushions your hand as you shoot. 

When it comes to functionality, I couldn’t recommend a better revolver. The Raging Bull is powered by a manual front cylinder latch – you can see its release on the crane. Powerful double-action revolvers like the Raging Bull rely on front cylinder latches.

The manually operated latch is simple and sturdy but you can only open it using two hands.  Taurus has developed several Raging Bull models which are classified by caliber. Besides, for each model, buyers can choose from various metal finish options.  

Taurus 444 Raging Bull Review 

This classic Raging Bulls revolver remains one of the most beloved hunting handguns.  It chambers the powerful and popular 454 Casull and .44 Magnum rounds. Besides, this revolver is built to withstand a lifetime of hard use. 

With its award-winning design, the revolver comes in four varying barrel lengths. The Raging Bull Model 444 is also distinguished by its smooth pull and crisp trigger that boosts accuracy, and the factory porting and cushioned grips that diminish felt recoil. 


Dial Lock Cylinder 

This incredible feature of the Taurus 444 ensures stability even when you subject the gun to extreme chamber pressure.


The factory-tuned porting coupled with the gas expansion chamber makes shooting comfortable.

Cushioned Insert Grip 

The gun features a cushioned insert grip that absorbs recoil and therefore makes shooting comfortable.

The Taurus Security System (TSS) 

Taurus is known for the Taurus Security system which is deployed in its semi-auto pistols. The feature provides an instant mechanism for securing your gun. Just by turning a key, you can make your rifle inoperable. 

Once you engage the security system, your gun cannot be cocked or fired, one can’t disengage the manual safety.

This security system is also used in Raging Bull Revolvers – the firearms come with two keys. To disengage, you should simply rotate the key back. This unlocks the security system but the manual remains in ‘safe’ mode until you release it when you’re ready to fire. 

Transfer Bar

The transfer bar system stops the hammer from hitting the firing pin except when you’ve pulled the trigger fully.


  • Taurus Security System will help keep your rifle safe
  • The cushioned grip, weight, and porting enables the rifle to absorb recoil and thus makes shooting super-comfortable and pleasurable
  • It has an adjustable rear sight
  • The muzzle brake coupled with a smooth trigger allows for, increased accuracy, fast recovery, and quick follow-up shots


  • I did not find any significant con with this particular revolver 

The Raging Bull is a fantastic hunting gun. With its crisp trigger and quiet cock, firing this powerful revolver is comfortable and easy. When chambered with the right cartridge, for instance, .454 Casull cartridges, it can take down big game. If you want to add an effective hunting handgun to your arsenal, this 444 Raging Bull is certainly a brilliant choice. 

Taurus Raging Bull 454 Review

The Taurus Raging Bull 454 is a powerful handgun capable of shooting the .454 and the 45 Colt. For a handgun of its size, it’s surprisingly lightweight. This is thanks to the microinjected metal (MIM) process used in production. MIM helps create super-tough precision components that are much smaller in size compared to conventional steel parts. 


Dual Lockup Cylinder 

Thanks to the dual lockup cylinder, the gun delivers stability even when the chamber pressures are intense.


 A combination of a gas expansion chamber and factory-tuned porting ensures that shooting with the Taurus 454 is comfortable

Taurus Security System 

The patented Taurus security system ensures the gun is secure when not in use. By a switch of a key, you can lock the handgun – the rifle can’t be cocked or fired and the manual safety can’t be moved. 

A Cushioned Grip 

The grip makes shooting comfortable by absorbing the recoil.

Transfer Bar 

The transfer bar ensures that the hammer only gets to strike the firing pin after the trigger has been pulled fully.


  • The Transfer Bar and the Taurus Security system ensure safety
  • Minimal recoil is felt and thus shooting the 454 is comfortable
  • The rifle is easy to shoot for both right and left-handed users
  • Highly accurate


  • Using the 454to shoot the .45 Colt may result in an accumulation of residue in the chambers. This buildup can impact how the bullets fit into the chamber. But you can easily sort out this issue by cleaning the gun regularly. 

Raging Bull 454’s barrel length and downward porting bolsters accuracy and reduces muzzle jump and the gel packed rubber grip absorbs felt recoil. All these features make for a handgun that’s highly accurate and pleasurable to shoot. 

Taurus Raging Judge Magnum Review

The Raging Judge Magnum boasts of the popular Raging Bull combination of a 6-round cylinder with a revolver. The judge also comes with the distinctive Taurus red strip at the grip for added cushioning. The model comes in 6-inch and 3-inch barrels. 

What is the origin of the ‘judge’ label? The story goes that it emanated from interest judges took to carrying arms while presiding cases in crowded courtrooms. They, however, needed a round that won’t over-penetrate and harm bystanders. So they wanted a handgun that can shoot a lethal round but with minimal penetration. The judge offers shotshells and cartridges, precisely what the judges needed.

Whether it’s an apocryphal or a true story, defensive gun buyers took a liking to the judge and bought it in large numbers. The concept became so successful that several companies have replicated it. 


Taurus Safety System (TSS)

Taurus’s patented security system will ensure the safety of your gun

Finely Tuned Rifling 

This feature allows the revolver to direct bullets with precision and to spread the shots at close quarters

Cushioned Rubber Grip

It absorbs recoil and thus makes shooting this rifle super-comfortable 


  • Ambidextrous 
  • Accurate
  • Safe thanks to the TSS
  • The grip absorbs recoil – shooting is easy and comfortable
  • Adaptable – can shoot both shotshell and cartridge


  • No significant con

HandGun Hunting Guide: The Gear and Skills You Need

Taking down a game with a handgun takes excellent staking skills and tack-sharp shooting skills. This is why hunting with a powerful and accurate rifle like the Taurus Raging Bull 454, Taurus 444 Raging Bull, or Taurus Raging Judge Magnum is so exciting and addictive.

With all the hype around long-range hunting, why would anyone opt to use a Raging Bull revolver when hunting big game?

Well, handgun hunting is much more stimulating and challenging. It demands more from you. Sure, muzzleloaders and rifles offer greater accuracy when shooting greater distances. But if you’re willing to invest your time and effort into mastering handgun hunting, you’ll be assured of incredibly thrilling hunting experiences. It helps when you also have the right handgun gear.

Distinct Handgun Hunting Advantages

For one, carrying a revolver in the field is much more convenient. Once you’ve holstered it, you won’t have an exposed barrel or weight tugging on you from a sling. 

When hunting in thick undergrowth where visibility is poor, it’s much easier to maneuver and point revolvers. Even when hunting using a tripod, you can quickly and easily shoot over brush. 

In a situation where visibility is limited to 100 yards, using a handgun won’t limit you in terms of optimal effective range. You can easily take down a deer that’s 40 yards away with a single shot.

It’s astounding that more hunters haven’t taken up handgun hunting in the last 50 years. In the 40s, 50s, and 60s, handgun hunters could only use a few wildcat cartridges, and the .45 Colt and .44 Magnum. But in the following years, there has been a spectacular increase in potency and a variety of handgun cartridges suited for hunting and a similar increase in the quality of hunting bullets.

Besides, there is now a wide range of handgun hunting scopes. So in an expert hand, a handgun can take down the bigger game at astoundingly longer ranges than ever before.

Handgun hunting comes with unique challenges and thus it takes extra effort. But, isn’t challenging yourself part of a stimulating hunting experience? If you agree, it’s time to join the handgun hunting tribe and the Raging Bull is the perfect starter hunting revolver.

5 Essential Handgun Accessories

Plano 10137 Gun Guard SE Single Scoped Pistol Case

This is an awesome Pistol Case as it doesn’t matter if you have your optics on or what size your handgun is, I assure you 99.9% it will fit just perfect. My handguns have never been damaged or wet when using this pistol case, so I highly recommend it.


  • High-density really tight locking foam – It will hold your handgun tightly for sure.
  • Contoured recessed latches
  • Strong, sturdy and really rigid construction
  • Padlock tabs that actually works decently, I still have no complaints on this and I have cases that are really worn out.
  • Steel hinge pins for added durability
  • Accommodates a longer barrel pistol with scope & accessories
  • Can also hold two pistols – this can be a squeeze with larger handguns.

Internal dimensions of this handgun case: 7.125X11.625X2.25 inches.

Wiley X Valor Matte Black Frame with Polarized Grey Lenses

To protect your vision while in action, you should wear these Wiley X Valor glasses. The safety glasses feature a comfy wraparound design and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. 

The semi-rimless, lightweight glasses also come with rubber-tipped temples that provide a steady grip to prevent them from slipping during even the most intense action. You can also check out our article on the Best Hunting Sunglasses.



The Wiley X Valor glasses are built to suit an ever-changing environment. The changeable series allows you to interchange lenses so that you can enjoy visibility and protection in whatever condition.

Exceptional Protection 

They Wiley x lenses and frames meet the ANSI Z87.1 safety standards. Therefore, you’ll get the highest high velocity and high mass impact protection, and the best optical clarity. 

Fantastic Lens Technology 

In addition to distortion-free clarity, the lenses offer UVA/UVB protection.  The lenses are also ANSI-rated and thus deliver high vision accuracy, enhanced color contrast, and clearer and crisper optics.

Prescription Ready 

 Almost all Wiley X frames can be filled with customized prescription lenses. 

Caldwell Ultimate Shooting Gloves with Breathable Material, Padding and Touch Control for Outdoor, Range, Shooting, and Hunting

Caldwell’s Ultimate Shooters Glove is constructed using breathable and lightweight material that’s durable and thus doesn’t overheat. The leather reinforcement prevents “Slide Bite”.Besides, the grove is elastic and thus allows for extreme dexterity and delivers custom grip. 

Why I Recommend this Gloves for the Raging Bull


The glove is elastic and has a rubberized palm. You’ll, therefore, enjoy grip control and full dexterity.

Flexible Material

The glove’s flexible material gives you an accurate feel and allows you to securely manipulate your weapon while hunting.


The gloves are breathable and comfortable. They are therefore ideal for touchscreen operation and they limit overheating. 

Padded Palms

 The padded palms absorb felt recoil, particularly when you’re using a handgun. And, the tailored padding layout allows for full-range movement.

SportEar Ghost Stryk

Magnum cartridges generate levels of noise that can cause permanent damage to your ears. The Ghost Strike ear plugs reduce noise up to 30 decibels, and they amplify ambient sound.

Why You Should Get these Earplugs

Small and Comfortable

These small and comfortable earplugs provide exceptional hearing protection.

Boost Your Heating up to 6 Times

While you’re out on the range or hunting, they’ll enhance your hearing up to 5 times and thus you can hear the range commands and even the slightest outdoor sounds. Conversely, they’ll protect you from the explosive shooting sounds. 


The SportEar Ghost Strike ear plugs are also fantastic for auto races, concerts, industrial, and they’ll protect your ears as you do yard work with weed whips and lawnmowers.

Comes with a Carry Case

The earplugs come with a sturdy carrying case that will keep them safe.

Lynx Digital Clarity

The earplugs are exceptionally clear, making them superb for use when firing a gun.

The Volume level is Adjustable

With these amazing earplugs, you can adjust the volume based on the activities you’re undertaking. This makes them quite convenient for various outdoor activities. 

Craft Holsters Taurus 454 Raging Bull – 6.5″ Compatible Holster – Leather Speedloader Pouch

Why You Should Get this Pouch

Five Year Warranty

The mag pouch comes with a 5-year warranty so you don’t need to worry about quality issues.  

Custom Made 

This leather-made speedloader pouch will be customized for you in 30 days. The pouch can accommodate various calibers because it’s built based on your specifications. 

Premium Materials and Craftsmanship 

 The pouch is functional, durable, and allows for a reliable and fast draw.


There are numerous caliber options available. Find the ideal option before you make a purchase.

How to Become an Exceptional Handgunner

Avoid the Death Grip

Gripping too tightly can reduce accuracy. Instead of squeezing the handgun hard which results in the muzzle wobbling, you should have a firm grip with the muscles in your hand and arm relaxed.

Practice Trigger Control

Just as with rifles, you should work on your trigger squeeze so that you always get a clean break. Because of the handguns’ shorter barrel, trigger control issues are exacerbated. So do a lot of dry-firing with the sights on target during hammer drops. 

Lower the Power 

Using a scope that’s set at a high magnification slows you down when it comes to zeroing on your target. You should instead set your optic at the lowest magnification. 

Eliminate Flinching 

Flinching is a product of the physiological expectation of a shot and everything that comes with it – recoil and sound. So you should ensure that your practice sessions are as stress-free as possible. So you should wear quality gloves, and eye and hearing protection. You should also avoid extended shooting sessions. 

Get Planted

For you to shoot accurately, you need a steady rest. This is why you need an agile tripod that helps you capitalize on natural rests. 

When it comes to hunting rounds, handgun hunters don’t have as many options as rifle hunters. Other than the venerable .454 Casull and the .44 Rem, here are other rounds you can use:

10mm Auto

This round was originally designed for law enforcement. But, because of its excessive recoil, it didn’t take off. It, however, makes for an excellent hunting cartridge. If you want a round for deer-sized game that works at moderate ranges, 10mm Auto is ideal.

.44 Rem.Mag

The .44 is an exceptional handgun hunting round – it’s an equivalent of the .30-06. The recoil levels are controllable and there are numerous options when it comes to ammunition and guns.

480 Ruger

 This round is a product of collaboration between Hornady and Ruger. It falls between the .454 Casull and the .44 Rem. Mag. It’s a potent round – it can propel a 325-grain bullet at up to 1,350 feet.

In a Nutshell

The Raging Bull revolvers make for versatile and powerful hunting handguns. With their crisp trigger and quiet cock, shooting them is comfortable and easy. The revolvers can take any big game in North America. Without a doubt, The Taurus Raging Bull revolvers are some of the best hunting handguns in the market today.

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