Remington R-25 Review

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Are you looking for the best rifle for hunting and that is ideal for today’s standards?  The Remington R-25 is an option for you. This AR-10 platform rifle was introduced at a time when companies such as Remington, marlin, bushmaster, H&R firearms, and DPMS merged. 

The mega-company had the intention to upgrade the different product lines. This semi-automatic and gas-powered R25 was one of their latest and astounding products. DPMS has been a renowned maker of AR rifles ideal for hunting for a long time. With the help from this high-expertise company, Remington is proud of this fantastic hunting rifle.

Features at a Glance of the R-25 Rifle  

  • Type: gas-operated, semi-auto
  • Caliber: .243 Win, 7mm-08 Rem.; .308 Win.
  • Magazine: 4-round detachable but compatible with some other AR-10-style magazines
  • Sights: none; but has Picatinny rail for optics.
  • Barrel: 20″; free-floated; 1:10″ twist
  • Trigger: single-stage; 4 lbs., 2 oz. pull
  • Safety: two-position
  • Stock: Zytel; LOP-14.125”
  • Weight: 8.75 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 39.75”

Why the R-25 Hunting Rifle?

Hunters- In-Mind Design

 One interesting fact of this rifle is that it’s built with hunters in mind. This all-camo R-25 is chambered in .243win, .308 Win. and 7mm-08 Rem. The gun offers a single-stage trigger with 4.5 to 5 pounds trigger pull. This rifle has a 20-inch barrel and also features one inch to ten inches twist in all calibers. It is not as heavy as its predecessors. 

The Jungle-Fit Design

If you would closely examine this rifle, there is a metal taken from the receiver and the Picatinny rail; this makes it a bit light. Consequently, it has a flat upper resulting in a unique hunting rifle with AR-10-style configuration and weighing approximately 8.75 pounds. It is an elegant and rugged rifle. 

This aspect is evident in the shallow flutes on the barrel in front of the gas block give this hunter’s tool an attractive look. The Mossy Oak Treestand Camo and its full-Size coverage also make this gun one of a kind.

Ergonomic Sight Mounting and Magazine Compatibility

This versatile hunting rifle features a rail on top of the gas block. You need to mount the front sight on it to maximize your shooting accuracy and efficiency.  Also, this gun will ship with a four-round magazine.  If you still have other AR-10 kind magazines, they will still work perfectly with this R-25 rifle. You’ll also adore the free-floating barrel that features hand protection styled with horizontal cuts along its length. This unique barrel design allows easy handling and accuracy.

Impressive Stud Attachments

What’s more, this rifle features swivel stud attachments. One is for sling and the other for a bipod. The barrel has another additional feature, which is the recessed target crown. 

Impeccable Shooting Efficiency

Shooting efficiency of this AR 25 will make you love hunting big game no matter the harsh conditions. The game-dropping performance of this rifle will allow you to load any camp’s meat pole with unparalleled efficiency. In its real AR-style, this rifle features a sturdy and rugged upper receiver, which includes a barrel and bolt construction. The lower part specs include the trigger group, safety, magazine, and a well-made bolt latch. 

Durable Construction 

For durability, this R-25 boasts aluminum construction hence sturdy upper and lower parts and handguard. This material makes the rifle sturdy and lightweight to allow easy handling and maneuverability.

You’ll also fall in love with this rifle’s pistol grip handle. This grip features Zytel, and its contoured design allows comfortable handling. The cartridges are fed from a four-round magazine often supplied with the gun. Any .308 Winchester magazine is readily compatible.

The GII Version of R-25

The eight-sided carbon fiber handguard also plays a part in enhancing weight reduction. This handguard allows the barrel to float freely to increase the shooting accuracy. The bolted-on gas key features a unique upgrade making it integral to the carrier. This makes it sturdy and eliminates any possibilities of it behaving loose. The pinned tubular extension engages the gas tube and isn’t integral to the carrier. You can engage this rifle in multiple shooting positions since the barrel offers some vents which allow excellent airflow to cool the gun.

Easy to Maneuver

You can effortlessly change from 3, 6, and 9 o’clock shooting positions. The drilled and tapped design allows you to mount short rail for accessories like the sling swivels. At the front of the muzzle, this hunting rifle from Remington also possesses great modifications. The recessed crown eliminates possible damages that would otherwise cause inaccuracies.

Sturdy Construction

The barrel is fluted and measures 20 inches. Its sturdy construction makes it appropriate to persevere through harsh hunting conditions. This muzzle is stainless steel boasting Teflon coating and a bit dark to reduce glare so that you can have perfect aiming and precise shots.

Versatile Hunting Gun

This R-25 hunting rifle offers incredible versatility. It can work with different types of bullets, even those with a soft tip. Therefore, you’ll be able to maneuver your hunting operations with ease. Featuring a steel feed ramp, the rifle can accommodate most magazines. 

Efficient Ejection System

The ejection system of this Remington’s rifle is unique. With a dual injector system, the gun will still work even if a spring breaks or when fouling happens. The use of an elastomer extractor cushion makes this gun work better than the spring mechanism. 

The extractor’s material is premium and unique and almost resistant to breaking. The trigger guard possesses a unique design to enhance the rifle’s extreme capabilities. The trigger isn’t hinged, but instead, it is integral to the receiver. The magazine and bolt release system is in the exact position where you would find them on an AR.

AR-25 Accessories

Ideal Scopes and Positioning on the AR-10 Rifles

For better clarity of your eyes, you will need something more than the Picatinny rail on your rifle’s receiver. Some scopes are too sensitive, and you may just need something that offsets the scope rings more to the front of the gun. If you shoot in the prone position, you won’t be able to have proper eye relief. 

To achieve the best scope mounting position, you can use the Rock River Scout Rail.  You can use the 30 mm scope tubes specially designed for the AR rifles. The additional forward attachment of the scope allows easy target aiming without straining your eye. The scope should be positioned even with the back edge of the charging handle. If you’re using large and longer scopes, this forward positioning might not be necessary. 

A 3-9x scope will do a great job on most occasions. It is versatile and ideal for most hunting situations. The 6-24x is also a favorite choice for most AR-25 rifle users. With this scope, you can keep it dialed-back when in proximity or crank it further out. The general rule, the bigger the optic scope is, the larger the magnification.

Any scope ring that describes itself as either Picatinny or weaver will fit perfectly on the R-25. The shooting distance all depends on the caliber you are using. In fact, with proper ammunition, the R25 can shoot up to a distance of 600 yards. But of course, you won’t need all this shooting power if you’re hunting in the woods. 

Buffer Springs

With the best AR-25 accessories, it is easy to revive the functionality of your old guns. The BROWNELLS – AR-15/M16 BUFFER SPRINGS will make a great accessory for your Remington R-25 as they are manufactured to precise tolerances. 


This modern sport hunting rifle accepts the most popular calibers.

The .243 Win, which is 6×52mm, is one particular ammo that won’t disappoint any dedicated deer or coyote hunter. This caliber has an overwhelming history in the sporting rifles arena.  

It is chambered in 7mm-08 Rem and .308 Win, making it ideal for knocking down the black tail, whitetail, coyote, prong-horns, mule deer, and other popular game animals. The rounds of at least 90 grains are suitable for hunting big game, while those less than 90 grains are ideal for varmints.

Its design is based on the necked down .308 cartridge. It is a perfect caliber for long-range shooters, metallic silhouette, and target shooters thanks to its low recoil and breathtaking accuracy. The R-25 magazine capacity can accommodate four rounds. This capacity is great compared to the Ruger 1 and other renowned hunting rifles. Fortunately, the R25 will accept the standard magazines of the AR-10 platform, boasting 20 rounds.

 Remington opted to make three additional calibers but based them on the Winchester case. Thus, it is configured to allow its users to shift from 7mm-08 Rem, .243 Win, and 7.62mm NATO/.308 Win. With the Winchester cartridge, all this rifle boasts great knockdown power as long as you are within the big game’s usual yardage.

Aesthetics versus Reliability of the Remington R-25

While beauty is more of a personal decision, I feel that the camouflage outlook of this rifle isn’t as stunning as I would expect it to be. I think the original black finish would be better. 

The maker of this rifle has, to a large extent, succeeded in transforming an old-school rifle to a camouflaged auto-loader. This rifle looks more rugged while wearing radically new garments. 

However, whether beautiful or not, this rifle does the job. With stunning knockdown power, accuracy, and adaptability in the hunting arena, the Remington R-25 is quite a performer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Clean My Remington R25?

The R-25 is one of those rifles which are easy to clean and maintain. It features a captive pin at the rear side on the upper receiver. When it pushes out, the upper can pivot forward on the front pin, allowing you to access the trigger and bolt group. Hence, you can pull back the charging handle plus the bolts out for easy cleaning and maintenance.

 How Do the AR-15 and R-25 Rifle Compare?

While these two guns share some originality, they possess varying capabilities. The AR-15 is a small caliber predator gun, while the R-25 is designed for big game animals. 

R-25 is somehow a larger version of the AR-15 and offers incredible yardage when chambered in the appropriate cartridges such as the .308.  

This big game rifle also boasts impressive accuracy. The AR-15 doesn’t offer much knock down power compared to its big brother version though it can still hunt if you use its strongest ammo and be within the right range.

What Caliber Will R-25 Shoot?

It is available in 7.62x51mm and is known for its light recoil. This rifle will fire the NATO standardized 7.62x51mm cartridge that comes in a detachable 20-ammo magazine. 

Is the Remington R-25 Great for Tactical Applications?

Apart from hunting, the R-25 is ideal for many more applications, and tactical use is one. Like the AR-10 guns, this rifle is lightweight, boasts incredible accuracy, and won’t be required to re-familiarize with it now and then. 

The controls of this gun, ergonomics, and operation of this firearm are just superb. Like the way it scores highly on hunting, this gun would also not back down in tactical operations.


Remington R-25 is, no doubt, an amazing hunting rifle. It is easy to handle and delivers pinpoint accuracy. With its light recoil and lightweight design, this is a versatile rifle for any aspiring hunter. Chambered in .308 Win, it delivers amazing knockdown power. It is ideal for hunting down big game animals. Besides, it is chambered for most short action hunting cartridges.  

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