EDgun: Your Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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EDgun’s success story is really inspirational to read on their website. The founder of the EDgun Company had a different gun in mind when creating the company. He intended to create a pellet gun that would work more effectively than the air guns that were already in the market. His commitment bore fruit in 2000 when he launched the first purpose-built bullpup PCP known as Matador.

The Matador took the market by storm as it was powerful, compact, and outstandingly accurate. However, Eduard, the EDgun Company founder, did not stop at his first success. After some time, he went ahead to create Lelya, a 21″ air gun capable of shooting effectively beyond 100 yards. The gun was the shortest full-power air carbine available, which made it admiration for many.

It has been one success story after the other for the EDgun Company since its inception. Eduard and his team have gone ahead to release even better models of the EDgun. These guns have conquered the air gun markets, and there is a reason people love them so much. Let us find out more about what to look out for when buying the EDgun models below.

Buyers Guide: What You Should Look out for When Buying the EDgun

Before settling for any of the EDgun models, you have to know what to look out for in these guns. Some of the features you may want to check out include:

Patented Valve

One factor that distinguishes the latest EDgun models is the patented EDgun valve, which comes with several benefits. It has low air consumption, which makes it easy to achieve more power and more shots. Plus, it becomes more consistent, which improves the guns’ accuracy. When you see the EDgun patented valve, you will be sure you have the genuine EDgun as no other product bears the EDgun patented valve.

Powerful and Silent Shots

When testing the shooting capabilities of the EDgun models, you may want to confirm if the shots are powerful enough to get to about 100 yards and if they are silent. Silent and powerful chances are an ideal combination for an effective hunt.

Lightweight and Compact

One unique feature of the EDgun models is its lightweight and compact nature. The guns are easy to carry around; they are also closely and neatly packed together, making them very easy to assemble and use.

Weaver Rail

The weaver rail on top of the gun makes it easy for you to mount your gun’s scope. The rails are, however, a perfect fit for moderate scopes. If you go for a more extended scope, you will have to use higher rings for better focus.

The Best EDgun Models available in the Market Right Now

EDgun Matador R5 Airgun

Among the excellent matador family, the latest Matador R5 Airgun stands out as the most resourceful. When EDgun released Matador R3, it immediately became an iconic Airgun in the market. If you loved the version 3 like I did, you would undoubtedly love the latest version 5. Version 4 never surfaced due to some business-related issues.

When EDgun finally released the Matador R5 Airgun, they released a powerful air rifle and a high-performance one. It comes in three versions, the standard, extended and extra-long versions for you to pick from depending on your preference.

The previous version, R3, may not have met some user expectations that R5 has finally come to meet. R5 has a much more distinctive gun-like look courtesy of its bold moderator and long weaver rail on top. The gun is also muscular and compact, dividing it with an ergonomic grip.

If you are worried about the noise produced during shooting, you have little to worry about using Matador R5. Thanks to its integral moderator, the gun is super quiet during operation. The moderator helps with soundproofing and makes sure that the air behind the pellet is less turbulent when leaving the gun. This helps to improve your accuracy when shooting.


Some of the key features of the EDgun Matador R5 are listed below. Have a look.

2-Stage Trigger

Given that R5 is a powerful hunting air gun, it would be risky to have a touch-sensitive trigger. For this reason, Eduard thought out of the box and included this two-stage Trigger that is smooth and predictable with no creep. Plus, the Trigger is fully adjustable, making it even more effective and easier to use.

Electronic Pressure Gauge

R5 features an electronic pressure gauge that comes with a computer and an inbuilt screen. The pressure gauge is very accurate with a (+/-) bar and displays additional information on air usage statistics and the number of shots you have remaining. You won’t need to guess anymore.

Safety Catch

With the safety catch, you are sure of safety when using the gun. It helps to block both the hammer and Trigger in place not to move accidentally, leading to accidental shots.


  • Super quiet hunting.
  • Perfect size for discrete carrying.
  • Short and sizable for perfect shoulder shots.
  • Smooth and predictable Trigger.


  • Choosing the perfect scope for the R5 may be a daunting task, especially because R5 exists in three versions.

EDgun Lelya 2.0

Leyla 2.0 is another great innovation of Ed’s Company that has since taken the market by a big wave. Apart from its top-notch wooden stock, which is artistically woven to give it a unique and beautiful look, the air rifle has much more to offer. From a distance, you will be right to confuse this great gun with a micro Matador R5M as the two have some striking resemblance.

This new version of Lelya is not as compact as the old-school single shot Lelya. It is also considered much more massive thanks to its big diameter tank, multi-shot mechanics, and a thicker moderator. It has a forward-facing cocking handle accessible from both sides for a more comfortable operation with either hand.

Cocking the gun is easy as all you need to do is a short-stroke back and forth, and you will be good to go. It has sizable magazines that can hold up to 10 pellets at once. You can also store three extra magazines under the scope rail and a fourth one inside the gun.

Shooting with Lelya is one of the experiences you would want to have as an Airgun enthusiast. It is a bit heavy and well balanced, making it rest entirely on your shoulder when taking your shots. In general, the gun gives you a perfect combination of control, and crispiness topped up with operational safety for a wonderful experience.


Here are some of Lelya’s outstanding features you may want to look at.

Attractive and Unique Wooding

 While the former wooden stock was still presentable and gave the Lelya gun an outstanding look, the latter is even much better. The EDgun Company changed the wood supplier, and you will agree with me when you see it, that the latest wooden stock is just perfect.

Robust and Reliable

It resembles the new Matador perfectly in all mechanical setup, the gun achieves some powerful shots with high-level accuracy. The gun’s accuracy makes it a perfect selection for your hunting adventures.

Forward Positioned Cocking Handle

The cocking handle is perfectly positioned on both sides of the gun to make it easy to operate. So it works best for both left-handed and right-handed users. It can also be a great way to shoot from any angle using either hand to cock and shoot.


  • Cocking is super-fast and easy.
  • It can hold up to four extra magazines.
  • Magazines are locally made and cheaply available.
  • It is edged and rugged for an ergonomic grip.


  • A little bit heavier due to the bigger tank diameter, multi-shot mechanics, and its chunkier moderator.

EDgun Leshiy

The looks, the small size, and the accuracy of this air rifle play a significant role in separating Leshiy from the rest of the air guns in Ed’s catalog. The gun’s small size makes it ideal for movement anywhere you want to have fun with it. It fits perfectly in a normal-sized backpack.

Another great thing to smile about in Leshiy is its multipurpose nature. You can use the gun around your farm on almost any size of game or wild attack. I can’t write about Leshiy and fail to mention its ability to fold completely in half, making it easily portable. Its front chassis is a complete package of an integral moderator, Trigger with hammer mechanism, grip, and two weaver rails for boosted accuracy. 

Leshiy supports multiple calibers, including .20,.22, .25, and .177, which you can use to help different extra barrels you may have purchased. The idea for additional barrels and different calibers comes into play when you want to shoot various targets’ forms and sizes.

With a 4-inch moderator tube extender, you can easily change the barrel length from 10 inches to 14 inches for better long-range accuracy and higher speed. Folding the gun fully to 180 degrees cocks the hammer and automatically resets the safety. You also need to fold it to load pellets into the barrel when getting ready for a shot.


Some of Leshiy’s unique features include the following.

Single Shot Configuration

The single-shot only configuration makes this air gun reminiscent of an old school single shot rifle. The opening process, loading directly into the barrel, closing, and aiming to fire maybe tiresome but very reliable. Every single shot counts and is more accurate and is released at top speeds towards the target.

Supports Multiple Calibers

Another interesting fact about Leshiy is that it supports different calibers, which gives you the room to purchase some extra barrels and quickly change them to all popular air rifle calibers such as .25, .177,.20, and .22. Changing the may take you about 2 minutes when using a hex wrench.


When your power settings fall in the range between low to mid-power settings, the Leshiy will operate at a super quiet noise level. So you can comfortably use this air rifle in your neighborhood without the worry of causing a commotion.


  • Foldable design for easy portability.
  • Attractive and appealing look.
  • Lightweight.
  • Automatic safety lock when folded.


  • The single-shot configuration may not be ideal for quick hunting or when successive shots are needed.

EDgun Leshiy 2

If you loved the original Leshiy air rifle and maybe wished that it had some advancements to make it better, then perhaps your wishes have been granted in this latest model. The EDgun Leshiy 2 features multi-shot ability, AR grip compatibility, and larger air tank, among other qualities.  

Leshiy 2 has a double tank to give you the sufficient air capacity you lacked in the original version. The bottom tank is removable, and you can replace it with larger options when the need arises. The gun supports several calibers, including .177, .25, .22 and.30 calibers, which can work well with 250 mm and 350 mm barrels.

Its action opening lever comes in handy when you want to feed in pellets into the barrel in readiness for firing. It swings open the joint section allowing the gun to fold. It features a double-sided safety that you can access from both sides of the gun for easy control. Push the safety backward to minimize room for Trigger’s movement, making it impossible to have an accidental shot. You can pull it back when you are ready to fire. 

You can easily change the barrels using the easily accessible barrel safety screws that hold tight the barrel in place. You can use either the 250 mm or the 350 mm barrels, depending on your preference. The gun can take up to eight bullets at a go, which you can use to maximize your shooting chances. 


The peculiar features of Leshiy 2 include the following.

Removable Air Tank

The gun’s lower air tank can be removed and replaced by a larger air bottle for increased air storage capacity.

Magazine Storage

 The gun takes in eight bullets in a single magazine and comes with an extra storage slot for a loaded magazine for quicker replacement and smooth continuation of the business of the day.

Short Moderator

The short moderator works perfectly in concealing the barrels, which helps in suppressing air, thus releasing the bullets in a more steady and accurate projection towards the target.


  • Very safe gun to use.
  • Foldable and lightweight for easy portability.
  • Extra magazine storage.
  • Removable and replaceable air tank.


  • Changing the barrels may prove challenging and a significant inconvenience, especially when you are already out hunting.

The EDgun Models Accessories

Like you already know, the EDgun models do not come with everything you need for a perfect shooting endeavor. This demands that you acquire the extra accessories at extra costs either from the leading shop or from a dealer within your locality. I managed to gather some of the accessories that I know will be crucial for your successful hunting experience. Have a look.

EDgun Matador R5 Accessories

To effectively enjoy the services of EDgun Matador, there are some accessories that you must pick wisely. These include the scope, mounting stands, barrels, magazines, and backpack, among others. Let us have a glimpse at some of these below.

The Scope

If you are going for a long-range scope, I won’t hesitate to recommend the Vortex Viper HST 6-24x with MRAD reticle and turrets. The HST features some top-notch clear glass for enhanced vision and clarity. Its reticle is very crisp and comes with a parallel adjustment, crucial for a 10X magnification and up.

Its viper has a 30mm monotube with resettable target turrets using 0.1 MIRAD adjustments. Additionally, it has a 50mm multi-coated front lens, which makes shooting in the afternoon a lot easier as it gathers a lot of light.

Ideal Backpack 

I couldn’t think of a better carrier for discreet carriage of this air rifle than the Eberlestock S45 Big Trick backpack. The backpack is roomy enough to protect the gun inside an isolated sleeve, leaving you with enough room to fill some extra stuff. The pack promises nothing more than comfort and discreet carriage for your gun wherever you go.


You can’t attain consistency and effectiveness in your shooting without having some extra magazines that you could use for backup. For the case of EDgun Mr5, the ideal magazine would be the .177, .25, and .22 EDgun magazines made of aluminum. The magazines come with four extra O rings and can perfectly fit on all versions of EDgun R5.

EDgun Lelya 2.0

The EDgun Lelya 2.0 is indeed not too demanding in terms of accessories. For example, its stable stock can help support it in a stable position on a level surface without the need to use a stabilizing stand. Well, there are a few accessories that you will, however, need to buy to improve its effectiveness. Let’s unveil them below.

Tuning Regulator

The tuning regulator comes with a special size plenum to tune the EDgun Lelya air rifle. It gives your gun more propelling power with reduced pressure, and you can achieve up to 15% more shots with the tuning regulator.


With various scopes to consider for Lelya 2.0, it becomes a little challenging to settle for the best scope. However, I cannot deny that C-More 1-6×24 is a scope you won’t regret buying. It offers the exceptional light transmission that you need for a perfect shot. 

The scope is also ideal for all long-range types of shooting. Plus, it is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the weather when indulged in an enjoyable shooting spree. 


The EDgun Lelya 2.0 fits perfectly in an Eberlestock Bandit pack, which offers enough space to lash one bulky item. It also leaves you with enough room on the front-loading zipper, making it easy for you to pack extra accessories and your other belongings.

EDgun Leshiy

EDgun Leshiy did not take the market by a storm for nothing. It brought more business even to accessories providers. Here are some of its accessories you can get around the gun market.


An adapter helps your gun to operate seamlessly and more quiet than before. The EDgun Leshiy ½ X20 adapter would work well with a 350mm barrel for perfect results.

Pellet Dispenser

You will agree with me that shooting becomes more comfortable when you can access your pallets much faster and easier. Keeping your pellets in your pouch or container could not be effective enough. HUMA, gave a solution for EDgun Leshiy users when they introduced the HUMA pellet dispenser. This dispenser is as strong as your gun is, and it brings your pellets closer for convenience when shooting.


With a good regulator like Huma Air, made with HUMA air in collaboration with Airborne Arms NZ, you can turn your rifle into a 12ft/lbs. HFT version. The regulator ensures you achieve excellent consistency, and it leads to a huge increase in shots count.

EDgun Leshiy 2

EDgun Leshiy 2 is the latest model of the Leshiy family, and with that comes the need to identify and locate all the necessary accessories. Here are some of the accessories you may find useful for Leshiy 2.

Air Tank

One outstanding feature of this gun is that it comes with double air tanks for more air storage capacity. Better still, the lower air tank is removable, and you can get bigger air tanks in the gun shops for a better replacement.


Whether you want a new barrel or buying an extra barrel for future use, there is no better match for EDgun Leshiy 2 than the barrels from Alfa. Compared to the other ones, the Alfa barrels are cheaper and easily accessible so that you won’t have trouble looking for them. 


The ideal scope for EDgun Leshiy 2 would be ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14X. This scope gives you top-notch crisp pictures from any distance that you can record with the built-in video camera. You will have the best experience in your shooting with this scope. Get one and an extra one for long-lasting services.

Final Verdict

Like any other product you may want to purchase in the market, you will have the final say on which air rifle to settle for after going through this article. I believe that you already have the requisite information you need to make an informed choice of a gun.

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