Weihrauch HW110: An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Air gun rifles are one of the best rifles for small game hunting because they will not damage your prey’s flesh. If you are hunting rabbits, ducks, or turkey, you do not need a full rifle, where an air gun can function well. But there are a lot of air gun rifles that you will find in the market, and picking the best for your next hunting expedition becomes a problem. 

One of my favorite air rifles is the Weihrauch HW110. Before going to the details, I must admit that there is some bias in my choice of air gun. I will always choose a high powered air gun any day, which is why I am writing this review of the Weihrauch HW110. 

There are particular features every hunter looks out for before buying an air gun beside the power. If you are like me, then the Weihrauch HW110 will be a favorite air gun to you as well. Before settling for the Weihrauch HW110, I had tested other air rifles, but nothing intrigued me as I hoped they would. In this article, you will understand why hunting with the Weihrauch 110 is the best experience. 

Reasons to Buy the Weihrauch HW110


Before I used the HW100, I had to conduct lots of research on other air rifles. I had to speak to many gun shops around my state and all over the country. One thing I noticed is the honest review most people were willing to share with me. The level of information I gathered was enough to help me make up my mind that I wanted the Weihrauch HW110. 

Among the positive sentiments shared by all guns, shops are how the HW100 is durable and reliable, and there are no complaints from the people who buy it. My hunter instinct is never readily satisfied, and to feed my curiosity, I had to ask for a gun test. However, first things first, the Weihrauch HW110 is a typical German rifle. Therefore you should expect all the things that accompany all German air rifles.  It has pretty solid engineering, and it is mostly metal hence the durability part.

One attribute about the HW110 is that it is a classic air rifle, yet despite existing for many years now, most people still consider it a modern design. The Weihrauch air rifle manufactures have a reputation for producing rifles with the best triggers. As expected, the HW110 is not an exception, and coming right from the box, you will feel the clean and smooth press, and this will never disappoint you in the field.  

Cocking Mechanism

Another impressive aspect of the HW110 is the side-lever cocking mechanism. It is pretty slick and smooth, and it cycles up a 14-shot .22 magazine silently. If you look at the competition, not most manufacturers have a 14-shot round, making it among the biggest round air guns in the market.

When handling the gun even before loading and firing it, I noticed the scope falls below the line of the scope rail. It is an important factor as it means that the range will never interfere with the scope mounting. However, if you are still looking for more reasons, this one is a big one. You can never double-load the Weihrauch HW110 as the magazine will turn once you fire a shot. 

The problem with double loading is common, and most experienced hunters understand why it is necessary to look for reliable air rifles. But initially, at some point, we have all double-loaded our guns, and often this leads to many missed shots and opportunities.

When it comes to safety, then the Weihrauch HW110 is also among the top-ranking air rifles. There is a safety lever on the right side of the action just above the trigger. It is a feature most will consider subtle yet very crucial as the Hw110 will not engage until you cock the action. I know most skilled hunters will appreciate this feature as it makes the Weihrauch HW110 an instant cock-action-indicator. The reason is simple if you are not sure whether you have cocked the rifle or not can easily lead to double loading.  

You should also not overlook the adjustable height of cheek pieces as it is what marks the future of high-performance air rifles. 

Great Design

It comes with an ambidextrous stock that most people will either love or hate the style and design, but my take is that it is a highly effective handle. It is why I believe that because of the adjustable height, cheek pieces are what shape the future of modern air gun design. The Weihrauch HW110 is as advanced as air rifles can be.  

To gain control of the air rifle, I had to set it correctly to suit my build and height. The end result is that it places my eye to be automatically delivered at the exact and rightful place to make the best use of the scope. I did this when I was not hunting at first and realized it reduces fatigue, then cuts the parallax error. It will also make you get on to your quarry quicker, and this can make a difference in your hunting success. 

The Weihrauch air reservoir will fill up to the 200 bar and through the probe and port assembly at the front just behind the pressure gauge. It is one of the things I found to be reliable as long as you take sensible precautions to keep it free from grit and dust. You can achieve this by keeping the port plug supplied tightly in place each time you’re not filling the air rifle.

I Don’t Need a Silencer

If you look at the screw-cut muzzle, you will find the respected Weihrauch HW110 silencer among the quietest you can see in the market today. Many manufacturers have tried to mimic this feature, but few can match its performance compared to the HW110. Despite the high performance and high power of the Weihrauch HW110 model, the silencer is an essential feature. Most hunters will appreciate it as it gives them a second chance of taking a shot before the prey flees. 

Spot On

To finish my handling and weapons check, I ran it over through a chronograph with the Weihrauch’s own FT-Exact Jumbo .22 pellets. The pellets weigh only 15.89 grains. The average velocity registered was 916 feet per second, which is perfect for muzzle energy under 30ft.lbs. Lbs. 

Why this is Your Ultimate Air Rifle

Although there is so much news about the Weihrauch HW110, it is still the nifty uber, Carbine-sized HW110K. And it is why I must also review the original and standard-length air rifle that started it all. I mention this because after I tested it at both the range and in the woods, this is what I established.

It is an Established Model

Today, the hunters Weihrauch HW110 is easily the best and rightfully so as the rifle has slightly been modified. Incidentally, I like to emphasize why this air rifle really impresses me. I have used it in so many hunting scenarios, and it is yet to disappoint me on any hunting trip I have carried it. 

Well, now I must consider this as a concluding article review of what is now Weihrauch first pre-charged pneumatic multi-shot, in their history of air guns. Despite its deceiving soft looks, this ambidextrous stock air rifle is rubberized over mold and made out of beech. This combination of two compounds makes the Weihrauch HW110 rifle feel very grippy and sticky to hold, and it deserves its descriptive and official Soft Touch designation. It resonates around a well-defined, high cheek piece with a rubber butt pad. 

The drop-down and steep pistol grip feature a slim neck and a thumb shelf, whereas the trim is nicely proportioned. As for the end-tapers, it is gently upwards, and this makes it very practical because of the stark- rounded and edged angular tip. Although it is not needed, most times, it is a welcome addition to have, is the twin-panel of impregnated and multi-directional checkering that is seen along both sides of the fore-end and the grip.


There is a large and color-enhanced air gauge with a numerical (manometer), which is very easy to read as it sits on the front end of the air reservoir. Located just behind this, you will find the rifle fill point, which, when not in use, should be protected by a well-sized and solid friction fit plug. Using the supply fill probe, from a fixed and recommended charge of 200bar, the rifle should give approximately 130 shots in .22 approximately 110-shots in .177 Caliber as per your air rifle on the test. 

The term modern does not carry a loose meaning as the HW110 deserves it in all respect and in bucket loads. It is because of its stylish appearance as well as function. More emphasis dwells on the action part and is because the chassis, barrel band, and upper Weaver-style scope rail are all manufactured from a hi-tech and high-performance ballistic polymer. 

Although this feature is new to the air gun scene, its material is widely used in the manufacture of full firearms. It’s tough, durable, and strong enough, also more than capable of taking scrapes, knocks, and additional operational stress that an air rifle can experience.

Sweet side-lever

A unique and characteristic build is that the action block sat rather high from the contoured sides and paired down of the stock. However, the magazine has the catch and safety to be the shiny nickel finish seen and common on air rifles from the first production run.

The magazine-retaining lever is located at the rear right of the action. At the same time, the safety catch is at the front position of the magazine, making it suitable for ambidextrous shooters. It is extremely useful for people who can either prefer to shoot using their right or left sides for operation. However, the only downside is they did not do the same for the magazine catch. It would have been the cherry on top of the cake, so to speak. 

In and out

As expected with modern designs, the side-lever will flick effortlessly to the rear position. To remove the magazine, you must lift the front part of the retaining catch upwards. However, as it’s under spring tension, you will need to hold it in this position manually; else it will return, which will prevent it from being removed. 

I still found it simpler to use the back of my thumb from my right hand to hold it up. Then I would use my left-hand thumb to push the magazine out from its housing. Making protrude just far enough so that the action block can be fully removed. 

After filling the chambers, you must lift the retaining catch, afterward slip it back into the right-hand side of action. Also, release the catch, and with a slight ‘wiggle’ of the wheel. You will see it flick downwards, which indicates that it has taken hold. 

Finally, when returning the side-lever to its natural position, it will probe a pellet out of the magazine and fall directly into the breech. You should consider engaging the safety lever of your air rifle by pushing one of them to the front position. By pulling either lever to the rear position, it will put the Weihrauch HW110 rifle into FIRE mode. A red dot will be seen clearly on the action block; hence will visually indicate the status.

Absolute Zero

Accuracy is increasingly aided by the predictability of the optics unit and must be of utmost top-quality. The self-regulating valve system ensures a shot to shot consistency of the highest level. In retrospect, I can now describe the firing cycle as dead. It is expected as the effective, proven, and time tested HE silencer will reduce the muzzle report to zero.

When I scoped up using a low-slung, the MTC 3-12 X 44 Mamba-lite with a set of two-piece Sports match mount. The optics showed that it is the best for the Weihrauch HW110 air rifle down to the ground. With a 25 yard zero, I made a ragged and pallet-sized group that made it slightly wide even when taking Aim and shots of up to 45 yards with only a slight sub-¾” clusters. The 2-stage and adjustable, match-grade trigger is also a precise unit that will trip the sears cleanly and crisply. 

It comes ready fitted with the best HE silencer, making it top among the most accurate PCP on the market. If you want to balance and handle the Weihrauch HW110, you should consider a test run. It features a modern and stylish polymer with hi-tech action results. It is user friendly, all-weather, and the most practical rifle for hunters as it does go the distance of excellence.

Should I Use a Red Dot with My Weihrauch HW110

I remember when I was young, when the Aim point sights and the Single Point had just been launched. I would have traded anything to give them a try and see how it felt to be behind the scope.

Back then, I was still a school going kid and couldn’t buy them to review how they work. But now, I can and this is what I think of red dots on the Weihrauch HW 110. 

Huge Range

First, I must consider the range, and for a fact, the red-dot sights range is absolutely huge. For this review, I will consider only red dot scopes from Nikko Stirling. To begin on a positive note, all four of the Nikkos red dot scopes come with a Picatinny mounts. This is a bonus as this makes it simple to assemble and fix on the rifle.

As I familiarized myself with these sights’ and their different features, I knew there was more than just the usefulness of a scope but its durability and versatility.

Proven Pistol System

We all know how well red-dot sights work on pistols. But when putting it on a rifle, there is a slight deviation that it will not be as effective. However, to settle this unwarranted dispute to rest, I made the following observations. 

The use of direct aiming capability of the single dot keeps things simple and fast for pistol shooters. This gives them speed and effectiveness. As for rifle shooters, the weight and size limit the speed but with a slight marginal difference to speak of. Compared to the Olympic precision, credibility has been established around competitions, and red dots have sufficed to be effective. The question is, will this credibility and effectiveness transfer and relate to the Weihrauch HW110.

Fast and Straight

My first intuition for my investigation into using a red-dot on a Weihrauch HW110 proved that there is speed potential. I was shooting at hanging rat-type targets at different ranges. There is no doubt the speed of red dots than when using a conventional scope for hitting the same targets. 

Out to 20 yards, I found I could connect easily with only small conkers from the horse chestnut tree. Though it was faster with only some fractions of the second, it made a huge difference.

Easy to Spot

In the market today, you will find a variable-intensity. There is a multi-format of aiming dots. They are available in green and red at the slightest touch or flick of a switch. This gives you a better aim on different objects with different shades of color. The advantage of the red dot’s different colors is that my aim point remained consistent regardless of the lighting conditions. 

All of the four sights I tried were ultra-lightweight and did not add unnecessary weight to my air rifle. The four sights I have were all affordable and user friendly. The accompanying mounts were an integral part of lowering the costs.  

Downsides of the Red Dot Scopes on my Weihrauch HW110 Weihrauch HW110

The Picatinny mounting rails were the first disadvantage. They will not fit the standard scope grooves. For this reason, most air gunners will need to invest in adaptable air rifle mounts. Though they are not expensive, it is an additional cost that most people may wish not to incur. 

Another downside is the lack of target magnification as this is an essential part of hunting. Surprisingly, most conventional scopes have this covered.

In a Nutshell

Even though in this Weihrauch HW110 review, I have based most of my reference to the HW100. It’s because of the intention of Weihrauch in producing an advanced air rifle but keeping it close to the original. 

You must also denote the thought that Weihrauch HW110 was to try and make a cheap version of the original. But the offer is what must be seen as a high quality, innovative air rifle in its own right. There is the added intuition of using a German air rifle. This brings the issues of reliability and durability to the surface. For the best part, the Weihrauch HW110 lives up to its name. It would rarely disappoint you when taking it for a small game hunt. 

These air rifles come with added accessories that contribute to making the hunt a success. All stock rifles can be customized as well with only slight modifications to make them superior weapons. 

Another great fact is that the HW110 comes with a filling adapter and 2 x 14-round magazines as standard. The Caliber is also available in .20, .177, and .22. This air rifle, will not disappoint you as it ranks the highest among modern air guns.  

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