Hunting Dog Toys – Best Picks For Your Hunting Dog

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Hunting dog toys help make dogs behave positively and keep up their well-being. These toys can kill the boredom down between hunting sessions.

Ok, so why do hunting dogs need toys? You might think that pro dogs are good to go without toys, but they need toys. It is because toys are the perfect tool to modify dog behavior. They are intelligent, so they need toys for mental stimulation for better chewing. Therefore, toys are essential to fulfill a dog’s physical and emotional needs.

If you are trying to train your pup to be your best hunting companion, keep them mentally healthy. Bring him a good set of toys and let your little hunter play.

These toys will help ignite their instincts, and also aid in easy training.

What Are the Benefits of Toys for Hunting Dogs?

Hunting toys can be the best way to help your dog get some exercise while also having fun. Your dog will get the benefits from specific toys for hunting dogs. It is your job to select the right toys for your hunting partner.

Hunting dog toys provide many benefits, and some of them are below:

  • Dog toys help to kill boredom.
  • It provides mental stimulation.
  • Relieve separation anxiety.
  • It helps to discourage negative behavior.
  • Provide an outlet for physical energy.
  • Encourage socialization with other dogs.
  • Help to exercise jaw muscles to promote dental health.
  • Increase the friendly bond between owner and dog during interactive play.

What are good games to play with the toys to increase the hunting lust?

Fetch Up Toys

You can warm up your dog before hunting by using fetch-up toys like balls and freebies. The Hyper Pet K9 Kannon K2 Ball Launcher Interactive Dog Toys are an example of a good fetch toy. You can coax your dog with enthusiasm, like clapping, when they bring back the toy.

Dog Carting

Dog carting activities will put your pet strength and ability to follow directions to the test. This activity is similar to horse carting, and you can attempt it with medium size dogs.

This activity also consists of outfitting your dog with a reliable dog harness and fastening it to the lightweight dog cart. Then sit back and watch your dog taking you for a stroll around the block.

Treasure Hunting

You can play treasure hunting with your dog. Put your dog in stay still and hide their favorite toy somewhere obvious. You can let him watch you. Then give him the cue to find the toy. Reward your dog for his success. This game will stimulate them to find their prey easily.

Tug of War

You can also play tug of war with your hunting dogs. You have to set precautions and rules so it can be a fun game for you and your dog. Select the toy for this particular activity to prevent your dog from tugging and grabbing anything you have in your hand. Teach them 2 commands of “let’s tug” to start the game and “out” to finish it. Teach him to release the toy by offering a better exchange.