Umarex Steel Force Review

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I could never have believed it until I saw and held one of these Steel Force air guns from Umarex. The air gun is impressive, and one you would want to try out if you are an air gun enthusiast like I am. It is a BB machine gun with a six-shot burst M4 style that will give you the joy of shooting. The gun features practical applications for training while also working well for recreational shooters. You can either operate it in single action or in full auto six-shot bursts depending on your preferences and the activity you engage in with the gun.

Having used an M4 before, and I can attest that the Steel Force’s features work just as well as those of an M4, or maybe even better. 

I actually prefer using pellets over BB, and have for a long time thought the BBs were made for specific or gifted hunters. Well, if you check out our article on pellets, you’ll see why I find them incredible. However, using this gun completely changed my perception. Right from the safety features to the charging handle, you can trust this rifle to deliver to your expectations and beyond. It is both an ideal choice for experienced users and upcoming ones. Thanks to its collapsible stock, the young, upcoming shooters can have a safer introduction into this excellent air gun.

What Does Umarex Steel Force Offer? 

There is much to expect from the Umarex Steel Force. You only get to understand what this gun has in store for you when you go through its features and abilities, as I am going to take you through in a short while. I have heard some other shooters doubt the capabilities of this gun. However, the truth is that if you get the privilege to try this gun out, you will undoubtedly fall in love with its capabilities. Let us go through its features below and get to understand why it stands out.


The features of the Umarex Steel Force air gun include:

Highly Accurate

In all the air guns I have used, I always test the accuracy first after setting up the gun. I still enjoy the accuracy score that Steel Force gave me, and it has never gone down. So, I shot it from a 30-feet distance while in a partial rest position to see how accurate this gun was. I started with the semi-auto mode, where it performed outstandingly great getting about 1.5 inches ten shot grouping.

When I switched to the 6 round burst mode, the results were as satisfying as I had anticipated them to be. The shots spread out a bit because of the random shooting but still gave out a respectable grouping. All the shots were well centered on the target, which is some good indication that the accuracy-test I did was a success.

Single Action Trigger Pull

The Umarex Force CO2 BB machine gun comes with a single action trigger pull, which means you will have to charge the rifle by pulling back the charging handle first. Doing this helps to reset the trigger making the gun ready to shoot. You will have to redo this over and over again every time you are taking a shot. 

Its blowback operation helps to automatically charge the internal bolt if you want to release the bolt, then you will need to take out the CO2 magazine and then press the trigger. Before the trigger releases the bolt, it will have some initial take-up and a little creep, and this may take some few seconds of your time, so you have to exercise some little patience. 

High-Quality Outer Plastic Make-Up

When I first had a look at this air rifle, I thought it was entirely made of plastic on the outside, and I was so wrong. The gun’s external part is almost entirely covered with a high-quality plastic that you will easily confuse with a metal. Most of the metal parts of this gun are hidden inside with only the metal flash hider, the metal trigger, and the metal trigger guard remaining on the outside.

The plastic is very durable and will survive falls and other significant impacts, so you do not have to worry about breakage and repairs anytime soon. The only recommendation I may have is for the manufacturer to consider reducing the plastic’s shiny effect, which robs it of its metal looks, exposing its plastic looks.

Adjustable Stock Length

Another feature I loved in this gun was its adjustable stock length, making it easier to achieve accuracy from varying distances. You can shorten the stock’s length if you are shooting from a closer range and elongate it when aiming at far off-targets. The stock adjustability also helps you control the scope without touching it or tuning it for more exceptional focus.

30 Round Magazine

An air rifle with a 30 round magazine is something to smile about, especially when you are hunting animals in a group. The 30 round magazine, coupled with the six-round burst mode, will give the maximum shots you need to hit a more significant number of targets. You will also save some of your time when using the 30 rounds magazine as you will not keep on changing magazines. 

Metallic Trigger Guard 

The metallic trigger is designed to complement the modern Umarex Steel Force perfectly. It offers more room for the fingers, especially when you are shooting with gloves on your hands. The trigger guard also helps to reduce vibrations giving you a comfortable time when shooting.

What I Love about this Air Gun

  • It comes with a lot of rails for adding on accessories.
  • Delivers higher FPS than the advertised one.
  • Delivers high accuracy in both semi and six-round burst modes.
  • Achieves full auto with a very high rate of fire.
  • Affordable price range.
  • A lot of shots per dual CO2sub>.
  • Adjustable AR stock introduced.

The Not So Good 

  • The plastic finish is of a low quality, which should be worked on to help it look more like a metal.
  • More metal features should be added to help the gun achieve better balance. For instance, the selector, sights, magazine release, and the charging handle should be made of metal.

Umarex Steel Force CO2 BB gun Accessories

Of course, you will need some accessories for this gun at one point or the other to help you maximize the output you get from the gun. Some of the accessories are readily available from the gun shop you will purchase your gun. Let us have a look at some of the essential accessories that you may need for the Umarex Steel Force air gun.

Umarex Steel Force CO2 BB Magazine