Why are There No Revolver Style Rifles?

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The revolver style rifle is still popular among a small fraternity of shooters even though most manufacturers have discontinued its production. So, why are there no revolver style rifles? There have been so many negative aspects of the revolver rifle. One negative part of a revolving rifle is the gap between the barrel and cylinder that allows gas to escape.

There is a risk of burning your supporting hand when you fire a revolver style rifle. Another common risk is getting a wound from the resulting pieces of lead in case you fail to line up the chamber precisely. The solution would be to add some sort of shield to protect the supporting hand. However, it would create a place for dirt and debris to collect that would eventually lead to a jam. It is not a good idea, especially if you are in a combat situation. 

Understanding the origin of the revolver will make one know how this piece of weaponry has managed to be relevant for so many years after its inception. The term –Revolver- means a projectile weapon of the pistol type, which has a breech loading ch