Remington 700 Long Range Review

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In the rifles world, the Remington brand has a unique reputation. Despite being one of the oldest gun-makers, its offerings are still a hot cake to the modern world of shooting and hunting.

Up to date, most gunsmiths use the Remington 700 as a base when designing long-range rifles. This shows how influential this gun line is. It is a powerful and accurate rifle model that many gun makers emulate while developing some sophisticated modern rifles. Therefore, I find it necessary to review the Remington 700 long-range rifle. 

A Brief History of Remington 700

The Remington 700 rifle dates back to 1962. After being released, its popularity skyrocketed and became the talk of the day. The long-range and accurate performance made it the best rifle at that time.  

Through the previous decades, this rifle has been the best-selling gun of all time. Many aspects make it one of a kind. But, the major point is the perfect balance between price and performance. Remington made this rifle available to the long-range shooting fraternity, and its demand doesn’t seem to shoot down anytime soon.

If you go back to this rifle’s timeline, you’ll realize that time and technology have unavoidable ways of changing things. The Remington 700 hasn’t been an exception. Over the years, many variants of this iconic rifle have emerged, but none compares to the Remington 700 long range.

What Makes a Great Long-Range Rifle?

Becoming an expert long-range shooter isn’t a one day task. It isn’t as a result of using the most expensive rifle either.  

Mastering the long-range shooting art requires you to have just a good rifle and perseverance to spend your time on the range. An example of an excellent and affordable gun is the Remington 700. It costs less than $ 700. For pinpoint accuracy, you’ll need to mount a good sight. Luckily, this rifle is compatible with most long-range sights.

The Incredible Features of the Remington 700

The Remington 700 long-range rifle has profound features to offer. At its affordable price, you wouldn’t expect overwhelming attributes, but it does, though. Being a staunch participant in the gun-making industry for many years and having lots of models under them, Remington no doubt has great knowledge of making rifles. Let’s see what this model has to offer, are you ready.

Injection-Molded Polymer Stock

First, it offers an injection-molded polymer stock. I won’t say that these are the best stocks for a rifle, but they are functional as they get the job done. For this Remington 700 model, it is undoubtedly the Bell & Carlson M40 tactical stock.

Full-Length Bedding Stock

It is a full-length bedding stock forged from aluminum extending up to the two front swivel studs. The polymer part is premium urethane blended with aramid, fiberglass, and graphite. Thus, it is a sturdy and stable stock, which makes this Remington model functional and durable.

Also, the stock is free-floating regardless of the immense bipod pressure.

Incredibly Long Barrel 

The other top-rated feature of the Remington 700 long-range rifle is the extended barrel. We are talking about a 26 inches -1/10 twist heavy contour barrel. With this Remington varmint contour, it withstands and handles heat better than the traditional models.

The barrel is no doubt heavier than the traditional ones. This has its advantage as it allows you to shoot more rounds without causing the gun to jam. It also allows the gun to accumulate all the needed power to fire the long-range cartridges at extremely high velocities.

Remington’s 700 Long Range Ammunition

One of the famous cartridges for this long-range gun is .300 Win Mag cartridge. This comes as no surprise because this gun comes chambered in .300 Remington Ultra Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum, .25-’06, and .30-’06. That’s a wide variety of ammo to choose from, isn’t it?

However, I prefer the .300 win mag during hunting due to its light recoil and impressive knockdown power. More interestingly, this long-range rifle comes with a three-round magazine, which makes it better than most of the other bolt action rifles.

X Mark Pro Trigger

 The trigger is an integral part of your rifle as it plays a special role in releasing your high-velocity ammo. The Remington’s X Mark Pro trigger allows you to release long-range bullets without any hassle. It is easy to adjust and set it to the right trigger pull weight according to the factory standards.

This process is almost tool-free because you only need a simple Allen wrench. It is worth adjusting the trigger pull to match what you can handle easily. Some rifles will come with a 3.5 pounds trigger pull, so you might find it necessary to downscale it to a comfortable 2 pounds pull.

Easily Adjustable Trigger Pull

With this external adjustability of the trigger, it is effortless to tune your gun and customize it according to different needs. Of course, you’ll need a different trigger pull when hunting, and when shooting targets for obvious reasons. For the Remington 700 LR, the trigger is crisp, and you’ll enjoy using it for a long time.

An Affordable Long-Range Rifle

Perhaps this is the best part of the Remington 700 LR., and you can get this gun at around $700 from outdoor retailers. 

Scope-Ready Design

Having a crisp trigger is not all that matters in making perfect long-range shots with Remington 700 LR. This rifle has more impressive features than you could ever imagine. It comes with a tapered and pre-drilled design for easy scope mounting. The customizable design allows you to fit with your best rifle scope. 

The scopes will help you bring the targets closer and have a fantastic acquisition. Finding an ideal scope isn’t that hard or expensive. Some scopes’ budget is below the $1000 mark. Examples of the best scopes for Remington 700 are Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Adjustable Objective Riflescope and Simmons Truplex  Riflescope.

Best Remington 700 Scope

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Adjustable Objective Riflescope

This scope will complement your long-range rifle’s outlook and performance, featuring an elegant design and reliable durability. It is a low-light scope featuring a 50mm objective lens and a magnification of 6-18x. It also works well with dusk and dawn brightness as it features multi-colored lenses for enhanced clarity and brightness. With a Multi-X reticle, it delivers a stunning sight picture.

  • Fog-proof design
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Wide rifle compatibility
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Tricky windage adjustment for beginners
Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope with Truplex Reticle

Here is a robust and affordable rifle scope. It features uniquely coated optics, which delivers excellent anti-fog performance. The lenses are firmly mounted to ensure they are recoil-proof. This scope also offers a proprietary true-zero windage and elevation adjustment. It is stable such that it stays locked to zero through harsh and strenuous conditions.

Also, the 50-millimeter objective lens and 3-9X magnification make this rifle scope truly outstanding. This translates to the 31.4-foot field of view at 100yards and 3X magnification. Equally, this scope delivers a 10.5-foot field of view at 100 yards and 9X magnification.

  • Simple to install
  • Anti-fog design
  • Awesome price
  • Precise magnification adjustment
  • May not be suitable for continuous shooting with .308 rounds

An Overview of the Gun

The reason I propose this rifle to target shooters, as well as a staunch game hunter, is because they feature a sturdy fiberglass stock and light. This durable stock, together with a heavy barrel, allows you to shoot for as long as possible.

Why Do I recommend the Remington 700 for Long Range Shooting?

 Ideal for Beginners

Handling this rifle isn’t that hard. You just need a little practice, and you’re good to go. Unlike most other guns, Remington 700 is big and offers better stability and grip. 

Contrary to smaller guns which demand a steady hand, long-range rifles require hand-eye coordination and don’t demand a lot. Also, the scopes on the Remington 700 offer more sight as well as stabilized range.

Affordable Ammunition

If you’re a regular shooter or hunter, it’s normal that you run out of bullets quite frequently. Luckily, the Remington 700 ammo is quite affordable and easy to get. This rifle is popular among hunters and target shooters, and therefore, it has many sellers. Due to the high supply of the Remington 700 ammo, they are also cost-effective.

Safe and Easy to Manage

The light recoil of the Remington 700 makes it better and safer for shooting than most of the long-range rifles. It is also easy to manage the recoil of this rifle, making it ideal for young aspiring hunters who are yet to master the art and strong enough to handle high recoil. 

The Not So Good about the Gun

Like any other gun, the Remington 700 has some positive aspects and maybe one on the negative side. Despite having a remarkable reputation, this long-range rifle still has its downside. 

The extra safety device is perhaps a challenge to some shooters. This feature is not important, especially for the highly-skilled shooters, but it is vital to beginners. 

This single demerit echoes the act that this particular gun is engineered with beginners in mind.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Long-Range Rifle

Not all rifles you find on the market will possess the admirable characteristics you might be looking for. There are overwhelming options when it comes to choosing long-range guns. Since there are many considerations, I will just narrow them down and look at the important ones.

Do You Want a Bolt-Action Or A Semi-Automatic?

Both of these types can do a great job in long-range shooting. The semi-automatic is suitable when you want to engage the target quickly. Its bolt action counterpart lacks the flexibility for easy target engagement. However, the bolt action rifle allows perfect long-range accuracy.

 For hunting purposes, the bolt action Remington 700 would be great. It offers fantastic reliability because it has fewer parts than the semi-auto rifles and has limited chances of malfunctioning.  

The bolt action long-range rifles also beat the semi-autos due to their low recoil. The Remington 700 offers one-stage recoil while the semi-automatic rifle features three-stage recoil. Therefore, the bolt action rifles allow precise target engagement and accuracy.

Getting the Right Ammo

I consider cartridge choice as a personal taste and preference. You need to choose the best long-range cartridges considering its practicality and performance in your hunting situation. The affordability of the ammo might also influence your decision, especially if you’re on a budget.

Consider a Durable, Long-Range Rifle

When buying a gun, you have to evaluate the gun’s engineering and materials used to ensure it can last for many decades if not a century. 

I concur with renowned war veterans and big game hunters that the Remington 700 is a gun you can undoubtedly consider as a family heirloom. It has an impressive record of long time service and durability. In fact, this rifle has been used even by the military to claim famous war victories.

Safety Tips for Hunting with a Long-Range Rifle

Don’t Ever Load Your Rifle until It’s Ready for Use.

Everyone is usually thrilled when going out for shooting exercise. There is so much fantasy and expectations. For that reason, it’s perfectly normal to want to be ready, right. Most novices make a mistake of loading the gun as soon as they get to the destination. 

For your safety and others, you should keep the ammo detached from the rifle until the right time comes. Also, you shouldn’t get into a vehicle if you haven’t unloaded your gun.

Avoid Physical Activities While Carrying a Loaded Gun

Some landscapes will require you to engage in different physical activities. You may want to jump over a ditch, climb up a tree, jump over a fence, and so on. Engaging in the activities mentioned above while carrying a loaded gun may result in lethal injuries.

Keep in Mind Your Range Of Fire

Long-range rifles such as Remington 700 can fire several miles away. Apart from aiming your target, you need to know what’s behind it. Remember, the bullets may fly past your mark.

Tell Others When You Want to Move Around

Whether you’re hunting or shooting for recreational purposes, you should inform the other shooters near you when you plan to move around. If you don’t, another shooter might assume the area is clear, and end up shooting.

Don’t Fire Unless You are Certain of the Target

Some of the mistakes novices make is shooting towards a movement or sound. You have to see the target and confirm that it is what you’re waiting for. Scanning your surroundings in case of noise or movement is important before you fire. 

Familiarize With the Hunting Area

It’s quite normal for a passionate hunter to explore new areas. It is, however, important to have someone familiar with the area accompany you. You might find yourself in a tricky situation while deep in the woodlands. One tricky situation would be finding yourself in a crossfire, and you don’t know the routes well.

Take an Emergency Kit with You

While you might try all means to avoid accidents, they are bound to happen in one way or another. A first aid kit will give you peace of mind in case you need to patch an injury and stop bleeding. It can be a lifesaver before you can get proper medical attention.

Don’t Be On Drugs

Hunting requires you to make careful decisions. This won’t be possible if you’re on alcohol or drugs. Hunting with a rifle is an exciting hobby for many, and it’s tempting to become careless. It is easy to make life-threatening mistakes when handling a gun while drunk. Therefore, using a rifle and enjoying a couple of beers with your friends should be done separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Long-Range Rifles Expensive?

These rifles aren’t that expensive. One great example of an affordable long-range rifle is Remington 700. It can cost less than US$ 700 if you’re buying from outdoor retailers. Their ammo is also not expensive, and it is readily available in various gun shops and stores.

Which is the Best Caliber for Long-Range Rifles

Some of the oldest best calibers for long-range rifles are the .308 win, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm Remington Magnum, .25-’06, and .30-’06 are excellent ammunition for your long-range gun.

Are Long-Range Rifles Ideal For Hunting?

 As long as the hunting area codes allow, a long-range rifle is an enjoyable hunting weapon. It is ideal for beginners who haven’t yet mastered the art of luring a game into range. With the long barrel in place, hunters are assured of making a kill since the gun won’t jam even when shooting rapidly.

Final Word 

After going through the various features of the Remington 700 long-range rifle, I’m sure you can agree with me that it’s a versatile and dependable rifle. It is one of the top-rated guns, but for sure, it isn’t one of those high-end rifles. It offers a perfect quality-price balance and delivers commendable long-range shooting performance. 

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