FX Bobcat: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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I would have loved to introduce you to the FX Bobcat Airgun family with the pioneer FX Bobcat MK1, but sadly as it may be, the rifle was discontinued to pave the way for a better one, the FX Bobcat MK2. When I see a renowned and well-established rifle company, like FX, decide this, I rest easy knowing what’s coming is big.

True to my expectations, FX did not disappoint. When they released the FX Bobcat MK2, the air rifle market was taken aback with this great inception. Since then, the excellent invention FX had made in 2012 of the MK1, remained just a good old memory of an outstanding rifle in my mind.

Is the MK2 Similar to the MK1?

Since the Bobcat MK2 (Mark 2) is a development of the MK1 version, it borrows a lot from its predecessor. The new Bobcat maintains the hybrid bullpup design that combines rifle performance and carbine length with comfortability and ease of use. This alone gives the gun a competitive advantage amongst its peers. 

I have since fallen in love with Bobcat’s high power and high accuracy abilities that make it contend with almost anything in the field of operation. Bobcat designers took the time to research the existing bullpup in the market before coming up with MK1. They found out that most cocking systems were hard and uncomfortable to use, which they were not going to make in their invention.

Based on those findings, the design team came up with the Bobcat Airgun, which has the most exceptional trigger system ever seen in the Bullpup Airgun platform. I find this trigger satisfying either when I am hunting pigeons and other birds or am target shooting in the open.

My experience with the Bobcat MK2 has been satisfying, and I am not willing to give up the outstanding features. This new version comes with better features than the ones MK1 had. Let me take you through some of the features you should be looking out for in MK2 before purchasing it.

FX Bobcat MK2

What to Look out For

Having the right information on the qualities of the product you want to buy sets you in a safer space. I have had the chance to try this excellent air rifle, and I know you won’t go wrong if you check out for the following features before purchasing the Bobcat MK2 rifle.


If you have seen the other guns in the Royale Series family, where Bobcat belongs, you will probably realize that Bobcat Mk2 is slightly smaller than the others. Having an overall length of about 29.5 inches, you can always easily single it out from the rest of the rifles from a distance. This should be the first distinguishing feature to help you identify MK2 from the rest.

Trigger System

You sure need to try out the trigger system before you pay for this gun. The FX Bobcat MK2 features one of the most excellent trigger systems you can find on a Bullpup air rifle. The trigger linkage works on a magnetic bearing system that beats the issues other guns have with long linkage systems. 

Adjustable Cheek Piece

Mk2’s adjustable cheekpiece helps you rest your head’s weight when focusing on your target through the scope for an accurate shot. Its adjustability makes it even more useful as you can set it to fit just how you want it to. This is one feature I loved about the MK2, and you should check this out when buying the gun.

Grade Regulator

If you are purchasing the FX Bobcat .30, then a grade regulator is one thing you will not want to overlook since it comes included as a standard feature. However, if you are buying the FX Bobcat .25 and .22 models, you may decide to purchase the optional regulator at an additional cost of about $210. 

Precision Valve

I couldn’t finish mentioning some of the qualities you should look out for in MK2 without mentioning the MK2’s precision valve. Its valve is arguably one of the best precision valves fed by a 300cc air cylinder, making it provide a large number of accurate shots. I consider myself having made a great purchasing decision when I checked out the valve and confirmed I had the right quality with me. 

The FX Bobcat Models

To date, FX Bobcat has only managed to create two models: the MK1 and MK2. Even though MK1 never lasted long in the market and getting one to purchase is almost impossible now, I will still take you through it. Some stores are still selling the used MK1 versions for those still finding it hard to let go of this iconic model.

However, you do not need to worry that you missed anything in MK1. Everything MK1 had is found in MK2 and even more. May we have a look at these two models with emphasis on MK2.

The FX Bobcat MK1

FX Bobcat MK1

Being that the MK1 never lasted long in the market, I never had the privilege to use it extensively. However, having seen it and read some reviews about it, I gained something I could share with you to know where MK2 evolved.

I can describe the MK1 as an air-powered, high-tech shooting machine that makes good use of its hybrid stock and action. It was the pioneer of the unique and outstanding bullpup designs, beating the former bullpup designs that existed in the Airgun market.

Released in the year 2012, MK1’s production inspiration came from the findings its designers got after reviewing the existent bullpup qualities then. The shortcomings they got, such as poor cocking systems, pushed them to develop something better, hence the birth of MK1. 


Taking the market by a storm, FX bobcat MK1 had a lot to offer its users then. Some of the features it offered include:

Short and Quick

MK1 came in an ideal size. A size that you rarely find in bullpup rifles. This made it easy to use as you could comfortably move around and easily set it up, ready for operation.

Sufficient Magazine Capacity

The gun features a large magazine capacity of up to 12 pellets, which makes it very useful. Making 12 shots before thinking of changing another magazine is satisfying, especially when hunting, and you don’t need frequent movements.

Hybrid Stock

The hybrid stock enables you to set up the gun correctly for accurate shots from long ranges. This increased your effectiveness in the hunting field and in shooting competitions as well.


  • High-velocity shots.
  • Ergonomic stock design.
  • Lightweight for improved portability.
  • High tech air-powered shooting.
  • High shot count.


  • You have to purchase the scope differently, which means paying extra money.

FX Bobcat MK2

When concerned users raised issues with MK1, the FX team decided to give them an entirely new model instead of working only on the raised concerns. This saw the interests shift, and within no time, everyone was looking for the new MK2, I included.

The FX bobcat took everything good that worked in MK1 and improved on them to come up with a masterpiece. MK2 borrowed from super-compact bullpups in the market such as FX Wildcat and some traditional sporter rifles to come out as a player in both worlds. This explains why it is usually identified as a hybrid bullpup.

Its short length makes it easy to handle and perfectly balanced, giving you the best experience when doing long-range hunting when you need stability the most. Thankfully, the gun comes with a competition-grade regulator, which you will need for precision airflow and consistent shot velocity. 

Anytime I hear someone talking about FX bobcat MK2’s flexibility, it quickly hits me that they are talking about the wide option of calibers that the rifle supports in different models. If you choose to go for the .177 and .22 caliber bobcats, you will have to enjoy 300cc removable air cylinder services. However, if you go for the higher calibers, .25 and .30, then the removable 470cc cylinder will serve you best.


When writing this review, the joy I have is all because of the features I have enjoyed so far from the MK2 rifle. It has been a great hunting companion, and this is why.

Dual Pressure Gauge

Having two pressure gauges was a welcome feature for me in the MK2 rifle. It was very relieving to read both the pressure of the removable onboard air cylinder and that of the regulator at the same time.

Three-step Power Adjuster

You only get to enjoy this feature when you purchase the lower caliber FX bobcats MK2 rifles. Otherwise, there is no need to worry about the higher calibers because they have this feature covered. This three-step power adjuster helps you to regulate the shooting power based on your shooting situation. Placed on the breech’s left side, all you need to do is dial-up or down the power for various shooting situations.

Smooth Twist Barrel

The moderated FX smooth twist barrel comes with additional moderator sections to further enhance more suppression of the barrel. The ST (Smooth Twist) barrel ensures that your overall shooting accuracy is improved while keeping the barrel clean as it lacks sharp twists.

Adjustable Match Trigger

The adjustable trigger is an admirable feature of this air rifle. It operates on a magnetic bearing system, which helps overcome the issues experienced in long linkage systems. Whether you are a long-range shooter or a close-range hunter, the trigger system will work perfectly well in both situations for you.

Soft-Touch Synthetic Stock

This is probably one of the best ergonomic stocks I’ve ever laid my hands on. The synthetic ambidextrous thumbhole stock comes with an adjustable recoil pad and a storage spot to keep your extra magazines.


  • Internal improvements have been made to improve reliability.
  • Dual pressure tank; one for air tank and another for the regulator.
  • Soft-touch stock for maximum comfortability.
  • Consistent velocity.
  • High power and accuracy.
  • Removable rotary magazine.


  • FX Bobcat.30 caliber model lacks the three-step power adjuster wheel.

FX Bobcat MK1 Accessories

You will probably need to bank in some accessories for this gun if you manage to secure one in the stores. While most stores offer accessories within, you will have to look for others in different stores. Here are some accessories I found to be useful that you may consider having.

Rifle Case

This airline-approved is your perfect companion when going out for a hunt or a shoot-out. Its upper and lower lids are in one solid piece without seams and fasteners making it more durable as this minimizes breakage chances.

The case is made using high-density polyethylene material and a uniquely-engineered design that helps in absorbing impact, as it flexes anytime it is struck. Its lightweight and exterior scratch-resistance nature makes it an ideal companion in the woods and even in rugged terrains.

With its wide and stable rubber feet stand, the case can support its upper lid upright when you open it, keeping the body safely above the ground.

Pellet Trap

This will be a perfect option for you if you are going out for accuracy training. The Pellet trap is built to help you improve your focus and shooting accuracy. It is made using a 3 mm steel plate on the front and a 4 mm steel plate in the back, making it resistant to high power PCP air rifles. This pellet trap is readily available for purchase online on most rifle websites.

Oil Ballistol Spray 

You will undoubtedly need some oil to help you in maintaining your gun to edge away corrosion. Ballistol oil spray will do the job perfectly for you. It has been proven to be perfect for preserving metal, synthetic material, wood, rubber, and skin.

The spray lubricates your rifle, protects it from corrosion, cleans it, and act against the residues of copper, powder, lead, and tombac. It achieves this by creeping into the finest fissures and dissolving old soiling and resins of unsuited oils.

With these and many more benefits, this oil is a must-have for your rifle’s well-being. You can always ask for it from your rifle dealers as it is locally available.

FX Bobcat MK2 Accessories

When writing about MK2 accessories, I do so with assurance as I have used them in my latest FX Bobcat MK2 rifle. Below is a list of some of the accessories I have used and found to be very critical for exceptional performance. 

The FX Pocket Chronograph

As an Airgun user, I found this accessory a key component in sharpening my accuracy and improving my shots. You will always want to know the strength and power coming out of your rifle. The only tool that will help you achieve this is the chronograph.

The FX pocket chronograph is a wireless radar chronograph that gives you all the tracking services you need without additional struggles. The chronograph communicates via Bluetooth to your smartphone and an app that shows you the feet per second that your gun is at. 

With it, you can store information for different rifles, pellets, and calibers, which means you can use it for all the air guns you own. I could use this chronograph for any projectile traveling under 1300 FPS since it can accurately track them. So if it is archery, pistols, slingshot, or a CO2 rifle that you want to track, you can easily go for it without worry.

To use it, you place the chronograph below the muzzle, then you launch the app on your phone and start firing as your phone records the outcome. It is that simple and effective. I got mine from the FX airguns stores; you sure can get it from them by visiting their websites. 

No Limit-Scope Mounts  

The no-limit Scope Mounts have helped me deal with crosshair movements for all my long-range shootings. I could set the scope perfectly in an angle that gave me a height range of 4m at a 100m shooting distance.

It allows you to use the sweet spot of your scope as you fine-tune with cross-hair adjustments, and you can use high or medium height mounts perfectly without worry. You can quickly get a Scope Mount from the FX airguns website at an affordable price.

Cleaning Pellets

I must say I did find some significant relief in these outstanding cleaning pellets. They are ideal cleaning tools for your barrels as they clean and help preserve your barrel for long life. Using them is simple; you just load them into your magazine then fire them through the barrel. The cleaning will take place during the firing process.

Final Verdict

The FX Bobcat rifles are a force to reckon with in the air gun market. I can attest that the MK2 has stood out to be what I was looking for in a bullpup air rifle for a long time. I must say I will be staying with the MK2 much longer until they come up with an MK3 or some improvements in this latest version. Otherwise, my shooting experience has been excellent, and I can’t remember the last time I missed a shot, especially when hunting pigeons. You have to try this gun out ASAP!

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