FX Bobcat: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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I would have loved to introduce you to the FX Bobcat Airgun family with the pioneer FX Bobcat MK1, but sadly as it may be, the rifle was discontinued to pave the way for a better one, the FX Bobcat MK2. When I see a renowned and well-established rifle company, like FX, decide this, I rest easy knowing what’s coming is big.

True to my expectations, FX did not disappoint. When they released the FX Bobcat MK2, the air rifle market was taken aback with this great inception. Since then, the excellent invention FX had made in 2012 of the MK1, remained just a good old memory of an outstanding rifle in my mind.

Is the MK2 Similar to the MK1?

Since the Bobcat MK2 (Mark 2) is a development of the MK1 version, it borrows a lot from its predecessor. The new Bobcat maintains the hybrid bullpup design that combines rifle performance and carbine length with comfortability and ease of use. This alone gives the gun a competitive advantage amongst its peers