FX Streamline Air Rifle Review

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The FX Streamline air rifle is a delight to shooting fanatics across the world, do not be left out. Shooting cannot be smoother; this rifle has a perfect trigger and slick cocking. This non-pellet-picky gun has a twist barrel that magnifies the accuracy when it comes to aiming. While some rifles are too powerful for simple tasks, this gun has an easily adjustable variable power setting. All you need is to adjust respectively to the task at hand. If you think the firearm cannot get better, its appearance will knock you off your feet.

FX manufactured rifles use standard JSB Diabolo Pellets for accurate quality shots. However, you can use other types of pellets. You can test different bullets and get to feel how they collaborate with your rifle. It is pretty fun as you will get the experience and decide for yourself which pellets to use. 

For the hunters, an H&N Baracuda Hunter Extremes favor your hunting needs. With their hollow points design, they cut through the air at incredible speeds, increasing your shot efficiency. The FX rifle is applicable in many fields. Law enforcement officers prefer this Swedish masterpiece, whereas sporting fanatics can also enjoy the company of this high rifle.

Features of the FX Streamline Air Rifle

Streamlined Design

Just as the name sounds, the air rifle has a sleek modern, streamlined design that is sure to please your eyes. The model has given birth to an incredible air rifle; a tight budget can get you. Fingerprint resistant coating is a brave addition to the design of the gun. You will achieve a smooth cycling action when shooting. The aluminum coating gives this weapon a sleek look; aluminum is also very light. Engineers opt using aluminum to reduce the rifle’s weight.

Smooth Twist Barrel

One thing that everyone who has an encounter with this gun agrees on is that it is accurate. The smooth FX twist barrel plays a significant role in the accuracy. The majority of the barrel is mild. A smooth surface means less friction and very high velocity for the bullet. FX engineers made aiming very simple with this gun. The twist at the end of the rifle slightly indents the weapon, increasing the accuracy of your pellets.

Match Grade Trigger

The world-class trigger that comes with this gun is a feature you cannot afford to miss. This feature still makes the gun outshine its competitors. These kinds of triggers provide the most exceptional shot control in air rifles. FX triggers come with an adjustable alloy finger pad where the shooter can tweak the pad to where he feels comfortable.


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