FX Streamline Air Rifle Review

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The FX Streamline air rifle is a delight to shooting fanatics across the world, do not be left out. Shooting cannot be smoother; this rifle has a perfect trigger and slick cocking. This non-pellet-picky gun has a twist barrel that magnifies the accuracy when it comes to aiming. While some rifles are too powerful for simple tasks, this gun has an easily adjustable variable power setting. All you need is to adjust respectively to the task at hand. If you think the firearm cannot get better, its appearance will knock you off your feet.

FX manufactured rifles use standard JSB Diabolo Pellets for accurate quality shots. However, you can use other types of pellets. You can test different bullets and get to feel how they collaborate with your rifle. It is pretty fun as you will get the experience and decide for yourself which pellets to use. 

For the hunters, an H&N Baracuda Hunter Extremes favor your hunting needs. With their hollow points design, they cut through the air at incredible speeds, increasing your shot efficiency. The FX rifle is applicable in many fields. Law enforcement officers prefer this Swedish masterpiece, whereas sporting fanatics can also enjoy the company of this high rifle.

Features of the FX Streamline Air Rifle

Streamlined Design

Just as the name sounds, the air rifle has a sleek modern, streamlined design that is sure to please your eyes. The model has given birth to an incredible air rifle; a tight budget can get you. Fingerprint resistant coating is a brave addition to the design of the gun. You will achieve a smooth cycling action when shooting. The aluminum coating gives this weapon a sleek look; aluminum is also very light. Engineers opt using aluminum to reduce the rifle’s weight.

Smooth Twist Barrel

One thing that everyone who has an encounter with this gun agrees on is that it is accurate. The smooth FX twist barrel plays a significant role in the accuracy. The majority of the barrel is mild. A smooth surface means less friction and very high velocity for the bullet. FX engineers made aiming very simple with this gun. The twist at the end of the rifle slightly indents the weapon, increasing the accuracy of your pellets.

Match Grade Trigger

The world-class trigger that comes with this gun is a feature you cannot afford to miss. This feature still makes the gun outshine its competitors. These kinds of triggers provide the most exceptional shot control in air rifles. FX triggers come with an adjustable alloy finger pad where the shooter can tweak the pad to where he feels comfortable.


When it comes to the FX Streamline air rifle, accuracy can be a feature by itself. The weapon aims to attain the best accuracy possible. There are more characteristics of rifle aid in increasing and consistent mastery, such as the smooth twist barrel available on the gun. A single tray shot is slightly more accurate than the magazine. A .177 Cal strongly favors field target competitors. Dense pellets buck through the wind, hence the larger .22 and .25 caliber is supporting long-range shooters.

Shot Count

A reliable rifle needs to ensure consistency in its shots. A rifle’s accuracy depends on the flexibility of the weapons shot after shot. It is not an exception when you involve the FX Streamline air rifle. If you are using your gun for hunting, the .25 caliber has a 250 cc air cylinder and a longer barrel. It provides absolute power for hunting. A .22 caliber is also available; however, it comes with a 190cc air cylinder.

Minimum Noise

Most air rifles are a bit noisy. However, there is an exception when it comes to this piece of art. A fully shrouded barrel absorbs most of the noise from the gun. It is not the only accessory that ensures the sound is at a minimum, and the internal moderator also aids in silencing the rifle.

If you are not satisfied with the noise reduction, you can always add more modifications. I do not see the need to silence the weapon further; it is pretty silent. However, silencers come in handy if you prefer backyard shooting or sniper style hunting.

Synthetic Stock

The FX rifle comes with an ambidextrous synthetic stock that provides a good grip while handling the gun. A fantastic feature when it comes to the stock, it is all weather. It is an advantage to the hunters who sometimes encounter harsh weather conditions in the woods. You also have an option of choosing from 3 different stocks available to the FX Streamline air rifle.

Adjustable Power Adapter

Each activity requires a certain amount of power to be successful and efficient. This air rifle comes with a three-step adjustable power adapter, allowing you to choose from preset options. You can increase or decrease your rifle’s power to suit your task. The secret to a perfect shot is directly proportional to the force applied. This feature also extends your shot count per fill.

Larger Air Cylinders

There is a difference in the size of the bottles depending on the caliber of the gun. You will find a 190cc aluminum air cylinder in the .22 caliber. The .25 has a 250cc air cylinder. Thus the bottle is larger than the previous quality; it provides a higher power that is perfect for hunting. 

However, unlike some air rifles, the FX air cylinders are non-removable. 

Rotary Magazine

The FX air rifle comes equipped with an 11 shot rotary magazine unlike previous versions of FX rifles. As compared to previous versions, this magazine is shorter. If you are searching for a low profile rifle, look no further, it allows the use of medium rings with a scope of your choice. You will need to purchase a scope since the gun does not come equipped with one. What most users are not aware of is that the hammer spring is adjustable.

Precision Regulator

The internal regulator found in the gun is mainly for precision. These kinds of regulators are in high-class expensive rifles. However, the FX team put this in the Streamline air rifle. The regulator’s primary responsibility is to meter the airflow in the gun. It increases the air charge per shot by providing a higher winning chance.

Manual Safety

Right below the central pivot is where you will find the safety switch. It is manually operated, pushed forward, and back for safety and fire, respectively. The words are printed just below the safety switch. The safety can only be engaged with after the gun is cocked. It is a perfect indication of the action status.

Why Choose the FX Streamline Air Rifle?

Basic Streamline Anatomy

Judging by the Streamline anatomy on this rifle, much energy and creativity resulted in this weapon. The rifle is probably the lightest rifle you will ever handle, weighing only 5.75 lbs. A light weapon means it is portable and very efficient, especially when hunting, which requires long strolls in the woods.

Aluminum Coating

The gun is aluminum coated, making it more durable and providing you with long service life. The aluminum coating comes with a classy fingerprint-resistant finishing, which adds a lovely touch to the piece. This weapon is a show of class and elegance.

Stock Options

Unlike other rifles, this one comes with three standard stock features. The first feature is a soft synthetic stock for those who prefer simplicity. Other available stock options are wood covered and Minelli walnut stock.

Readily Available

It is readily available in most online stores that deal with rifles. The prices may vary depending on the store you sell with and your region. However, your area should comply with unrestricted ownership of a firearm.


A one year warranty comes along with this valuable rifle. Therefore if you are worried about any malfunctioning of the piece after purchase, put your mind to ease. The warranty has you covered. A detailed manual comes with the gun. The manual is neatly organized and easy to understand

The Not So Good about the FX Streamline Air Rifle

  • They have complicated magazine loading.
  • The magazine has no shot counter.

FX Streamline vs. FX Dreamline.

The FX Dreamline is an upgraded version of the Streamline. Since both are from the same manufacturer, it is not a surprise that they share some features. Both of these weapons use side lever cocking and a unique fingerprint-resistant finish. 

However, there are a few differences between the two air rifles. The Dreamline has an angled breach; it is more like a crown. It gives this machine the ability to accept high capacity FX magazines, which is not the case when it comes to the Streamline. 

Note that when using high capacity magazines with the Dreamline, also remember to use high rings. FX Dreamline uses a 190cc air cylinder while the Dreamline boasts a 250cc cylinder. This variation means that the Dreamline is more potent than the Streamline.

Both weapons are great Swedish products. However, the Dreamline is superior to the FX Streamline air rifle. Check out our review on the FX Dreamline Air Rifle and confirm if, indeed, it is superior.

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Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs)

Do I need to clean the barrel?

There are claims that ST barrels do not require cleaning since the barrel is smooth, and the pellet is at a very high speed. However, the bullet passes the barrel at a slightly slower pace than your calculations suggest. I recommend cleaning your barrel after 100 shots. You will observe that the first shot after cleaning will astonish you with the level of accuracy you achieve.

Is there a difference when using single-shot versus magazine?

A single shot is slightly more accurate than using a magazine. A single bullet can resist recoil from the action due to a larger bedding area. However, if you use a magazine, it takes up a percentage of your bedding area. There are claims that the magazine has some complications while loading by some users.

Does wind affect accuracy in the FX Streamline air rifle?

Wind and other weather conditions affect all rifles. What differs is the rate in which each gun is concerned, some rifles offer excellent resistance to the wind but not wholly. When it comes to this air rifle, the wind slightly affects the direction of the pellet.  All you need to do is pay close attention to the bullet. If you experience any kind of resistance after firing, check if it is a flyer.


The FX Streamline air gun is the best deal you can grab compared to other air rifles at its price range. The Swedish organization that is responsible for this air rifle is widely known for coming up with high end, world-class rifles. It does not come as an exception to the FX Streamline air rifle. Their team of engineers has incorporated performance, quality, and high accuracy to a gun that is pocket friendly as compared to its competitors. This rifle is an upgrade of previous FX rifle versions.

You do not forget that this rifle comes with an all-weather synthetic design. This feature makes the weapon user friendly across all regions. It is a perfect field gun with its light aluminum finishing. The weapon is very light in regards to the material used in making it, and this makes it easily portable. However, it may become slightly less light when you add other modifications. The FX air gun uses a side lever mechanism that creates smooth cycling action shots. Keep in mind that this is a high-quality PCP air gun. FX manufacturers use the latest valve technology found only in highly-priced rifles. If you aim at achieving as many accurate shots per fill, then this is your weapon.

What an excellent piece of art the Swedish manufacturers have provided. The FX Streamline is a fantastic weapon to add to your collection. The cocking system is flawless, making this rifle one of the best guns from FX.

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