SilencerCo Osprey: Review

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We all know how dangerous the noise from gunfire can be to our hearing long term, but how do we lower to noise while maintaining the same accuracy and feeling in our rifle? And why is the sound so loud when shooting? This is because rifles being fired produces an explosive pitch, a sound that comes from the gun’s recoil and gunpowder’s gas emission. If you are a sniper or a hunter, you may end up losing your hearing due to this sound.  Therefore you need a rifle suppressor that warrants you to shoot with minimal noise. 

This article focuses majorly on Osprey silencers.

The silencer comes with a noise suppressing mechanism. It offers the lightest, quietest, and multi-caliber rifle silencer. The term multi-caliber means that it incorporates and is compatible with different types of firearms. 

The product comes with two brands, which are SilencerCo Osprey 9 and 45 ACP. All these brands reduce the noise when shooting, but have a minimal difference in terms of the size of ammo they hold.

SilencerCo Osprey Product Overview

If you want a flexible suppressor model, then consider this one. Besides being a multi-caliber silencer, it has exceptional cartilage of 45 ACP and 9mm that suits any size of a pistol. That means it appears in two models that are 45 ACP and 9mm Osprey.  

Both have a unique polygonal shape, which reduces sound volume significantly. The suppressors have an aluminum and steel furnishing that makes them durable. They also come with a user’s manual and alignment tools like a bolt to harness flexibility. 

The Osprey 45 Product Review

This product has a diameter of about 11mm and 8 inches. This length increases sound suppression capacity to instigate much internal volume. It has a polygonal shape, monolith baffle design, and solidly built that increases its ability to hold many hosts. It is also securely fitted due to its oriented locking system. This system also provides optimal sights.


  • It has brilliant maneuverability and versatility
  • The silencer is made of aluminum and stainless steel, therefore making it lightweight and durable
  • It has a more significant internal volume used to suppress the noise further.
  • Possess a patent lock system that maintains the gun’s length without obscuring the shooter’s focus.
  • Has a multi-caliber mechanism that makes it incorporate any size of firearms                                                                      


       • They tend to get hot quickly

       • Relatively higher price

The 9mm Osprey Product Review 

With its magnificent eccentric, square slides, the 9mm Osprey is the silencer to go for.


  • Are durable and lightweight due to aluminum and steel making.
  • They have exceptional maneuverability and versatility. 
  • These suppressors reduce the volume of the gun further.For example the 9mm Osprey cuts the sound by 127 decibels.
  • They have a more significant internal capacity used to suppress the gun’s sound further.


  • Sometimes the Osprey mounting has close contact with the handguard and interferes with the charging rail.
  • The price tag is a bit on the higher side.

The SilencerCo Osprey 45 Osprey 9: Do They Have Similar Features? 


  • They are made of aluminum and stainless steel. Therefore making the Osprey lightweight and durable
  • They have a more significant internal volume used to suppress the noise further.
  • A patent lock system that maintains the gun’s length without obscuring the shooter’s focus.
  • They have exceptional maneuverability and versatility.


  • 45 ACP bullet diameter is 11.5 mm while 9mm types have 9.0 mm
  • 9mm SilencerCo has a higher velocity than 45 ACP because it has a short length.
  • The small size of 9mm guns have higher magazines capacity compared to the 45 ACP model
  • 9mm Osprey seems to cut around 127 decibels of sound more than its 45 Osprey counterpart
  • Another difference is that the SilencerCo 45 fits in many types of guns than the SilencerCo 9 because it is a multi-caliber   
  • 9mm Osprey has a less recoil compared to its counterpart 45 ACP

Why I Recommend the SilencerCo Osprey Silencers

  • Excellent noise reduction: They reduce a sizable amount of shooting noise. The Osprey 9mm, for instance, reduces noise by 127 decibels.
  • Recoil absorption: With its splendid features like the tube, piston, threads, baffles, and springs, they absorb sound and recoil force.
  • It is easy to assemble: It comes with a user manual that guides you through assembling and disassembling the suppressors.
  • Multi-caliber: It comes with movable parts to accommodate different guns. Their slim form also allows them to incorporate many types of gun barrels.
  • Durable and lightweight: They are made of aluminum and stainless steel.

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The Not so Good about the SilencerCo Osprey:

  • Sometimes the Osprey mounting has close contact with the hand guard and interferes with the charging rail.
  • They tend to get hot quickly.
  • Relatively higher price than other brands.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the SilencerCo Osprey

Is The Product Genuine?

You must conduct thorough research when deciding to buy one. The build of this suppressor is unique and licensed for SilencerCo Company. This company has its logo, which you should identify. Counterfeit products pose a significant danger, and you should determine if it is an original silencer before buying. Check at its warranty which must be sustainable. 

The Legal Requirements when Buying the Osprey

Buying the Osprey suppressor requires compliance to set jurisdiction laws. The process of acquiring one is the same as purchasing a firearm. These products have federal restrictions, and you have to comply with many federal bills like a tax to get outright to buy the Osprey. This process can take even a year, which discourages most buyers.

SilencerCo mandates a fee of $130 to help buyers get the product while bypassing the federal restriction. That happens because the company has negotiated with the government agencies to reduce some of the limits.

What Is The Influence Of The Cartridges to a Silencer?

When thinking of buying a silencer, first, identify the cartridge of your gun; this is the channel that the projectile exits when fired. A bigger round causes a massive explosion. However, in smaller guns, the chamber castigates quietness. 

Consider the caliber of your gun to a silencer bore ratio; the caliber’s emission must balance the bore’s energy. If otherwise, the rate is low, and the caliber’s power is smaller, the resultant sound reduces at the bores chamber. However, if the ratio is higher, the projectile produces an explosive sound.

What Gun Size is Relative to a Silencer’s Length?

First, consider the Barrel length where if the barrel is short, the projectile velocity is high, thus producing much noise. But a long barrel reduces bullets energy and speed hence reducing the explosion caused.

 Then contemplate the size of the silencer to buy, in terms of the tube’s diameter. The silencer’s size must fit barrel length proportionally. The quietest suppressor has a small diameter, which decelerates the gas fire. On the other hand, a short and thick tube silencer enhances more sound. 

Is Your Gun Closed Bolt Or Semi-Auto?

These two aspects must click in your mind to know the effective suppressor to buy.

If you are using a closed bolt system, then buy a short suppressor. The closed system has no room for gas propulsion. Therefore all gases exit at the muzzle, causing moderate uniform sound.

With a semi-auto, consider buying the strong suppressors like SilencerCo Osprey. In this system, the gas emits delayed blowback, causing a loud voice.

 Use and Maintenance of the SilencerCo Osprey

How to Attach the SilencerCo Osprey?

Modern suppressors use the piston of Nielsen Device or booster assembly to rotate the silencer on the barrel. They also propagate secure attachment of the Osprey to the barrel. How to assemble the piston and mount it on the barrel is a matter of concern, because of frequent piston changing and adjustment. 

The following are the steps to follow when attaching the SilencerCo Osprey to your gun;

  1. To reassemble the product, you have to ensure the pistons and the spring are intact in the booster. 
  2. Attach them appropriately by a screw and cover them appropriately 
  3. Make sure the threads’ teeth correspond to the screw lining.
  4. Then fix the silencer by adjusting the locking arm, and orienting the muffler perfectly on the firearm.
  5. Keep on rotating the entire suppressor until the thick tube part appears downward.
  6. After achieving a proper orientation, close the locking arm tightly.

 How to Clean and Service A SilencerCo Osprey?

These components are made of abrasive materials that can corrode or rust. Moreover, they are prone to carbon and lead contamination. The carbon contaminants result from a combustion barrel soot. The lead impurities result from emitted particles of the bullet that fall in the silencers internally. Whether you are cleaning the Osprey 9 or 45, the cleaning methods are the same.

Consider the following procedures;

 The Elbow Grease Method

  • Use a brush, toothpick and a cotton clothing
  • Include noncorrosive fluids like soapy water
  • First, disassemble the suppressor and soak it in the soapy water
  • Wash the dirt systematically and rinse properly to remove the residuals

Consider the Use of Power Tools

  • Consists of sophisticated items for cleaning the object. Consider using the ultrasonic tools, brass tumblers, and polishing objects. 
  • Polish the dirt carefully and blow any dust away. However, try not to leave aluminum components in the tumbler. That may erode the material.

How to Service the Suppressors

  • Regularly apply grease or oil on the objects to reduce friction
  • Use chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, paint thinners coating to reduce rusting or corrosion from moisture
  • Avoid much use of ultrasonic cleaners, corrosive chemicals like chlorine on aluminum parts.
  • For the silencer’s interior, you notice it is hard to clean inside. But the dirt still builds up there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SilencerCo Osprey Micro?

This is a rimfire silencer with an eccentric design. The rimfire has the combustion chamber in the back rim instead of the central part. This design enables the Osprey to lie low, allowing accurate sight without obstruction.

How long do suppressors last?

These mufflers may take years or an indefinite period to get damaged. That means there is no stipulated expiry date. You can lengthen the silencer’s life by adhering to the following procedures.

  1. Consider using an excellent mounting system that does not disorient the silencer’s lining to the gun’s barrel. If maladjustment occurs, it results in friction that destroys the innards of the suppressor.
  2. Ensure regular cleaning of this device on both its exterior and interior. Use solvents or ultrasonic cleaners
  3. Limit the usage of the mufflers. 
  4. Lubricate the innards of this device. Use the right oil or grease for this exercise. Ensure first you clean the movable parts like the pistons or any other innards before lubrication.
  5. Store the suppressor in a dry, cool part. Keep in your safes where there is no humid, chemicals, and direct sunlight that can rust or corrode the item.

Do suppressors reduce recoil?

Yes, it reduces the recoil significantly. The impact of the recoil is disdainful as it compromises your stability when shooting. The suppressor traps the explosive gas, making the firearm experience less recoil. 

Rather than trapping the explosive gas, it also reduces the effect of recoil in these other two ways.

Reduce muzzle rise: the less muzzle rise enables the shooter to stay on target. He or she does not need to worry about the recoil anymore. That is when the semi-auto’s cumulated gases are significantly reduced.

Increase in the muzzle velocity: with the modern ammunition, the silencer will increase its speed and improve the shot group. Therefore there is no chance of the recoil activity.

 How long does it take to buy a silencer?

Surprisingly, this accessory takes more years to acquire than a firearm itself. That is due to the federal restrictions of purchasing it. In some circumstances, you may need to hire a lawyer. However, the SilencerCo firm requires a fee of $130 to help you leap such hurdles. 

Is a longer suppressor better?

A longer suppressor is preferable to a short one.  A long tube will reduce the impact of the gas in this way. That is, the longer the gas travels, it loses its explosive power compared to the short one.

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