SilencerCo Hybrid 46 Review

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Many gun users have distinct reasons for shooting suppressed. Whether you are using your gun for self-defense, shooting training, or hog hunting, there are some vivid benefits of using suppressors.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or a pro sniper, but having that long nozzle mounted on the muzzle could mean a lot. You need the best suppressor for your rifle.

This article covers the SilencerCo Hybrid 46 review. It is going to explain why this particular muzzle device is referred to as a “universal suppressor”

Why the SilencerCo Hybrid 46: What Special Features Should You Expect?

Sometimes it is quite hard to identify the most versatile suppressor for your rifles. But the SilencerCo Hybrid 46 silencer is the industry’s leading suppressor in terms of versatility and performance. It boasts super-crafty engineering to ensure it suppresses almost every rifle in your safe, a multi-caliber rating for both pistol use and center-fir rifles. 

Additionally, it boasts unmatched compatibility because it works with almost every rifle out there. One amazing feature of this suppressor is that it matches the ASR mounting system. As you may already know, these mounting systems are the most versatile.

.46 Diameter End Cap

As the name suggests, the SilencerCo Hybrid 46 suppressor features .46 diameter end cap. This feature makes it incredible as it keeps the calibers at safe decibel levels. And if you would prefer to minimize the sound levels more, you have the freedom to choose from the six different end caps. However, out of the box, this muzzle attachment can reduce the sound levels of your gun threaded 5/8×24.

Renowned Versatility

The SilencerCo Hybrid is both magnum rated and full-auto rated. That means it is fit for use with pistols, rifles as well as submachine guns. In terms of noise reduction, this rifle attachment is also amazing. It boasts low 120 dB’s on .300 BLK and hence remains hearing safe with the .45–70 GOV, which is good news to ammo enthusiasts. Thus, there is no doubt that this Hybrid silencer maintains unparalleled performance and versatility. 

Incredible compatibility

The wide compatibility of this silencer makes it popular. It is rated down to 16” barrels for the 458 SOCOM and 45–70 GOV as well as down to 18” barrels for magnum calibers and up to .338 Lapua Magnum. 

The Hybrid silencer also boasts incredible applicability. It is ideal for pistols ranging from 9mm to .45ACP. This product also works magic for mid-range and long-range rifles. It is compatible with rifle calibers ranging from 5.56mm to.45-70 GOV. It is also perfect for many in between, such as the .458 SOCOM. 

With a few compatible accessories, it is easy to turn this incredible device into an ideal silencer for any rifle demand. Additionally, this silencer is available in different finishes. You can choose from sniper gray, white, black, and FDE.

Also, this product comes with the necessary Hybrid 46 accessories. These include two spanner wrenches and a Bravo multi-tool. Hence, the installation of this silencer is a breeze, even for the beginners.

What are the Compatible Accessories?

For some rifles, the SilencerCo suppressor won’t work right out of the box. Perhaps you’ll need to add some other devices to your muzzle for it to accommodate this suppressor. So, here are the accessories that will match this SilencerCo Hybrid 46 silencer.

  • ASR flash hider, ASR muzzle brake, and ASR single port brake
  • Bravo Anchor brake and Bravo flat front caps
  • Bravo direct thread mount, ASR QD Mount, Plan-B by Q and Dead Air Keymo
  • Fixed barrel mounts, SilencerCo Pistons, 3-Lug, and fixed barrel spacer 
  • Bravo Booster Housing Assembly

What is Included in the Package?  

This product comes with some attachments which you’ll need to make your rifle suppressed.

  • 46 caliber Bravo flat front cap
  • 5/8×24 Bravo direct thread mount
  • Pistol Booster Assembly
  • Installation Tools for usability
  • Suppressor pouch and manual

If you have a mid-range or long-range rifle, the SilencerCo Hybrid 46 is a barrel attachment that you shouldn’t lack. This silencer boasts state of the art design to ensure your firearm sounds just within the decibels your ears want.  


  • Exceptional titanium construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Incredible measurements for versatility
  • Superb looking finish


  • Installation of this suppressor can be tricky for beginners.

The Griffin Armament Optimus VS SilencerCo Hybrid

The Griffin armament Optimus is renowned for its amazing noise reduction. Also, it is famous for its caliber rating. 

Most users describe this particular silencer as the epitome of versatility and incredible functionality. While this might have some truth in it, the SilencerCo Hybrid also has more unmatched features. 

The size of this Griffin Optimus in its largest configuration is somewhat 9.4 inches, and weight is 18.5 ounces. Besides, it offers room for modification whereby it can be shortened to 7.9 inches, and the resulting weight will be 16 ounces. 

Well, you can engage in these modifications if you want this silencer to offer optimal maneuverability. This Griffin Armament Optimus is forged from ultra-durable stainless steel. So this tells you that it offers incredible survivability and is easy to maintain. Amazingly, the Griffin Optimus silencer is full auto-rated.

On the other hand, it is a silencer having unmatched capabilities; the SilencerCo Hybrid 46. Usually referred to as the universal silencer, it is compatible with almost any platform. It is exceptional in construction quality as well as compatibility. Well, it features an impressive combination of stainless steel and titanium materials. 

So, without fear of contradiction, you can say that it beats the Griffin armament Optimus silencer in terms of durability and serviceability. 

SilencerCo Hybrid versus Omega 300 Suppressor

Comparing these two top-rated suppressors may allow you to make the right purchase decision. 

When it first came out in 2015, the Omega surpassed everyone’s imaginations. The polarity of this rifle device lies in the unique combination of features of the previous products, such as Harvester and Saker.

While SilencerCo boasts of being the most silent and shortest suppressor, we can leave some room for discussion. The Omega 300 features the following;

Reliable Dimensions

The Omega 300 boasts convenient measurements. Diameter-wise, it is 1.56 inches and weighs 16 ounces only. Thus, it has ideal measurements and won’t add extra weight to your rifle. Thanks to the high-quality construction that entails exquisite materials. 

Durable Construction

Just like the SilencerCo, the Omega 300 suppressors boast premium materials of construction. It combines stainless steel, titanium, and stellite. Therefore, it is a long term investment that pays off though it’s not that Cheap.


The Omega does well with 5.7mm but is ideal for more powerful calibers such as the 300 win mag. It is compatible with most ammo. However, it can’t surpass the SilencerCo Hybrid in terms of overall compatibility in regards to ammo accessories.


 In terms of how this silencer reduces the sound levels, we can say it does a commendable job. It boasts 119 decibels with the .300 BLK, 133 decibels for the 7.62 NATO, and 130 decibels for the 5.56 NATO Ammo. Therefore, it does a relatively good job in terms of sound reduction, but it can’t surpass the SilencerCo Hybrid 46.

What to Look for When Buying Gun Suppressors 

Suppressors are common among many gun owners. They are superb since they are compatible with a variety of rifles. Whether you need a suppressor for hunting or self-defense weapons, they come in different ranges, with manufacturers improving the performance of rifle silencers. Check some of the significant aspects below if you are confused about what to look for when getting a suppressor. 

Caliber Specific versus Universal Caliber Suppressors

As you decide which suppressor is suitable for your gun, there is a lot to choose from. Some are designed to ensure there is excellent compatibility with different calibers. With demand for silencers increasing every day, there has been considerable innovation to deliver the best performance.

Caliber Specific

Traditionally, suppressors were made with caliber specific design. This limited the interchangeability; hence one had to get each device for a specific gun. The caliber-specific are also available today, and some users prefer these styles. They are designed to accommodate firearms with the same calibers only. 

Multiple Calibers

Multiple caliber compatible silencers are prevalent nowadays. These devices can support different calibers without suffering damage. Although these multipurpose devices are great, they offer a wide range but can’t support all rifles. The ability of a tool to support different guns is vital since it is easy to enjoy great versatility for people with multiple weapons.

Basically, with a multi-caliber, it ensures even for novice shooters, it’s easy to switch the device from one firearm to another. 

Although each of the suppressor types has advantages and disadvantages, it is essential to check convenience for you. For instance, while multi-suppressors are easy to use, they require constant swapping. However, for caliber specific, it means you can store your rifle with a silencer attached. This will be easy to take to your next mission. 

Type of Mounting Method

The mounting method is another thing to keep in mind. The mounting process is essential and allows the suppressor to work flawlessly. There are two methods that suppressors can be fitted in a gun. 

Direct Thread

One of the ways to mount is the direct thread. It is the simplest way to fit your silencer since it doesn’t cause any hassles. It involves the threaded firearm barrels that ensure there is easy mounting. Additionally, there is more accuracy and a great repeated pint of shift. However, they can get unscrewed when the user is involved in a lot of shooting.

Quick Detach Method

The quick detach mount is another way you can fix your suppressor in a gun. Unlike the direct method, this style can attach other devices like brakes or hides then a silencer.

Usually, these devices are threaded, which enables the user to fix silencers. There are various types of quick detach mounts. The locking quick-detach is fantastic since the suppressor doesn’t attach to the muzzle directly. The excellent features of these types of adapters act as mounts.

The Non-locking quick attach adapters are designed to connect suppressors through brakes and flash finders. Unlike the lock designs, these don’t have a locking mechanism. Although these types were inferior among the mounts, these days, they have improved. The taper mounts, as they are known, are developed to ensure there is excellent contact between suppressors and mount. As a result, there is no unscrewing hence high safety and convenience.

Type of Gun and Purpose

The kind of gun will determine the suppressor to get. Different firearms come with varying power, pressure, and caliber. Most significant is the increase in the gun length. Typically, when you add a suppressor, there is an increase in the rifle length. In most cases, the use of silencers can affect the ability to conceal your weapon. If it’s a pistol, it will increase some inches.

Although these devices come in different lengths, it is possible to get long or short versions. Therefore, depending on the working environment, it is necessary to get an ideal length suppressor.

For people working in tight places like security personnel, they need a suppressor with a reduced length. However, for hunters, you have all space and can add even the largest silencer around. Although the difference in length can affect efficiency, modern silencers have improved technology and how big a device is doesn’t affect noise suppression. 

Decibel Reduction

The reduction of noise is the sole purpose of a suppressor. However, these devices don’t eliminate 100% sound, which means there is still sound. The higher the caliber rating a device, the better the suppression to smaller calibers. Especially when you have a multi-silencer, it is ideal for getting a higher caliber device to ensure better decibel reduction to lower caliber guns. 

Although the caliber is an essential aspect, there is the issue of gun barrel length. Shorter guns tend to have a louder blast since there is limited space for hot gasses to burn and exit. On the other hand, longer barrels produce less sound as there is more space for the burning and escaping hot gasses. 

Final Verdict

There is no question about it. The SilencerCo Hybrid 46 does a great job of bringing down sound produced by various rifles. The construction is high quality as it uses premium titanium blended with ultra-quality stainless steel. Moreover, it boasts broad compatibility, which makes it a silencer worth your money.

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