Best Hunting Podcasts: Our 20 Favorites

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With hunting podcasts flooding the web, it is hectic to settle to one that suits your every need. In your search for the most favorite podcast, you might find yourself falling in love with one of their episodes, only to be disgusted by the next chapter of the same podcast.

These podcasts handle a vast collection of topics, and it may take up a considerable amount of energy to search the internet and settle on one. Some podcasts invest more in entertaining their listeners rather than educating them. I took the liberty of compiling a categorized list that has something for every hunter out there.

Our Picks 2020

Best Deer Hunting Podcasts

Wired to Hunt

Wired to hunt is the most popular deer hunting podcast, listened to by thousands of hunters on the web. It covers all deer hunting related topics, each podcasts introducing new ideas and concepts. The podcast includes interviews from experts who share their personal stories airing them out for fruitful discussions.

This podcast produces fifteen episodes per year. It boasts a massive following from all social media platforms. For all deer hunting enthusiasts, this podcast is a perfect source of improving your hunting skills.

Big Buck Registry

The big buck registry is one of the oldest podcasts focusing on deer hunting. It was started back in February 2013 and still runs to date. This podcast goes the extra mile in discussing the vital aspects of hunting down these species.

The podcast also features some great minds that have been in the deer hunting scene for a long time, and they do share their most enticing hunting adventures. They share tips that if followed, will increase your hunting yield during the respective season.

Three episodes of this podcast are released every quarterly year, resulting in a total of twelve episodes in a year.

The Hunting Public

Two hosts Aaron Warbritton and Zach Fevenbaugh, run the hunting public podcast. This podcast focuses on shedding some light on deer hunting tips and useful tactics that have been tested out in the field. To help them drive the points home, they invite various expert guests from all over the country to the show.

Most of the topics discussed are current issues that can relate to current living times. This podcast is accompanied by a series of online video series that provides the listeners with additional deer hunting information and strategies.

They include how-to videos and daily video journals that are relatable to most of their listeners. There is something for every hunter in this podcast. The team releases a single episode every week. I highly recommend a visit to the Hunting Public

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Best Bow Hunting Podcasts

Western Bowhunter Podcast

The western bowhunter podcast hosts are two names that are very familiar to hunters across the globe; South Cox and Kody Kellom. The two hosts entice their listeners with rich stories of their bow hunting experiences in the western regions.

Their interesting backcountry topics are the reason for their massive following. In each episode, the two invite expert guests to contribute to their discussions, giving incredible insights on the bow hunting scene. The podcast was first aired in August 2015, with new episode updates daily. It is one of the best bow hunting podcasts on the web.

The Bare Bowhunters Podcast

In this podcast, the hosts exchange helpful information that is tailored for the bowhunter. They also include guests who share their stories and discuss them in detail to educate the bow hunting enthusiasts. 

It started in May 2017, giving one episode each week. Their following is not that massive, since they have not been in the game for long. However, there is a steady definite increase, which can be associated with the enthusiasm in this podcast.

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Best Big Game Hunting Podcast

The Big Game Hunting Podcast

This podcast is located in El Paso, TX. John McAdams is responsible for its creation, and his primary goal was to assist serious hunters in preparing for the hunting of big game. He accomplishes this goal in each of his episodes, giving out new reliable, unique information in each show.

In some podcasts, he invites some experienced hunters who share their personal experiences. They then discuss these experiences highlighting the critical aspects to observe to increase your big game yield.  For the average hunter, this podcast will help you complete all those adventures you dream of. Expect a new episode each week.

Hunt Backcountry Podcast

This podcast features everything associated with big game hunting in the backcountry. It includes a variety of expert hunters who exhaust every topic they handle regarding big game hunting.

The hosts share tactics and lessons helpful to hunters of similar nature to theirs. The approach used is swapping of their experiences and their professional guests, analyzing the mistakes made, and finding several solutions.

The hosts also share the valid gear lists and weapon setups to increase your productivity in the wild. Expect two episodes each week from this winning team.

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Best Public Land Hunting Podcast

Hunt Talk Radio

The host of the hunt talk radio podcast is Randy Newberg. Randy covers everything related to hunting politics and conservation of public land hunting. Most of the information I got from this podcast was a surprise to me; his knowledge on these topics is impeccable.

In this podcast, Newberg hosts some of the best hunters to help him exhaust the discussed topics. In each episode, he, together with the guests, answers questions posed on the podcast’s web forum. They also share unique ideas and tactics for public land hunting.

This public land hunting podcast was first introduced to the web in June 2015, giving a single episode each week.

Where to Hunt Podcast

The where to hunt podcast is all about killing in the American public lands. This podcast is tailored to best suit those hunters that find themselves stranded on where to take their next hunting adventure.

This podcast is unique to the other podcast. Its outstanding feature is its live call-in system that connects these hunters with common interests. The listeners can call and listen to other callers during the podcast as they share their experiences on a variety of lands. This fantastic feature has dramatically led to their massive following on all platforms.

The lines are open every Tuesday, via Facebook and YouTube mediums. I have no option than to congratulate the team for this thoughtful approach. The management releases one episode every week.

Best Bird Hunting Podcast

Project Upland

If you are all about bird hunting, fill your ears with the fantastic information about the shooting of these species from the project upland podcast. This podcast provides all the latest information on bird hunting and is a match made in heaven for such hunters.

In their discussions in the podcast, they involve the use of bird dogs, shotguns, and other accessories. Expect to find everything related to bird hunting here. The team releases a new episode every week. If asked which the best bird hunting podcast was, this would be my first choice.

Dave Smith Decoys

The Dave smith decoys podcast is in Lebanon, and their topics revolve on waterfowl hunting. Turkey and deer hunting also find their ways in their discussions, however not in every episode. This team graces its listeners with two chapters in each quarter year from September 2018.

Featured guests are from all over the country, and they do play an important role in information delivery to the listeners. Most of these guests are expert hunters, with loads of exciting hunting stories. They share these stories, highlighting the tactics that proved to be most successful. The hosts also share their opinions on the different tactics brought by these guests.

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Best Elk Hunting Podcasts

The Blue-Collar Elk Hunting Podcast

This marvelous podcast is a product of, and its hosts are Gilbert Ornellas, Joe Giglia, and Leroy Chavez. The last two hosts are elk hunting coaches who are very educated on elk matters. This podcast is tailored to favor the outgoing elk hunter whose allegiance is on deer meat.

The podcast’s primary goal is to share useful tips, strategies, and techniques for all elk hunters out there listening. All these strategies are low budget ideas and tested by the team outdoors. If you are a severe elk hunter, catch one episode of this enlightening podcast every week to improve more on your knowledge and overall yield.

Shoot’n the Bull Podcast

The shoot’n bull podcast hosts are Josh Keller and Ty Stubblefield. This podcast is all about the fact-finding of bulls and the most successful tactics to taking them down. Among all elk hunting podcasts I have listened to, this is by far the most entertaining of them all.

They mostly talk about elk hunting, weaving in deer, and other species hunting in the North American context. Each podcast introduces new ideas and thoughts regarding the shooting down of these breeds. The hosts also invited experts who share their experiences, enlightening the listeners more.

In a month, they release a single episode. The podcast has run for almost four years since it started in October 2016.

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Best White Tail Hunting Podcasts

The Whitetail Rendezvous

This podcast acts as a link to all whitetail hunters across the globe. They are educating the newbies by connecting them to expert whitetail hunters who brag of years of experience under their belts. The hosts, in association with their invited guests, expose the secrets towards a successful hunting strategy. 

These experts share everything related to this species, including their characteristics and hazard response mechanism. They also give insights into the most efficient equipment setup to use while hunting for this breed. All this information is reliable as it is coming from experts and derived from real outdoor experiences.

They record thirty episodes each year from September 2015.

Best Western Hunting Podcast

East to West Hunting

This podcast not only uses the input of hunters in their discussions, anglers and conservatives also have a say in this diverse podcast. All these parties involved explore and discuss information about western hunting opportunities.

Their discussions tend to heat up pretty quickly because of the different opinions each party has over the other. Despite the difference in opinion, at the end of each episode, they come to a common understanding. Most of their topics are entirely exhausted from the variety of personal experiences they have.

This podcast has been available on the web since January 2018, releasing two episodes each quarter. The total number of shows recorded in a year sum up to eight, giving you plenty of podcasts to listen to if you have not.

Best Southern Hunting Podcast

Down South Hunting podcast

When it comes to hunters in the southern regions, no podcasts used to cater to their needs. This limitation all changed when the down south hunting podcast was first aired in December 2015. This podcast is by the southern inhabitants, for those crowds that prefer these environments for hunting.

In this podcast, the hosts welcome both expert hunters and biologists to partake in their discussions. The hunters bring on his perspective on the topic, while the biologists argue against or support the information provided. The two individuals share different opinions on most matters, hunting; however, they do have a common goal.

This podcast produces ten episodes each year, and I would recommend it to every southern region hunter.

Best Adventure Hunting Podcast

East Meets West Hunt

To some, hunting is not that serious of an activity. These hunters are into hunting more for the adventure and adrenaline they get to experience than the benefit that comes from the killing itself. If this suits your personality, then east meets west hunt podcast is your one-stop-shop for all this.

This podcast targets hunters who hunt for their passion rather than it being a necessity; they value the preparation and planning of a hunt as they do hunting. Experts of these nature grace this podcast in every episode, providing both knowledge and motivation to continue with this hunting.

The experts do this by sharing their relatable adventures with the listening community. The east meets west community receives one episode every week.

Best Beginners Hunting Podcast

Rookie Hunter

If you are a newbie to hunting and yearn for more exposure to the hunting scene, here is the perfect podcast. The rookie hunter podcast is one podcast I would not regret recommending to all beginning hunters.

This podcast tends to take a friendly entertaining approach, yet very educative and understandable. Stories shared by the guests welcomed by the host will boost your confidence and send you marching in the woods like a professional. In a nutshell, this podcast will introduce you to the involved hunting community, equipping you with the required knowledge and skill to challenge the outdoors.

The episode releases are quarterly, one chapter in each quarter.

Best Hunting Dogs Podcasts

The Hunting Dog Podcast

In my opinion, this is the best podcast in the hunting dog category. It features interviews from professionals who have extensive histories with hunting alongside man’s best friend. Not only do they seek information from experts, but they also include random friends and family members who have had experiences with hunting with a dog.

Everyone familiar in the world of hunting with this species is considered a prospective interviewee. They expand more on the characteristics and behaviors of these animals and their preferred hunting environment by sharing their field experiences.

It first hit the web in January 2015, and since then, the team has been releasing one episode per week.

Sporting Dog Talk

In this podcast, the team hosting covers all the dog breeds that are useful in the hunting community. There is a wide variety of these dog breeds, each preferring an individual hunting setting. It is an excellent source of acquiring dog information, and you can also ask the experts some of your burning questions.

Guests or hosts will answer these questions exhaustively, relating them to their past encounters. Each episode comes with a new guest appearance selected by the management of the show. They offer a perfect mix of entertainment along with education on man’s best friend.

Pure Dog Talk

The pure dog talk podcast is the voice of purebred dogs. This podcast invests in exploring the rich history between man, dog, and game hunting. It is through this show that I came to understand the vital steps man took together with this species resulting in its lasting relationship.

The primary purpose of this podcast is to give tips to create a relationship that is advantageous to both parties. They provide tips from improving your dog’s obedience to effectiveness in the field. If you are having trouble establishing a stable connection to your dog, I recommend this podcast.

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And if you plan on bringing your kids to a future hunt i highly suggest brining an ipad an find some good entertainment for them, it works really well.

A Hunter’s Starter Pack

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The list of podcasts available on the web is endless. However, to save you time, I recommend that you look into the ones mentioned in this piece before rushing to other podcasts. If you fail to find your taste in the list, you can extend your search on the web. 

If you are a fan of reading, then we got you covered; here’s an article on the Best Hunting Books.

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