How Fast Does an AR 15 Shoot?

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Loving the AR 15 rifle is so easy. First, it is a fast shooter, so fast, consistent, and lethal are its shots that, in the mid-1980’s it was rendered illegal. Since 1986 you cannot buy or acquire an AR 15 rifle for domestic or private use. Since then, the guns are now produced as fully automatic, which means they can achieve up to 400 rounds per minute. That’s how fast they are.

Apart from AR 15’s ability to shoot successively fast, you can always count on its adaptability, parts availability, and reliability. Most users love this gun and use it for defense, competitive shooting, using it on the ranch as a truck gun, and even hunting.  

With all these top-notch qualities, you would like to know what makes this gun perform so well. There is no better way of getting to understand why it performs so well other than learning what its features are. That said, let us have a look at these outstanding features below.

The AR 15 Features That Make It a Fast Shooter

Below are some of the features that make the AR 15 gun stand out among other guns in successive and quick shots.

The ‘DI’ Gas System

An AR 15 rifle comes with a direct encroachment gas system known as ‘DI’ or better still, the gas piston. This DI gas system has been proven to work in some of the most adverse shooting conditions. However, you are never limited to the use of this system as it is. You can opt for a gas piston system that mimics the legendary AK-47 that brings AR 15’s reliability to another level.

However, some AR 15 rifles are using the short-stroke gas piston system, a borrowed design from the AR-18 rifles. In this system, a metal rod pushes against the bolt carrier, driven by a piston located just behind the barrel gas port. This design helps to keep the rifle cleaner than the ‘DI’ gas system as it does not support exhausting into the receiver. 

Easily Modifiable

One other reason why AR 15 guns shoot faster than other firearms is their easily modifiable nature. You can personalize an AR 15 to fit your shooting needs and desires. In the past 20 years, the gun has evolved into an open, modular gun platform that you can infinitely hack and accessorize. You can heavily modify the gun without any gunsmithing expertise and with just a few simple tools.

You can even choose to assemble the gun from scratch using the widely available parts of it to suit your desirable fantasy as a shooter. When done with this gun’s personalization, you can have a unique rifle that stands out from anybody else’s AR 15 rifle in the market.

The easy modification process allows you to change calibers by swapping out barrels, bolts, and magazines. You can add and remove accessories like Surefire flashlights, Crimson Trace laser sights, or the Trijicon optics. You can also swap out the rail system found on the gun’s fore-end to include more or fewer accessories depending on your liking.

How fast and effectively your shots also depend on how you grip the gun and how big or small the gun’s stock is. This gun allows you to modify the grip styles and change the stock size to fit your perfect needs as a shooter. You can achieve all these modifications by ordering new parts and accessories from local and online shops or picking parts from different guns to mix and match them for a completely new product.

Thanks to this modification feature, Stephen Paddock quickly created one AR 15 rifle that could fire as many as nine rounds per second.

The ‘Bump Stock’ Technology

The gun takes advantage of inertia in its operations by allowing you to keep your finger on the trigger. When you fire the gun, the bullet leaving the trigger recoils, making the stock to rebound. The air pressure from a gap in the stock causes the rebound and sends the gun forward into your stationery finger to unleash a volley of shots. In that condition, the gun will keep firing until you release the trigger or run out of ammunition in the magazine. 

Continuous Fire

You can easily start multiple rounds of shots with a single pull of the trigger, but you first have to get the gun modified by a professional gunsmith. However, it would help if you exercised extra care when using this option as the more rounds you fire, the hotter the barrel becomes, and the more likely that parts of it will melt.

The AR 15 gun can achieve up to 400 rounds per minute, making it a little safer from the melting point. The gas tube of the AR 15, which makes it fire as a semi-automatic, will only melt when you achieve 600 rounds per minute.

Pull and Release

While most guns operate with the single pull to shoot, the story is different with the AR 15. The rifle allows you to fire when you pull the trigger and still fire another shot when you release it, making a double shot with a single pull of the trigger. This explains why AR 15 can achieve numerous shots in a limited duration.

It takes the model of much older double barreled-over and under shotguns where one barrel lies on top of the other for faster, successive shots. You can go to a gunsmith or a competent amateur to create this modification in your AR 15 gun.

Most Popular Rifle Accessories for AR 15 

With the easily-modifiable nature of the AR 15 gun, you will always need accessories to adjust and modify the gun to your preferred taste. Some of these accessories are available in your local gun stress while others you can find in the online stores. Let’s take a glimpse at some of them below.

Magpul – Ar-15/M4 & Certain Ar-308 Miad Gen 1.1 Grip Kit

This modular grip system from MIAD (Mission Adaptable) comes with interchangeable inserts to allow you to find the grip configuration that fits the size of your hand and your mission needs. The grip kit comes with the main grip body and a detachable rubber core that holds ½ ounce lubrication bottle in the cap. If you need additional cores for storing batteries and other items, you can acquire them separately.

The grips are made in such a way that the front and backstrap inserts slide easily yet snap firmly into place without the need of glue or screw to stay put. The package also includes beavertail backstrap inserts, one straight, and one finger-ledge front strap insert.

Odin Works Inc. – Ar-15 Atlas 5 Compensator 22 Caliber

This is a perfect innovation of muzzle devices as it features a 3-piece modular design that makes installation fast and simple. The Atlas 5 provides a significant amount of reduced recoil, which allows you to stay on target and quickly follow up your shots. Its core and cap are made from 416R stainless steel and are coated with black nitride to harden the surface. Its sleeve, on the other hand, is made of titanium for durability.

The titanium sleeve is ideal for timing and trimming to ensure you have accurate shots, so you won’t need shims or crush washers. You can as well combine with the ODIN gas block for maximum tuning.

Sig Sauer, Inc. – Srd556ti-QD Suppressor 5.56 Mm NATO Quick Detach

This is a grade 5 titanium silencer that uses fast-attached muzzle devices that mount the silencer on the rifle. Its threads measure ½ inch by 28tpi, which matches the measurement of a majority of modern sporting rifles. The rear mount comes with wrench flats to torque the silencer to the barrel. When you want to remove the silencer from the fast-attach mount, you will simply depress the second retention lap to release the silencer.

Radian Weapons Talon Ambidextrous 45/90 AR 2-Lever Safety Selector

Radian Weapons Talon Ambidextrous 45/90 Safety Selector enhances your shooting options by allowing ultra-smooth machining on AR-15 lower parts. Thanks to the smooth machining system, these lever safety selectors fit precisely, are easy on your hands, and will not snag on anything. You can easily adjust the lever with your strong side or support side hand. 

You can also choose to work with it at the standard 90 degrees or the optional 45 degrees position depending on your most comfortable preferred position. When installing, you won’t need screws to loosen since it uses spring-loaded retention. So you can count on the safety selector’s consistency in serving you every time you need it. 

Streamlight – Tlr-1 Hl Weaponlight

You will need illumination when shooting in the dark, and the best source for this illumination for your AR 15 gun is the Streamlight-Tlr-1 Hl Weaponlight. It provides an 800-lumen blast of light for maximum illumination when shooting at night. Its wide beam pattern lights up vast areas so you can easily identify who or what is nearby. 

It comes with a rail grip clamp system that ensures it is easily and quickly attached or detached on or from the barrel, respectively. You do not need tools to attach or detach it, and it is so convenient that you will not have to pass your hands in front of the muzzle when connecting or to detach the light.

Summary Table for Accessories

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Final Verdict

Your search for a fast-shooting gun should end with the AR 15 rifle. The gun is ideal for hunting and is still relevant in the military fonts thanks to its ability to achieve fast and efficient shots. However, before making a purchase, you should check with your country rules and regulations bordering the ownership of this gun. 

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