Hatsan BT65: A Complete Review

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Whether you are looking for a fantastic rifle for target shooting or you’re an avid hunter who wants a new rifle that is excellent at taking down game. Hatsan BT65 SB Elite QE Air rifle is an excellent option for these two activities. Regardless of the caliber that you choose to use on this rifle, it still delivers a significant knockdown power.

Everything about Hatsan revolves around giving it the excellent performance output you need. For instance, the shrouded barrel is an ideal feature in reducing shot noise by about 32% thanks to its integrated sound moderator. For the medium-sized game, the gun works best with the .22 and .25 caliber, which helps you to hunt down woodchucks quickly, nutria, muskrats, and beavers, among other medium-sized games.

If you have used a Hatsan brand before, you will understand how articulate their guns always are. Check out our article on the Hatsan Galatian. This BT65 comes to complement the great work the company is doing in revolutionizing the air gun industry. They make visually distinctive guns that you won’t confuse for any other brand.

About Hatsan BT65

The BT65 SB Elite is a massive rifle that works best for large and strong shooters. You will undoubtedly like how the package comes in a complete kit made of a rifle, three magazines, a sling, mounts, an Optima 3-12X44 AOE scope, spare seals, tools, and an Optima II LED torch and mount. All these are set up to make sure you have a seamless shooting session.

What makes up a complete Hatsan BT65 SB Elite QE air rifle, and how do these components make it an effective air rifle? Let us delve into this and find out.

What Features Does the Hatsan BT65 Possess?

You will get to understand the Hatsan BT65 rifle better when you get to know its features. Let’s have a glimpse at these features below.

Synthetic Stock

There are many advantages that a synthetic stock comes with that will make you enjoy using a gun with one. It is considered stronger and hence more durable than a wooden stock making it a preferred choice for many air gun users. The synthetic stock is also moisture resistant, which helps keep away all the water that may pose a risk to the stock. 

Given that modern synthetic stocks are made of a mixture of graphite, Kevlar, boron, urethane, fiberglass, and plastic, they tend to be inherently stronger than wood stocks. They can fall several times in a row, but that could only earn the stock some scrape and chips, the strength you can highly rely on.

Additionally, the stock comes with insert grips embedded on it to help you have a perfect solid grip anytime you hold it for a shoot. You will still have to love the adjustable comb or cheek pad, making it easy for you to adjust the whole stock. The butt bad is also adjustable both inwards and outwards adjustments and upwards and downwards adjustments, all for your comfort.

Highly Accurate Shots

Whether you are out there plinking or hunting, this rifle’s accuracy will make you appreciate choosing this gun. Owing to its power and strength, the Hatsan BT65 will shoot perfectly heavier pellets giving you more accurate shots than when you use lighter ones.

Adding to its accuracy, prowess is the two-stage adjustable trigger, which helps to reduce the pull weight of the trigger to accord you a smoother shot for increased accuracy. The JSB 8.3 grains pellets and the Crosman 10.50 grains pellets will be ideal for use if you love the lighter options. They offer speeds of up to 1216 fps and 1178 fps respectively for every shot at a 35 yards range.

High-Quality Barrel

Hatsan BT65’s barrel is one of the best barrels an air gun could have. This barrel brags of being a precision ended quiet energy thanks to its integral sound suppressor, which reduces up to 50% of the gunshot sound.  The barrel has the choke-the-barrel feature, which ensures that the pellets are pressed out in an accurate projection for better accuracy when shooting over long distances.

Since the barrel ends with a ½ inch UNF male thread, you can easily mount a sound suppressor, separator, or a compensator for improved concentration. 

Adjustable Trigger

The gun’s adjustable trigger is a Hatsan’s proprietary Quattro unit that brags of good quality and great adjustability achievements. The adjustable trigger helps improve the size of contact space when pulling the trigger, which eliminates slips when gripping the gun. Plus, it can help to reduce the pull weight of the trigger to offer a smoother shot.

While non-adjustable triggers will give you inconsistent trigger pulls, you can rest assured that this one will provide you with a consistent pull. Given that the Hatsan BT65 is a heavy machine, pulling the trigger can be a difficult task. The adjustable trigger gives you a comfortable time predicting how the trigger will operate with each shot, giving you the advantage of a higher performance level.

Again, your fingers will have all the freedom they need on the trigger. The adjustable trigger shoe will help you keep your fingers rooted firmly on the center of the trigger, making it unnecessary for you to make quick finger movements when discharging the gun. This boosts the safety of your shooting.

Outstanding Magazines

The gun’s magazine is as essential as you could wish it to be. It is easy to load as it does not have moving parts that you may fear will go wrong. The rifle comes with three of these magazines, giving you the convenience you need while hunting or plinking. The gun’s belly has a docking station where you carry the extra two magazines for easy access and continuity in shooting when shooting under pressure.

Loading the magazine is easy as all you need to do is lift the bolt and pull it back firmly and then drop it down in a position as though you were keeping it. After that, you push the small brass ball forward of the magazine into its keep position, which makes the magazine pop out of its channel. You can then fix in the loaded magazine for the next shots.

Single-Pellet Loading System

Regardless of the number of times you cycle the bolt without firing the hammer, the rifle will not double-load. This means that only one pellet will load, and until you fire, the system will not load the next pellet. This is a significant technology advancement that has risen past its notable competitors, leaving it on equal levels with Daystate and Weihrauch, who use the Wolverine model.

Double 11mm/22mm Mounting Rail

Thanks to this tactical version of the air gun double mounting rail, you can mount any optical scope for perfect clarity and improved shot accuracy. The 11mm rail lies entirely on top of a weaver rail without affecting your eye positioning and the gun placement on your shoulder.  Plus, the rail complies with MIL-STD 1913 standard, so you do not have to worry about its authenticity.  

Replaceable 255cc Compressed Air Tank

Another outstanding feature of the Hatsan BT65 air gun is its air tank. When it is fully charged, the air tank can allow between 25 to 30 effective shots depending on the air gun caliber you are using. Its built-in pressure gauge makes it easy to control the tank’s pressure, further controlling the level of the air tank’s charge.

A rotating ring attached protects the charging intake from getting spoilt, hence an assurance for a longer lifetime. The air tank is replaceable, and you can do this once you have drained the old one and replace it with a new filled one. This works best when you do not feel like taking a PCP pump or cylinder to the shooting range.

Why You Will Love this Air Rifle

  • Polymer stock with thumbhole adjustable comb and butt pad.
  • Ideal for medium and small size game hunting.
  • Fires pellets at high velocity.
  • Comes with two extra detachable extra magazines.
  • Its barrel achieves silent operations, which is excellent for hunting.
  • Advanced polymer ambidextrous stock with textured rubber grip.
  • Quattro 2-stage match adjustable trigger.

The Not So Good

  • The safety pin is located on the left side, which is a great inconvenience as most people are right-handed.
  • It is massive, making it hard to move around with, especially when hunting over a larger area.

Most Popular Air Gun Accessories for Your Hatsan BT65 SB Elite QE

Most of the accessories of Hatsan BT65 SB Elite rifle are readily available in the airguns dealers around you, or you can easily order them from an online shop. Let us have a view of some of these accessories below.

Mag, .177 Cal, 10rds for BT65SB Rifles

These magazines will serve you best, giving you exceptional results and value for your money. Apart from their outstanding performances, they are also readily available on almost all the air gun shops near you. They are a perfect fit for BT65 rifles and fit other guns like the PNEUMA, NOVA, HALESTORM, and AT44PA.

Champion Heavy Duty Metal Trap

If you are going for target shooting, then you will undoubtedly need such a high-quality metal guard. The champion heavy-duty metal trap is made from heavy-gauge sheet steel. This helps it to stop and hold air gun pellets effectively. Standard velocity extended rimfire lead bullets of .22 caliber. Weighing over 20 pounds gives it the stability it needs to withhold the pressure from the fired bullets and pellets.

Leapers UTG 3-9x40AO True Hunter Rifle Scope

This scope is explicitly built for airgun hunters. As an owner of the Hatsan BT65, you will undoubtedly be proud to have it in your accessories tool kit. With it, you can clearly and sharply see your targets that are as far as five yards. They come with rings with an inbuilt vertical scope stop, which will ensure that the scope mount doesn’t shift back. 

Radians Coveralls Safety Glasses

You will surely need some safety glasses when shooting to protect your eyes. The Radians Coveralls Safety glasses will keep your eyes safe from harms associated with your shooting escapades. They are made of bicarbonate to make them resilient enough for the job. However, you should avoid using them for more than two years as they deteriorate due to scratches, light, etc.

Accessories Table

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